AI-integrated chatbots have been recognized as the most popular software in the past years because of the growth of the online market. As e-commerce is the fastest market in the online industry, integrating AI chatbots is one of the best things. It will help to enhance user experience, boost business sales, and streamline support. 

Therefore, to learn more about AI chatbots, we will explore all the details related to their type, implementation, and challenges. Also, this blog will discuss how this effective technology can give your business a competitive advantage in today’s digital marketplace. 

Before discussing AI chatbot technology, let us understand more about it. 

What is an AI Chatbot? 

To learn about AI chatbots, let us first know what a chatbot is. Chatbots use predefined rules to mimic real-life scenarios and answer customer queries. The chatbots that use AI can analyze these scenarios at a human level. Using chatbots, you can bring users to the website with a personalized message for each visitor. 

Now, let us know what an AI chatbot is. It is a method to incorporate artificial intelligence tactics to enhance various capabilities. The process will improve over time using NLP and ML techniques for business. 

Types of Chatbots to Develop an E-commerce Platform

Types of Chatbots to Develop an E-commerce Platform 

The three types of chatbots available in the online industry for e-commerce store development are as follows-

1. Rule-Based Chatbots

Chatbots not connected with artificial intelligence are considered rule-based. This type of chatbot uses a decision tree matrix to guide customers for specific decisions. The functioning of the rule-based chatbot is the same as the interactive voice response of a phone, which means the users get several buttons to select the one best for them. 

 2. Machine Learning-Based Chatbots 

Machine learning-based chatbots are a very sophisticated type of chatbots that allow users to ask advanced and open-ended questions and get natural responses. The chatbots have the features to improve themselves with time by learning from the conversations. 

3. Hybrid Chatbots 

Hybrid chatbots are the combination of two types of chatbots. So, combine rule-based and machine learning-based chatbots to create a hybrid chatbot. It is beneficial to script with AI elements taking care of all the FAQs. The chatbot has a lot of scope and many more advantages. 

The Impact of Chatbots in E-commerce Business 

  • According to Geography, North America generated the highest revenue at 40% last year. 
  • The market size of chatbots globally was USD 0.84 billion in 2022 and will grow at a CAGR of 19.29% by 2032. 
  • By the end of 2023, AI chatbots will reach $112 billion in retail sales.

Why There is a Need for AI Chatbot for Your Online Store? 

Why There is a Need for AI Chatbot for Your Online Store

AI-integrated chatbots are essential for your online store because- 

1. It reduces costs

AI chatbots reduce service costs by 30% in the first level or during the initial interaction between the customer and the e-commerce website development company. Also, you can save up to 20% of labor costs in a year. Chatbots are also low maintenance and do not require any updates or checkups. 

2. It saves resources 

Using chatbots for your e-commerce business store, you get the advantage of not answering every question manually. Here, AI-integrated chatbots help as they do the job very effectively and solve around 70% of the queries. All of this makes things easy to let the team focus more on other business issues. 

3. It improves the availability

An e-commerce company is accessed at any time globally. It can lead to many questions coming in after business hours. And, it can be challenging for businesses to hire people for odd hours to answer all the queries of the customers in real-time. Therefore, using chatbots can be helpful as they never get sick or go on vacation and work 24*7 without any complaints.

4. It Increases customer satisfaction 

AI-generated chatbots are supportive and friendly. They can provide quick responses according to the customer’s needs and time. So, most people find it helpful and can easily communicate with it.

5. It increases efficiency 

 The AI chatbot can drive your sales using a CRM system. It stores and accesses the data efficiently. If a customer gets in touch with the company to solve any issue, the AIyou chatbot responds to them immediately according to their previous buying history. Also, this helps them to find relevant items faster with the desired shopping recommendations.

How to integrate AI Chatbot with E-commerce Platforms? 

How to integrate AI Chatbot with E-commerce Platforms

  • Integrate AI Chatbot with Adobe Commerce 

Integrating AI capabilities into Adobe Commerce Cloud lets businesses leverage the power of conversational artificial intelligence and enhance customer interactions. The AI chatbot can deliver personalized recommendations, offer seamless checkout processes, handle customer issues, and assist them with product searches. At Indglobal, you will get smooth integration to optimize customer engagement and drive more conversion using the Adobe Commerce platform.

  • Integrate AI Chatbot with Magento Open-Source Platform 

By integrating AI capabilities into the Magento platform, businesses can provide customized support to users, enhance the shopping experience, and improve customer engagement. The AI Chatbot handles the user’s queries, gives real-time assistance, provides product recommendations, and assists with tracking orders to drive customer satisfaction and sales. 

  • Integrate AI Chatbot with BigCommerce 

By integrating AI technologies, Chatbot provides customer support, offers customized recommendations, assists customers with product inquiries, and enhances customer engagement. All this optimizes business operations and drives high sales on the BigCommerce platform. 

  • Integrate AI Chatbot with WordPress 

Integrating an AI chatbot with a popular content management platform WordPress lets the business provide valuable support to the customers and enhance user experiences. The AI Chatbot handles customer inquiries, help with content navigation, and improves customer engagement. The integration enhances the user experience and offers assistance on the WordPress platform. 

  • Integrate AI Chatbot with OpenCart

Integrating an AI Chatbot with an open-source platform OpenCart leverages the business to offer customer support, improve conversion rates, and streamline customer interactions. The Chatbot empowers AI technology to offer product recommendations, handle inquiries, and provide simplified purchasing options. This AI integration improves the customer experience and optimizes operations on the OpenCart e-commerce platform. 

  • Integrate AI Chatbot with Shopware 

Integrating AI capabilities with Shopware streamlines the business process provides customized assistance, and handles customer queries. Through this smooth integration, there is high customer engagement with a boost in business sales on the Shopware platform. 

  • Integrate AI Chatbot with WooCommerce 

The e-commerce developers at Indglobal Digital Private Limited specialize in integrating AI-generated chatbots to handle customer inquiries, offer personalized recommendations, and assist product searches. We assure a seamless integration process to enhance customer experience, drive business growth, and improve conversion rates on the WooCommerce platform. 

Steps to Integrate AI ChatBots in Your Online Business Store 

Steps to Integrate AI ChatBots in Your Online Business Store 

Now that we know the integration of AI capabilities with different e-commerce platforms, let us learn the steps to integrate AI chatbots in your online store. Here, we have added two methods- first is custom chatbot development for your online store second is a third-party AI chatbot. It depends on your choice which one to choose for your business. 

Method 1- Development of Custom ChatBot 

Step 1- Define the ChatBot development purpose

The first step to start the development process is to define the purpose of creating the Chatbot and how it can benefit the business. Also, check all the services and features to be added to the Chatbot to offer to the customers. 

Step 2- Select a platform to create the ChatBot 

Now that you have all the details you want to add to your chatbot, the next step is to develop it. To start, the first thing you should do is choose a platform to develop the chatbot. Some of the platforms are IBM Watson, Dialogflow, and others. You can even connect with the best company at your place to help you select the right platform for developing the Chatbot. 

Step 3- Design the conversational flow

Design is also one of the essential parts of any development. So, before deploying everything, make a chart to outline the interactions between customers and the chatbot. At this stage, you will find the kind of responses your chatbot will provide to the customer’s questions. 

Step 4- Develop the ChatBot 

Once the conversational flow design is completed, it is time to develop your actual chatbot. This process lets you add chatbot features such as natural language processing or personalized product recommendations which helps the chatbot resolve customers’ queries. The overall chatbot development process is in this step. 

Step 5- Train the Chatbot 

After the development of the chatbot, it is essential to make it user-friendly. Create a meta version of the chatbot to work effectively with accuracy and to get real customer feedback to modify things according to them. 

Step 6- Deploy 

Here is the final step when you test all the essential things to know every feature is running correctly. Also, check all the bugs before applying in the store. The chatbot should function with the correct queries of the users. 

Method 2- Integrating AI Third-Party ChatBot 

Step 1- Choose the third-party AI ChatBot 

The first step is selecting a third-party AI chatbot to integrate into your online store. Some popular options available are Live Chats, Zendesk Chat, and Tawk. Choose the one that meets your online business requirements. 

Step 2- Set up the ChatBot

Step two is to create an account and set up the chatbot with desired configurations. Customizing the appearance of the chatbot and the kind of responses it delivers also adds new features to differentiate the functioning of the chatbot. 

Step 3- Integrate the ChatBot with the Online Store 

Now that the chatbot is created, integrate it with your online store. It includes adding a code snippet provided by the chatbot providers to the online store’s HTML. Also, it is a complicated process, so better hire a renowned chatbot development company to help you integrate the chatbot into your online store.  

Searching for a chatbot development company, here we are. After providing e-commerce web development in Bangalore, it is time to connect with Indglobal to integrate the chatbot system into your online business. Contact us for further details. 

Best Third-Party AI ChatBots

1. Ada 

  • Ada is an AI chatbot designed for customer service automation. It is integrated into an online store to handle customer inquiries, recommend products, and provide a customized shopping experience. 
  • Ada uses a machine learning algorithm to improve its response according to customer interactions. The chatbot supports several platforms like mobile apps, websites, and other channels to provide a seamless experience to the users. 

2. ManyChat 

  • ManyChat is a third-party chatbot platform that focuses on integrating with Facebook Messenger. It lets you build a chatbot using a drag-and-drop interface to create interactive conversations and automate user engagement. 
  • ManyChat provides various features to the customers like integrating e-commerce platforms to facilitate orders and sales, sending promotional emails, and broadcasting updates. 

3. SnatchBot 

  • SnatchBot is a chatbot platform that lets you create and deploy AI-integrated chatbots across several channels like social media platforms, websites, and messaging applications. The chatbot provides a user-friendly interface to build chatbot workflows. 
  • SnatchBot offers integration options for e-commerce business platforms to automate the online store’s support, lead generation, and sales process. 

4. Tidio  

  • Tidio is a live chatbot platform developed for e-commerce business websites. The chatbot provides a chat widget to easily integrate into your online business store and offer real-time assistance and support. 
  • The chatbot also allows you to automate responses to customer inquiries, provide product recommendations, and generate leads according to customer behaviors. 

Features of AI ChatBots for Your E-Commerce Store 

  • Multiple Language Support 

AI chatbot supports various languages. When you integrate it with an e-commerce store, it responds to queries in different languages. It also enables business owners to connect with customers from multiple regions. For instance- if there is a query in the French language, the AI chatbot has the understanding to solve it. It can also translate the conversation into your language and open opportunities to expand into new markets and improve user experience. 

  • Customized Product Recommendations 

AI understands and keeps in mind the requirements of different customers. It is helpful for the e-commerce platform to offer customized product recommendations to the users according to their previous buying history. For instance- if you want to buy a study unit for your office with some personalized requirements and search for the previous 3-4 days, then the AI gets this information and starts suggesting the desired products in the search option on your next visit. 

  • Natural Language Processing 

Natural language processing plays a vital role in personalization in e-commerce stores. As companies can understand and analyze the customer’s language, it can help to provide a personalized experience. For instance- NLP can focus on the user’s queries and responses. Also, using feedback, comments, and review, e-commerce companies can understand the customer’s needs and give better product recommendations. 

So, focus on transforming your business with our AI chatbot solutions. Connect with the best e-commerce website development company in Bangalore today to unlock AI-driven conversations. 

Future Trends in AI Chatbot Integration for E-commerce Business 

1. Integration with the Internet of Things 

Chatbots collaborate with IoT devices to let users interact and control their smart appliances. It is possible with the help of conversational interfaces. 

2. Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional Intelligence is one of those things on which technology is still working. Providing emotions to a machine enhances the work quality and understanding of the customer’s thoughts. Emotional intelligence in a chatbot help to provide a better search and result to the users, also personalizing it to user needs. 

3. Human Agents Collaboration 

AI chatbots collaborate with human agents to work together and provide customer support. Chatbots handle user queries and tasks with human agents focusing on specialized and complex needs. 

How Does Indglobal Digital Private Limited Help You with AI Chatbot Integration? 

Indglobal Digi Private Limited, a leading company offering e-commerce website design in Bangalore can now assist its customers with AI Chatbot integration and development with experience in artificial intelligence and chatbot technologies and trends. Our developers have an in-depth knowledge of machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to let us design and develop customized AI chatbots. 

Our professionally trained team can develop an interactive and dynamic conversational experience for customers by integrating chatbots with various channels and platforms. The services offered by our team range from chatbot design to development, testing, and deployment to ensure an efficient and reliable AI Chatbot integration for your online store. 


AI Chatbot integration is a game changer for an e-commerce online store development to drive business growth and revolutionize user interactions. By integrating AI chatbots into your online business, you can provide personalized assistance to customers to boost business sales. 

Here are some points to consider for AI chatbots being a good choice for your business- 

  • 24/7 support 
  • Streamline sales 
  • Improved user experience 
  • Continuous improvement 

But, to implement an AI chatbot in your online business, it is necessary to consider some challenges that are as follows-  

  • Maintain a good balance between human touch and automation. 
  • Ensure integration with existing systems. 
  • Address security and privacy concerns. 

Although, with proper planning and monitoring, you can overcome these challenges to meet the advantages of AI chatbots. And, if you still have issues integrating AI chatbot into your online store, you can connect with our team 24*7 and book an appointment with our experts. 


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