It is very interesting to contemplate about the technology growth from 1760 to present… Today will discuss about some interesting things about the Technology and how technology born and how it changed the life of an individual from that day to till this situation. First Industrial Revolution brought you the transition from hand made production method to machines.

It comes with the changes of hand crafted materials into machine made product which incorporates job opportunity, time saving and supported per capita economic for the country and we can see how the needs give birth those industries like Textiles, Steam Power for running the machines in the factory and Iron making. Second Industrial Revolution(Technological Revolution) in the mid of 19th century made the life to move in a different modes in other word bring you into a fast world of communication like various vehicle industries have been set up, the importance of electricity increased, needs of steel come into existence, uses of chemicals, constructing a railroad etc this all concluded for the economic growth of the country as well as the people in the country started decorating their lifestyles.

Now these all needs give rise to the evolution of the internet for the international major trade done globally by sitting inside a room. Let’s we talk about the latest Industrial Revolution,which is going to happen in near future, Before that, one thing should be put forward that this technology made the people to think in various directions, the concept of later thinking started looking in front. This way of thinking leads the way to modern technology of invention and this is invented business outsource, global online marketing, giving information or prompt service to the daily necessity and lots more… Now this New Industrial Revolution will be a computer driven manufacturing in which everything will be manufactured by computer… Even I am enlightened how it would be to see the product which is manufactured or invented by computer.

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