In the present generation websites are being expanded on a variety of devices , not just a desktop computer . User visits websites from their phones , game console ,tablet, tv and even in their laptops and desktop . So it is essential to fit to the change in size and variety of gadgets that are on the market .

To handle all these devices , the latest technologies are being used . Responsive web design is one such technologies that is in trend now . Google has declared that it prefers to see websites responsive. The technique of responsive web design is making website expand and contract , based on the width of the devices . This works on all devices like Iphone ,ipad , android , laptop , desktop screens .

Mobile Usage : There are more than 1.5 Billion smartphone users in the world . Research has shown that mobiles are actually replacing desktop/laptops by browsing . It is very essential now and website owners are responding to this trend and ensures that their websites are capable of displaying properly for all the devices .

Advantages :

SEO : As Google has announced that they prefer responsive websites , you could earn extra points if your websites is responsive than the non optimized sites .

Cost : To maintain separate websites for different devices which would be more costly than maintaining a single websites that automatically adjusts to all the devices .

Users : your users will be more happier to use your websites in their mobiles . So if a user cant use your site conveniently as it is not set up for their devices then its unlikely they will keep returning .

Competition : As responsive web design is in its new acceptance stage , getting a leg up on competition could boost your customers and sales . Your responsive websites could turn up ahead of your competitors in Google searches .

Future Proof : If you get your responsive website today then don’t refresh the look for another 3 years , even if new gadget arrive in the market , your website should have no problem being perfectly visible in its adaptive layout .

INDGLOBAL main work and motto is to give the responsive websites with the complete package of flexibility, screen compatibility and adaptability resolution will make it clear and visible and open in any gadgets like your windows, android and apple iPhone without any loading and hold up the entire big screen into a small screen. Isn’t this one is big than a magic?.

Today nearly 80 % of the clients want a mobile windows of website because as the mobile become trendy and handy with everyone so this is the ultimate solution to bring a small and new resolution of new version come into picture for easy way of accessing, gathering, chatting and shopping etc.

However the invention of technology is becoming a passion and a tradition of new modern culture. Losing visitors, traffic flow and no: of searcher had leads to a new resolution of window pop up into the new technology of making. Contact Responsive web design and development company in Bangalore to get a responding and agile websites.

This switch in resolution had adapt to their certain level of modification and the menu bar, features column and buttons also shifted according to the new resolution of window to look as beautiful and comfortable as before like in normal desktop. Our portfolio has a proof how the responsive websites made for different customers and for their different needs of screen.

I think this passion will never ends at any point and it invents many new technique to compact the bulk one into the most simple one without compromising the clarity,flexibility and compatibility of the existing websites. The new version of programming create this responsive filled websites and they are HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

It is easy to Flatter It is hard to Praise

How to Develop a Responsive Web Design for Web pages?

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