Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the honorable word given to Kepler’s research about orbit and this word should applicable for the recent web design and development growth too, because if we go and just have a look from 1980 to 2014, within this 3 decades we can see a tremendous improvement of web design and development on the internet marketing and network. The web page first got published in 1981 and it started growing in the network from 1981 to 1990 and Mosiac is the first browser through which people started to see the web page and was taking information for their needs. It’s very inspiring delightful to imagine how the web page got generated into a HTML page and extended from static page to dynamic page so that our needs are fulfilled. The main concept of “ needs contented to thinking” applied on the network from the day one that raise to a world wide web of information sharing from one end to other end in a fraction of seconds and a group of people were using the internet for their personal use then later on internet wants the help of Computer, modem and telephone lines through 90’s. This HTML Pages shares information and images to the customer efficiently for a specific topic and attack customer’s continously with latest information give birth to graphical design information that directly emerged the second generation of pages called dynamic and upgraded the bronze age of Web Design. Simple table, marquee, forms making enlarged to HTML version inorder to give the reality in the information like the textual format changed into visually visible format which is nothing but graphical way of conveying the information along with they have the permission to add beauty to the website with lot of extensible features of code. This liberty of adding code brought a spectacular changes in the web design and development from static page to dynamic page. Coming to today’s modern

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious web design and development, The designer discovered the value of css,javascript,photoshop,Flash Design,Dreamviewer which showed a new way of adding feather’s to the website page. Designer established the web designing tools to create a website that is totally different then the ealier way of creating pages it made the designer’s job very easy as compared to the efforts they put early and this bestow php, XHTML, CMS Website ,Ajax came into picture which allows the users to not only see the world around but also make them to hoards information, purchase sitting at home, communicate and enlarge the business within in the cabinet. The special tools like WordPress Website Designing, Joomla Website Designing, Drupal Website Designing is the string of software can create modern and customized website .This is also the reason for the foundation of job opportunity like Content Writing, Shopping Cart Designing,Zen Cart Designing, X Cart Designing, E-Commerece Website, ERP Website Development and search engine optimization, so that your website will be unique and visible every time for the searcher in the search engine like Google,Yahoo and Bing which is resposible to bring the traffic to your Website and make you a monopoly merchandiser in a particular product or any service providing website. The turn up of Website also made the life easier and one can touch the peak with full of confident. Really the work of web design and development is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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