E-commerce website development is emerging as the most significant development these days. A great number of users are leaning towards the digital world to take their business online and generate high revenue. 

Developing an ecommerce website to represent your brand with the help of a premium ecommerce website development company India, enables it to be convenient to shop anytime and from anywhere from around the globe. The users can get their desired products or services online just by making a few clicks on their mobile phones or computers without the need to visit any store physically for purchasing the particular product.  The great advantage that is associated with the eCommerce websites, however, is that they are able to provide product comparison in a simpler and effective way. Also, almost all the products can be sold and bought online right from furniture, appliances, or wearables to electronic gadgets etc. Reservations and bookings related to travel, hotel and hospitality industry are also finding their places in the digital sphere. Therefore there appears to be a great number of opportunities for each and every business type that lies with enhanced Ecommerce app development technologies.

In this article, we tried to present a few essential elements that will not only assist you in smooth ecommerce website development but also aid in building an elegant ecommerce website design in India for your brand that lives up to your customers’ satisfaction. 

Ecommerce trends

Consider implementing the below mentioned elements while looking forward for an excellent e-commerce development for any business-

1. Selection of a suitable Ecommerce Platform for your project-

Opting for the perfect e-commerce platform for ecommerce website development for your project provides enough flexibility, scalability and expandability to the target users for the industries. Among several competent eCommerce platforms, the common platforms that most of the ecommerce developers prefer to construct an elegant web design are Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce etc. These have already empowered numerous online retailers and brands to grow.

2. Include sophisticated UI and responsive designs:

What makes your ecommerce website attractive for users when it gets launched? Obviously a good user interface along with an user friendly design and bug free functionalities would be able to find a good base. it means the searching capability, the navigation features both should be able to provide a great user experience. While your Ecommerce website development company in Bangalore works on developing UI, ensure that all the important features are getting displayed on the screen. A good UI helps your prospects to explore more about your services and products thereby increasing the possibility of conversion.

Advanced technologies such as AR and VR are also booming these days as an important part of web app development. An ecommerce website with a great UI and an effective marketing strategy can definitely make big success in the market. Today almost every person carries a smartphone with the help of which they can  do shopping in a convenient manner. This is exactly where the need for an amazingly responsive design arises. Responsive designs not only make the website accessible on various mobile platforms and desktops but they also make it easily usable for the consumers which in turn, boosts up the online sales.

3. Easy navigation through simple and minimal steps:

An easy to navigate search features and web pages assists customers to find their desired products without spending much time. You can include several categories and subcategories in Your ecommerce website with the desired content. But, for mobile apps you have a limited space within which you can present only important categories and subcategories and limited content. Therefore, the navigation has to be smooth enough throughout the app so that the user doesn’t have to spend much of the time finding out their desired products/ services. You should also ensure to keep less content to make it completely visible on small mobile screens. There also has to be a simplification done on the basis of content which can be made ready before your designs get finalised.

You also have the option of Highlighting the Products with Description-

Generally The e-commerce website functions superb when any design is matched with the product. Therefore, Its main purpose is to showcase the particular product and its description that defines the website to its viewers. Additionally, an e-store should also have a perfect text, theme, color scheme and images to highlight the products with description and keep it logical for consumers.

4. Quick and convenient sign up and checkout process:

There are many ecommerce web applications that ask the users to fill out long sign up forms when they visit the site. Instead, the sign up should have a few simple queries like name and a contact number or email address. Social media login is emerging to be the most convenient way to sign up these days where the user just needs to permit apps to take their information from Facebook/Google+. 

Additionally Check-out options are also essential for any e-commerce website as all customers do not prefer to create an account when they visit a site. Adding easy check-out options removes this barrier for customers and thus, increases the conversion rate as well. It provides a better way to shop online and thus attract more buyers towards your brand.

5. Ensure optimizing the website speed:

The speed of an e-commerce website undoubtedly is an essential criteria to gain on online business. The speed of the ecommerce website should be optimized to make it run smoother and give better and improved results. Make sure your ecommerce website  is fast and able to load in as less as 4-5 seconds else the user might lose interest in moving forward. Your ecommerce website might project a number of products due to which the speed of the website would naturally decrease. Therefore you should check that the code is properly optimized and there appears no server issue. Additionally you need to ensure that all the elements are we;ll synchronized with the website speed. Loading time of your website also serves as an important factor in SEO. Hence, if your website has a decreased loading speed, it might also suffer from a bad fall in SERPs. 

6. Smooth shopping cart functionalities:

There has to be a hassle free and  completely secured shopping cart feature in an Ecommerce app. Generally, users save whatever they like in cart and proceed to purchase them later. Additionally, users tend to use the wishlist to keep the options that they liked available for a later purchase. Ecommerce app developers thereby need to provide an option to the users within the product detail page to add the particular product in cart without directing them to the cart page.

7. Integration of smartphone features:

Nowadays, Smartphone devices come with various sensors and  an inbuilt ability of identifying wireless connectivity and several other useful gestures. Therefore, ecommerce app developers should possess the capability and skills to use such features and implement useful functionalities. For example, some applications can show the deal of the day when a user is accessing their mobile phone. These features are not something required essentially but they are just like additional features which work to keep your users engaged and motivated. 

8. The wishlist feature:

While browsing through your featured products, the user might like more than one product for which having a wishlist in your app can be convenient and as important as having the shopping cart. Customers can save and store all their desired products in the wishlist and then at a later time decide on the products which can be moved in the final cart. You can also present the wishlist in a creative way such as, by implementing a small popup at the top whenever a user adds on anything in the wishlist. This popup can show all the products that the user has in his/ her wishlist making it easier for the user as he doesn’t need to go to another page to view the products he/she has already added. 

9. Implementing a progress bar to assist the users for the entry of relevant information:

It does not always happen that you can have a small sign up,and checkout or any other form. For example, you might belong to such a business type that requires more information about the potential users. In this case, thus, you can just show them the progress of the completion of the necessary data in the form of a progress bar so that they have an idea on how much they still need to complete. Additionally, you can also allow them to save the inputs  that they already provided if they have left the form in between. You can also show them a green progress bar when they are almost about to complete the form so that it motivates them enough to quickly complete it and proceed further.

10. Product recommendation

Recommendation of a few of the featured products should happen automatically through the search history or browsing behaviour and the purchase history associated with the user. When a user browses through any app, normally a data log is created through which the app owner can target them. Apps with analytics provide a lot of information about the behaviour of buyers which in turn, helps in personalization of the information. Suppose, there is a category that is on top of the priority lists for a particular user then automatically products that start falling under this category would be shown on a proper and prominent place over the app so that they may be able to attract that particular user and others as well. 

11. Security of the ecommerce site

In e-commerce websites, often the users are asked to provide their personal information such as bank details, and/ or account number, address, mobile number etc. Ideally your ecommerce website should be built with a secure socket layer to encrypt the various information stored on the site. An app that is built with low security measures is prone to cybercrime. You might lose all your valuable data and code. So make sure to provide a high level of security and make all the transactions encrypted with enhanced security features.These features will help you set up a good branding and recognition in the market. 

Wrapping it up:

For developing an elegant e-commerce web design Bangalore, you can hire a distinguished ecommerce development company. IndGlobal is a renowned ecommerce web development company in India having an enriched experience in the ecommerce sector and working with several fortune 500 companies and utilizing several e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, woocommerce, bigcommerce for providing excellent e-commerce web development services. We have a dedicated team of talented and experienced e-commerce web developers who have developed more than 600 online stores and websites till date as per our client’s requirement at a competitive pricing.

Building a functional ecommerce store with the help of any e-commerce website development company in India can help you expand the product pages and much more. So, when you are looking for e-commerce development, develop the site wisely and try to implement all the above things to develop the best site to enhance your business.

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