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In the era of digital marketing, PPC has its worth of being the best marketing channel for online marketing. Pay per click (PPC) is an effective advertising model where the advertising is entitled to pay the search engine bid fee when clicked. It is a paid marketing technique where you can increase your reach and awareness among prospectus in the search engine. PPC is a great and practical way to get traffic to the website as it is guaranteed. In short, it is a method of buying inorganic visit to your websites with money rather than earning the visits organically.

As Google started improving its online advertising platform, Google Ads, PPC started to gain popularity and became prominent standard to buy inorganic links and it is critical to incorporate PPC into your digital marketing strategy. PPC services in Bangalore works great when you want to reach your target audience fast and it gives you choice to customize who can view your ads and when someone clicks on your ad, then only you pay.

Why PPC is better than Organic SEO?

Ask any business what they need, the answer probably would be more leads. Business can’t just rely on existing customers for ROI and here is a constant need for more leads. In traditional marketing techniques, there are more chances of not getting the desired result in spite of spending money. Whereas, PPC is an effective marketing method where the money is paid only after a user clicks on your ad. The search engines like Google function at the backend to make your Business Ad visible to the user who is searching for anything using a keyword. If the user clicks the ad visible to him, then the click is payable. PPC Management Company in India helps business to grow their business in terms of revenue and awareness due to instant traffic and better results. Search engines also offer effective ways to ensure paid ads meet up the standards of the user so that visibility is guaranteed.

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Indglobal’s PPC Management Services

We are the top PPC management company in Bangalore which helps to increase your digital footprints with a tailor-made strategic plan including important keywords, exclusive landing to which your Pay Per Click ads will direct traffic to.

Indglobal is a dedicated Top PPC service provider in Bangalore having significant expertise in the area and we develop strategic plans supported by the channel-specific focus to achieve your acquisition goals. We create PPC ad campaigns tailored exclusively to your target audience. By combining compelling ad copy designs with specific marketing tactics, we improve your brand awareness and strengthen your ROI. We know what exactly takes to put your brand in front of your prospectus when they are searching online.


Display Advertising

Online Ad platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Adwords allows running display ads using ad banners to be shown to a relevant audience across the internet. We design ad banners for businesses at the lowest possible costs to get high traffic volume. We are the best Google Banner ad Optimization company in Bangalore offering best in class display ad services to achieve big results. We drive your digital ad campaigns to success right from creating ads to optimization.

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Facebook PPC

Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online and it makes your entrepreneurial dreams come true. With Facebook marketing, we connect businesses with the right people by creating your own PPC ads. As the award winning Facebook Advertising Agency in Bangalore generate ads containing images, videos that can be used in different spots on fakebook like newsfeed, sidebar or audience networks.

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Google Express AdWords

Google Adwords Express is a best-performing advertising product which automatically manages your online ads without the need for daily management of tasks. With our Google Adwords express services, we turn your searches into sales. As the top Google AdWords PPC agency in Bangalore, our services are perfect for all businesses looking to increase their website traffic and get more lead conversion locally or globally.

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Search Advertising

We create and run campaigns for businesses on Google to drive high – quality traffic to your website from your potential users who are actively looking for your products and services. Being the best Search advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) agency in Bangalore offering competitive online marketing services, Indglobal has the expertise and experience to manage your budget effectively to help you earn leads.

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Google Shopping Ads

If you are an e-commerce business, shopping ads are what you want to focus on than SEO. Google shopping ads give e-commerce businesses great exposure to competing with big players. We are the Best Google Shopping ad Agency in Bangalore, to promote your business online, bring in traffic to your site and help you find qualified leads.

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LinkedIn PPC

Target and reach professional with linked ads and drive high quality leads for your business with top solutions from the best LinkedIn Advertising Agency in Bangalore. we help you build brand value, drive leads, gain followers, send targeted emails and tailored messages and grow your business to the next level. Set your budget and control costs with our effective and business specific LinkedIn PPC ads.

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Mobile Advertising

With smart mobile devices becoming ubiquitous, you need the assistance of the best Mobile Advertising agency Bangalore to develop ad strategies that adhere to the latest trends. We work on ad banners on mobile devices which is helpful for businesses who want to market a mobile app or has mobile-specific services.

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Twitter PPC

Expand the influence of your business with Twitter ads which bring in more likes, amplifies messages and get more people talking about your brand and services you offer. No minimum budget is required for Twitter ads, pay only for specific results you require, like sending traffic to your website and new account followers et. Being the top Twitter Advertising Agency in Bangalore, we help you launch campaigns and tailor ads based on your businesses goals.

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Video Advertising

Partner with the Top video advertising agency in Bangalore to harness the power of video campaigns to make sure your messages get to the right audience. We create engaging video advertisements having a profound branding effect for businesses. and promote your videos across multiple platforms to enhance its reach and multiply the views. People watch videos more than even and search engines recognize this trend giving more scope for video results.

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Why Indglobal

Being the top Pay Per Click management Agency in Bangalore, Indglobal utilizes superior online advertising techniques which will increase your business visibility online and drives increased traffic to your website. PPC advertising is highly successful due to our precision targeting and our expert digital marketers thoroughly study the market before running ads. We offer solutions that allow you to see the customer journey from the moment they click on your ad. Additionally, PPC ROI is easy to track and we can track the effectiveness of campaigns and ensure that ads reach the right audience and they are converting into leads. Being the best Award-Winning Digital Agency in Bangalore, we tailor our ad campaigns according to your budget, so you never go overboard with your marketing budget. As you pay only when clicks are made, unlike other marketing techniques, ROI is extremely high when compared to other online advertising techniques.


  • Awarded digital marketing agency in India<
  • Google certified Professionals
  • Professional PPC campaign set up
  • Detailed weekly report
  • Proper tracking for cost-effective campaign management
  • Worked with brands like IIMB Bangalore, Dayanand Sagar, Jockey, Decathlon, Meraj, Lapitop, and many others.
  • 10+ years’ experience in digital marketing
  • Real-time analysis when compared to competitors
  • Proper optimization for cost-effective ROI
  • Dedicated account manager for each client
  • COAdvanced filtration for the converted and non-converted audience
  • End-end digital marketing company with content writers, designers, digital marketers, and expert developers.

Reduce Your Monthly Ad Expense with Strategic PPC Campaign Management Services

To reach the right audience and qualified leads, PPC campaign management services are a vital component. Over 85% of online marketing campaigns result in a negative return on investment. Hiring the right PPC Agency in Bangalore can revolutionize your business with online Ad’s that convert the most. With Indglobal’s PPC management services, you can bring your website in front of your potential customers turning them into loyal customers with Google Adwords Pay Per Click that resonates.

Targeted campaigns to dominate your competition

To create an impactful marketing campaign for your business, Pay Per Click (PPC) service provider in Bangalore is all that you need. Your potential customers are exposed to a variety of ads every day, with every search they do. It is our job to dominate the competition by creating compelling ad copy and creative marketing strategies to interact with your customers. Our Google Adwords PPC management Bangalore services are fully customized to meet your requirements using split tests, geo-targeting, bid-management etc. Our Google certified online marketing specialists perform tests and evaluate the performance of paid strategies.


If you are considering to take the plunge into PPC management services in Bangalore, you might have some basic questions in mind. Before getting started, look no further. Here are some common questions and answers.

Why PPC?

Pay per click or PPC is a form of online marketing which allows businesses to put up ads in search engines or anywhere else on the web by paying when any user clicks on an ad. When your organic efforts fail, PPC advertising helps you to make key changes in your existing optimization strategies which in turn will improve quality score and ROI.

Will users click on ads?

Yes. A majority of your target audience who are seriously interested in your products or services will click on your online ads. Almost 98% of google annual revenue comes from online advertising and Google Adwords Pay Per Click. That means users are actually clicking on ads.

Why anyone would click on Google Adwords ads?

Some users click on ads without knowing the difference between organic and paid results whereas others click on your ads as they find it to be the most relevant result for what they are looking for. Google’s quality score system works in such a way that Google Adwords PPC management is beneficial for everyone. Also, working on keywords that are relevant to your services, will definitely catch the attention.

Why I must use PPC marketing? Why can’t I try email marketing?

PPC marketing is the most efficient and proven way to increase lead generation. Services offered by PPC companies in Bangalore is scalable, flexible, faster than SEO, engaging and moreover, it is measurable and it converts. Additionally, your competitors are doing it to grow their business.

What type of businesses or companies must use PPC

Some people have a misconception that only e-commerce businesses use PPC management services Bangalore, which is wrong. Almost every business can and should be using PPC because that is what is competitive. Businesses with high margins, those who find it hard to sell products, businesses with a diverse array of products etc. can benefit from PPC.


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