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Responsive web designing is a design ideology that aims to develop a website that is optimized on different devices with different resolutions and widths like PC , smart phones , notebook etc . Responsive design could have started as a trend, but it has quickly become an progressive step in web development and design that has greatly affected design and technology. Responsive design provides excellent viewing which allows easy reading, navigation for a wide range of devices . As the number of mobile users is increased , a website with mobile friendliness is essential as it increases the traffic to your sites and even the ease of use .

If a web site uses responsive style, the tablet version would possibly adjust to display 2 columns. That way, the content is readable and simple to navigate. On a smartphone, the content would possibly seem as one column, maybe stacked vertically. Responsive design, because the underlying base of a websites readying, uses versatile or fluid grids, fluid pictures, and CSS3 Media Queries to adapt to the viewers’ completely different device widths and resolutions.

A proper style is intelligent, wherever image size/resolution/retention selections aren’t things that may be delegated to a script. Is that image decorative an attractive model, a display of vivacious color. The principle stays faithful the internet marketing. Building an internet site is largely geared toward creating an internet presence. As additional people are accessing world wide web employing a form of gadgets, it’s solely smart that you just suits the trend of Internet usage.

Uses of responsive websites :

  • Enhance the smart phone viewing experience of any websites.
  • Responsiveness can be changed to the existing websites . No need of designing a separate websites for mobile users.
  • Responsive websites are recommended by Google – because it has one URL and same HTML for each and every devices which is easier for Google to index and crawl.
  • Easier to manage
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent User Experience

At Indglobal , we focus on the requirements of our clients who want mobile version of their websites .Responsive web design is outstanding approach to the complication of designing a websites for different devices which are available to the customers . Indglobal is one of the top responsive website design and development company in Bangalore. Responsiveness is essential for any websites for the growth of business where users visits websites repeatedly.

Responsive website services offered by Indglobal :

  • Designing a responsive layouts .
  • Designing unique graphics and artworks.
  • Designing personalized website features.
  • We build mobile friendly sites with location integration.

We have all the latest technologies to make your websites more usable : media queries, grid based layouts that can be re-sized and flexible media ,images .


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