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Indglobal a best mobile app development company in Bangalore as well as in India and have developed 300+ mobile app for different domine in the field of Education, B2B, sports, life style, retail, M-commerce, fashion, health care, hospital, vehicle tracking, etc. And recently we have launched our clients App on Google playstore that is Nxt2me a guider of your journey.

Our App features are of best in class with good design and we have an confidence of reaching more then an expected audience to this App. Please do visit the play store and install our Net2me app and make an joy of finding all the place in one touch.

At your finger point you own the world around you. How cool isn’t it ?

Nxt2Me as the name explain this app is your FREE, quick and best local guider to find nearby Grocery, Bakery, Café, Hospital, Petrol Bunk, Clinic, Pharmacy, College, Tuition, School, Travel Agency, Gym, Beauty Parlor, Men’s Parlor, Day Care, Photo Studio, Laundry and so on.

View exact location of your search, contact details, map and reviews. Find best of best. After finding your requirements make call confirm and happy go. Get navigation to reach. You can favorite your search, write & read reviews.

Nxt2Me App Features are:

  • Nxt2Me Best everyday app
  • Get nearby information on what you are searching for
  • Save your time and money. Don’t travel far to get what you want
  • You have option to favorite
  • Get nearest route map to your needs
  • If you like write reviews & let others take your advice
  • When you went shopping forgot to have enough cash well find the nearest ATM
  • New to a place? feel comfortable by finding everything you need
  • Never get lost of things just open app you find it

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