Indglobal Digital Private Limited is a top leading mobile apps development company in Bangalore, We provide an android development platform for our clients to present exceptional level expertise solutions.Mobile app development is a process by which software is developed for mobile phones ,personal digital assistants . These software applications can be pre installed on phones . Usage of mobile phones are increasing day by day and mobile apps are prevalent for mobile phone users. Apps allow us to customize a phone for a specific set of needs . These mobile apps are easy to find and install . Most users want their email , music ,games and many other business person needs .


INDGLOBAL follows a well-architecture development technique to sound resources and enlist in effective management of projects. Deploying the latest technologies, we bear work products that offer high zone of consistency in quality and performance. Android app development being the core of mobile design today, we help comprehensive businesses by developing and deploying best in class android apps to keep them forward of the curve. Not only we develop great android apps, but we also support in terms of app marketing and monetization. We create highly optimized cloud solutions with seamless user experiences, leveraging the advanced cloud handling and storage technologies and years of expertise in mobile and web spaces.


A Mobile app is an function built for a smart phone or a tablet that can use the inherent capabilities of the device it is residing on to fulfill key user actions. Our crew of mobile application developers is creative, unique and intelligent to accomplish your demands of mobile web developments. Our mobile app developers with modern tools and technology create cross platform mobile applications for business activity. A custom mobile application that can be tailored specific to your target clients and also be able to hold the various stakeholder views is a great value add to your brand


Mobile apps are of three types :

  1. Native
  2. Web
  3. Hybrid

Native application :


It is a download-able app which can be installed and used directly from the phone/device. Native applications are very fast . These applications are written specifically for target mobile device operating system like ios, Android, Windows OS etc . We at Indglobal , design , develop and optimize your native mobile applications for ios ,Android and windows . We are the best Mobile App development company Bangalore and we develop your app with all the latest technologies and native app is mainly developed for the purpose of business. We help you to engage audiences and solve problems with a customized app for your business.

Hybrid Applications:


Hybrid application is an application which is developed using “open web” technologies and then packaged up into a fully native application. Once packaged this application is fully native and can be downloaded onto the device and also distributed via the various App stores. Such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry

Mobile web application:


These web applications are written using open web coding languages like HTML,CSS,JavaScript . The main use of mobile web application is that developers or agencies can build a mobile app by using some of the technologies in which they are already qualified. And it runs on any device. Indglobal is one of the best mobile web application development company in Bangalore. 54% of people use smart phones in India. To reach customers we improve business using mobile web application. We have the experience and ability of working across different mobile platforms .

iOS :

iOS – iPhone OS , is the OS that presently function many of the company’s mobile devices, which includes iPhone, iPad, and ipod touch. iOS is the world’s most leading and popular mobile operating system. Take advantage of this Apple platform and interact with your clients and make their life easier


Indglobal provides best iOS application and various services in iOS application development. We develop apps for E-Commerce, multimedia, healthcare , hospitality ,advertising ,retail , education and many more . The iPhone app development market is used by companies that want to connect and engage with customers. An iPhone app development can maximize your business exponentially. We also specialize in native, hybrid apps.


Android is Mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux Kernel and currently developed by Google. Android is designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices like tablet computers and smartphones . It is written in the Java programming language and use Java core libraries. Now a days Android app is more famous in all types of industries and it the better way to reach the people faster to promote the business. With the high number of users for Android devices around the world, businesses are investing on apps and solutions that are bound to make your customer’s life easier.


INDGLOBAL is a professional Android Web Applications Development company based on specific requirements of our clients. Our Android Developers having good experience in Mobile Application Development using Java programming language and other available platforms. Android devices around the world, businesses are cashing on apps and solutions that are bound to make your customer’s life easier. We develop apps for E-Commerce, multimedia, healthcare , hospitality ,advertising ,retail , education and many more .

Windows Phone :

Windows Phone is an mobile OS developed by Microsoft for the replacement of smartphones to windows mobile and are more targeted to the clients market than the enterprise market, and it replaces the more traditional Microsoft windows OS. Even though there is a tough competition from Android and iPhone , windows phone offers a great marketing opportunities .


We have rich experience in Mobile Application development on different mobile platforms . And also experience on developing windows mobile solutions on specific business needs with all the latest technologies . Our mobile apps developers are well experienced in developing application that require Syncing with Microsoft office to games that run on windows platform. And we have experience of programming the touch screen to developing applications that use the accelerometer in the Windows Mobile Phones.