Every business executive might be familiar with CRM tools or probably are using it now to track customer activities and their buying journey. However, many aren’t clear about the immense potential of CRM application development in Bangalore and what it can do for your business. In fact, no other business technology that is as versatile as CRM exists. Unfortunately, not all organizations use CRM to its full potential. Anyone who has ever worked with a CRM tool knows how beneficial it is to keep track of your prospectus.

Customer relationship management is the process of tracking and studying all the interactions with your customers. CRM is a tool that simplifies, secures and scales customer engagement. Customer relationships are vital to any organization’s growth, so it is important to manage them, as efficiently as possible. Here’s how CRM Solutions Bangalorecan help you stay more connected to your customers, improves performance and grow your business bigger and faster than ever.

Target the right customers

You have spent time and resources to attract and generate leads but now what next? Are all leads passed to your sales team and if so, do the sales executives know which are the important opportunities? With a CRM tool, you can make most out of your marketing strategy by connecting, emails and social media marketing automation to CRM platform. Both sales and marketing team will have a complete and detailed view of leads so that they can segregate and target engaging communication to turn them into customers.Hiring a CRM application Development Company in Bangaloreis important to create customized CRM application for your business.

You can build and maintain contacts, create marketing campaigns, track responses, capture leads and record your conversation with customers, find out and meet their requirements and finally help them to buy your products or services.

Retrieve Customer insights easily

Engaging with your customers over social media or other platforms gives you instant insights into customer opinions about your business by analyzing results as per volume, locations, search topics, phrases etc. The CRM tools also help you analyze keywords in every post to find out the nature of the comment.

Once you assess the information collected, you can work on building a better relationship with both existing and new customers. By setting alerts for particular keywords, you can find cross-sell and sales opportunities for your target customers. Configuring streams to view content on the basis of languages, sources and time frame is also possible with the right CRM tool.

Create specific email marketing campaigns

There are still marketers out there who work with excel and outlook for bulk email distribution to customers. Excel and outlook are great tools, but by combining email marketing with CRM, you get access to significant metrics that you can use to increase your click-through rates. As CRM gives a real-time insight into customer behavior, based on such data you can create specific campaigns. By combining the immense potential of email marketing and cross-selling opportunities with CRM tools, you can increase your email marketing ROI substantially.

Increase employee productivity

Adopting the right technology frees up your team from heavy task and gives them more time to connect with customers. Manual operations like collecting contact information or entering data can be substituted with automated processes that save time. Automating services, sales, and marketing will free your employees so that they can focus more on customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers and new ones.

Improve customer retention

Visibility across customer relationships can help your team proactively address at-risk customers and offer satisfied customers with brand new opportunities at the right moment. With transparency in active campaigns, customer history, you can improve service experience which leads to a more satisfying purchase and keeps customers coming back for more.

Despite its name, CRM is not just about bridging the gap between businesses and customers. At the heart, CRM is an enhanced data collecting, storage, and communication tool with advanced capabilities beneficial to all aspects of a business. The process of tracking and managing the activities and behavior of prospective customers is made easy with Lead Management

CRM application development in Bangalore.

Any unexpected change, small or big might lead to a situation where customers’ walks away from your brand. CRM helps ensure that unpredictable changes within the business will not affect customer relationship. Smart CRM application development in Bangalorecan help you offer your customers what they really want instead of what you think they want.

Functional features

  • Creating user roles and specific controls
  • Self-service user registration
  • Add and track the behavior and activities of each lead
  • Automatic lead additions with just 2 lines of code integration
  • Manage tax and discounts effectively
  • Support for multi-currencies
  • Effectively manage quotations, departments, and products
  • Notifications and reminders for follow-ups and all update activities
  • Language support for over 94 languages
  • Multi-Tenant-based usage meaning multiple companies or admins can be managed.
  • Reporting features
  • Interested audience view- List of the target audience who are interested in your product
  • Possible lead Report- List of leads from various channels based on the interest in products and services.
  • Detailed pipeline report -Set the monthly pipeline and view the quotation targets and invoices.

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