INDGOLBAL is one of the best Animation Company in Bangalore, India. Animation is a simulation process where we make an object to move with a series of graphical drawing or photographs of objects and that are small variations with each other when viewed quickly one after another it create an image so that the objection appearance has actual movement.

Animation type

  • 2D
  • 3D

2D Animation

2D Animation is a called as hand-drawn animation or traditional animation. In this animation we required at least 15 drawings on paper for one second length of film, this drawings are later scanned or captured for post-production using computer. This technique are used in films and TV series.

In digital 2D animation in this we use software to draw picture by using mouse or pen tablet. This kind of technique are used in TV series and web animation.

Now days we (INDGLOBAL) also focus on the 2D animation in both tradition way and flash animation. We also working some of our client projects are 2d animation for training videos, e-learning using flash animation, 2d flash banners for web sites, 2d logo animations. We make sure that upcoming years we will be one of the leading Animation Company.

Some are the features given by INDGLOBAL are:

  • Animated Homepage
  • Website Interactive Tool
  • Online Games
  • Presentations
  • Animated Banner Ads
  • Email Footers
  • Cut-Out Animation
  • Cartoon Animation

3D Animation

The creation of moving pictures or object in a three-dimensional digital environment is called 3D animation. Over the years the 3D animation industry has rapidly changed in the field of animation. 3D animation has gone beyond the entertainment venues, from the educational training in the game development, 3D animation are used in the various fields like Aerospace Engineering, games, Automobile, Movies etc…

Key element in 3D Animation Terminology is

  • Key frame
  • Poses
  • Line of Action
  • Breakdown
  • Timeline
  • Frame rate

3D Animations Services

Now we are walking towards on the 3D animation services. Our software solution helps create your 3D animation of your products and cut-out and the interior workings of your equipment. This help to customers shows how to maintain or how to use your product. The software also helps to create or instruction animation video for your products. Our services also provide 3D Models and 3D Logos, for Oil and Gas 3D modelling and presentation or video production. Using this software helps to create animation to your website. We provide high quality of advertisement for TV and HD broadcasting.

Web animation

In INDGLOBL is one of the best web animation in Bengaluru we provide spectacular, dynamic effect to your website. We mainly focus on the development of animation to web site. We never thought that the animation just for the cartoons, cut-out or Special effects. We believe that Animation gives trend to attract the people. And we also emphasize the product themes and service demonstration, so that consumers can know more about our product. Our web animator develops in such a manner that we simply bring a static element to life.

In INDGLOBAL Using JavaScript for animating a website, it gives the same effect has flash animation provides, we not only work on JavaScript and we also work on the CSS Animations and we also displaying video and video content on your website. That help your product to be promote on another website. This helps your product to be enhance in the market.

Why use CSS Animation

CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. It is a powerful style sheet language, which is used to control the look and the content that is written in HTML. Using CSS we can provide effective design, by applying some of those rules to elements within the website. Those rules give edge to creating a style and content appearing on the website. It also gives fast page downloads because it doesn’t contain heavy graphic and improved performance and which also helps to save money for our clients. Using CSS it easy to work and also it keep all visual aspect of the website completely separated from the content. Using this we can create quickly layouts and also easy to troubleshoot any problems. So that why CSS gives move advantage.


LMS system is known by various names, including virtual learning environment (VLE), virtual learning system (VLS), learning content management system (LCMS), e-learning platform, course management system (CMS). Each term has slightly different meaning. But conceptually wise all of them same it also depends upon your interpretation. Most commonly referred as a Learning Management System. This software includes for supporting, development, documentation, tracking and also administration of courses in generally face-to-face or online learning environments.

Selecting process of LMS system

What are the things have to consider while selecting the LMS system is efficient and transparent selection process, Centralized Learning, Easy Upgrades, Simplified Learning Process, Tracking and Reporting Features and establishing an effective learning environment. Common features of Learning Management Systems:

  •  Blended learning
  •  E-learning
  • Mobile learning
  •  Reporting
  •  E-Commerce
  •  Virtual classrooms
  •  Social learning

In INDGLOBAL we provide LMS series also and we working towards making a one the best LMS service provider in Bangalore. There are some benefits provide by us.

  •  We provided you Anywhere, Anytime Learning course
  •  Manages classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT)
  •  Web content such as YouTube videos can be embedded into courses
  • Contains course assembly tools as well as features to create quizzes, exams, and surveys
  •  Easily Customize and Update Content

In INGLOBAL we also provide corporate and education learning management system. In corporate learning platform we provide unique structure of LMS services like keeping current employees up to date, training managers it is important so that they can trained other people , Your company’s reputation, health and safety, liability and business results . Once you got trained with us it easy to implementing a learning management system software in India (LMS). There are some benefits provide by us

  •  Increase employee engagement
  •  Build a culture of continuous improvement
  •  Create flexible, self-paced courses
  •  Simplify company communication
  •  Encourage collaboration and sharing

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