Indglobal Digital Private Limited is the best provider for high­quality Corporate video production. Corporate video production refers to audio­visual corporate communications material commissioned primarily for a use by a company, corporation or organisation.

We at indglobal produce corporate videos using the state of the “Art Digital technology”. A corporate video is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate or Business – to – Business environment and viewed only by a limited or targeted audience. This may include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos.

Why Do You Need a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is the most powerful tool of communication which can be used to build the brand of your company. It is also the most effective tool to promote or develop your business, expand it and showcase your products and services clearly to the target audience.

our motto is to “Achieve your goals with powerful results­driven corporate video”.We create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired companies and people.

We create high­ quality corporate videos for ambitious business endeavors of all shapes and sizes. Using a corporate video you can clearly convey the message to your clients that you are better in the business than anybody else.This can be achieved by our team of expert video designers who are creative, innovative, understand your needs, know about the market. The corporate video we will produce after filming and editing it will make you stand out among your competitors.

The corporate video production process will frequently involve the following stages:

• Pre­-production, planning includes script writing and story boarding. The budget will also be agreed at this stage between the production company and client.

• Video production, including location filming with a camera crew and director. This may also include other elements, such as actors and presenters.

• Post­-production and video editing ­ the filmed (live action) footage is edited together. This may also include recording an audio voice­over, adding graphics, composing a music score or soundtrack, and including 2D/3D animation sequences with the finished video.

Every corporate video we produce, no matter the scale or genre, is designed to be an engaging motion picture that conveys its message in compelling and relatable ways.

What we do
Creative ideas

With the thinking in place, it’s up to our creative team to decide on the concept behind the content – the big idea that will bring it all to life on screen. We use our insights into your audience, market and brand to generate ideas that reinforce your messages and positioning.

Live action video

Our producers create a compelling story and script, cast the talent, find the right locations and film the shoot using proven techniques and best equipment. Then it’s over to our expert post­production team to edit scenes and add music and sounds.


We love using our expertise in animation and motion graphics to illustrate complex ideas or liven up facts and figures. We can create characters, animated text and graphics, live illustration and screen capture and animate in 2D and 3D.

Video templates

If you’re using video regularly, you want it to have a consistent look and feel – just like any other part of your branding. We create video style guides, brand elements to be used in video and video templates, so that not only does everything suite in together, but you also save on production costs.

Following are the corporate video services we offer:

• Brand videos
• Training videos
• Corporate events
• Corporate presentation
• Business – to – Business video
• TV commercials
• Documentary

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