Do you expect to be available to your customers over all the platforms at all times ? PhoneGap application development is the answer for this . PhoneGap helps you to be on all the mobile platforms like Android , iOS and windows phones . Here you have to develop code only one time . PhoneGap is an open source framework that can be used to develop apps and it needs proficiency in order to develop a successful apps .

At Indglobal we have experts who are well -qualified and trained in PhoneGap programming . Our team members are well-versed with all the latest technologies , tools and strategies and have successfully developed many mobile apps that are interesting and fun .

Benefits of having PhoneGap Application Development :

  • PhoneGap helps you to reach vast audience through different platforms like Android, Windows and iOS .
  • One-time code development .
  • Affordable .
  • Short development cycle which means that your app will be launched quickly .

We at Indglobal, give you only best when it comes to mobile app development so we include certain process to achieve our goal . Such process includes :

Getting your requirements right : This process involves meeting you and understanding your requirements and specifications . This helps us to know the exact requirements for developing an app , the nature of business , target audience and your budget .

Giving you a glance of what you will get : Based on requirements , we give you few options which you can decide on the best . The changes you need can be informed to us before finalizing the design .

Development of the app : once the design is finalized our team starts developing an app . With the right tools, strategies and latest technologies our team develop the perfect app .

Testing : we take utmost care to test the app and we make sure that there are no errors or bugs in the app before we launch it .

Launching the app : The final step in the process is launching the app on different platform . We also give the updates to our customers in order to match the latest technologies and make it user-friendly .

Indglobal has been awarded as the Best Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore . We develop apps for Android, iOS ,windows phones . If you have any doubts or queries regarding the mobile apps contact us . Get your PhoneGap app within shortest span of time and at affordable price .