Many of them will ask that, what is the difference between web design and web development?
Web design means art of creating the attractive look for a website. However web development includes developing applications to make your website more interactive to your customer.

In Web Development, What are all Can be Done?

There are several things we can create web development knowledge or skills, they are..

  • Implementing Forums to your website to help your customers engage with your website.
  • Content Management Systems – This helps you edit your website according to your requirement.
  • Payment Gateway functionalities for your eCommerce on-line shopping cart websites.
  • Social Networking : People can set up their profile on your website.
  • on-line chat – customer can chat with you directly.
  •  On-line Booking Systems – If Customer want to take your appointment means, they can take through on-line booking systems in your website.
  • If Clients want their other applications to develop, we are welcome to provide the clients requirement applications also on your website.

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