It is difficult for some website owners to survive in the the web design market and when you are new, it can be hectic too. With multiple designers wanting to create their space in the market, standing at the top is a bit challenging. Therefore, with the help of a WordPress website development company in Bangalore, here we have curated a list of WordPress design trends in 2022 that one can use in business and have great competition.

As there are changes in the web designing trends, the WordPress developers try to follow the trends to stay at the top. And, do you know the main motive for this change is to create a better user interface? For an online business owner, it is essential to keep the data on the website updated for the benefit of the users. Some of the major trends such as textured colors, typography, usage of different layouts, and others are used by WordPress developers to complete the website design faster.

Currently, web designers are using no-code or low code tools to build the design and spend less time in debugging and coding process. Therefore, to help the WordPress website development companies, here are ten top trends that will help you keep the online website available to the users according to the current market and at the top of the competitors.

WordPress Design in 2022: Top Ten Trends and Insights

WordPress Design in 2022: Top Ten Trends and Insights

Scroll down and let us get started knowing about each trend with its importance in the web design world. 

  • Chatbot Integration

With businesses moving towards online means, it is essential to build proper communication with visitors and customers. And for this, chatbot integration has become one of the top trends for WordPress design users. This new trend has already been used by various organizations to connect with the customers directly.

According to Outgrow, it has been stated that 80% of the companies will implement the Chatbot integration system by 2022. A Chatbot system is cost-effective as one can buy the software at $50 which is considered very less as compared to human chat representatives.

  • Voice Search Optimization

2022 is the year of new technologies that are changing rapidly and also affecting the web developer’s way of living. In an Emarketer report, it was reported that about 111.8 million individuals use voice search optimization tools and it is increasing day by day every year.

Almost every website includes a voice search plug-in to give a great user experience. When voice search is used by websites, then it works towards improving the ranking and SEO around all search engines. You just have to install WordPress voice search and enable it for the users on the website.

You can also take help from any WordPress website developer to add a voice search tab to the website and you will surely see that your website ranking has been improved.   

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

For users who want a fast-loading website, the usage of progressive web apps has been started. Progressive web apps let the websites load faster and provide a great user interface like an app. The progressive web apps provide a responsive design and can be easily installed on mobile phones.

With the help of progressive web apps, websites can be loaded in a low network with security. Also, there are several progressive web app plugins found in WordPress which can be installed easily to make the website run fast and is lightweight. PWA is also used to enhance the capability of WordPress and is considered the future of WordPress.

  • Accessibility to the Content

It is essential to give website accessibility to everyone who is visiting and it has also become a legal requirement in some countries such as the United States. The legal rule asks the companies to make information technology-related websites accessible to everyone who is visiting it. The website should also be open to people with disabilities.

Also, you can use various accessibility options like audiovisual, minimalist menus, oversized texts, color contrast for visual disability, animation, readability, and many more to make your website look comprehensive. 

  • Drag and Drop Builder

The drag and drop builder let the business website owner customize the website design without any coding experience. Yes, you read it right. You can now design the website according to the requirements of the users without any code.

Some of the WordPress web page builders that help the web owners to create a dynamic website are Elementor and WP Bakery. But, the most used is the drag and drop builder which lets the web developer build a web page without any experience in coding. And with no issues.

  • Parallax Effect  

The parallax effect came to light during the early days of 2020 and is still growing in the same way. The parallax effect is the technique to design the website background that slowly moves than the foreground when the visitors scroll through the website from top to bottom.

Using the parallax effect, the web designers can simply use animations or images that are related to the products and services offered by you through the website. For instance-Apple uses a 3D effect feature for the website design to represent the brand-new iPhone to the users.

  • White Space Usage

With the improvement in the WordPress designs, there is only one thing that remains constant: the usage of white space. Yes, white space is used on the website to improve the reading and understanding quality of the content. It helps in balancing the elements that are used for the website.

The benefits of white space are as follows-

  • Simple to engage the user’s attention.
  • Increases the creativity of the website.
  • Focus on the important things.


  • R and VR- Digital Reality  

AR and VR are the two most necessary trends in 2022. Almost 70% of the WordPress websites use AR and VR features to enable visitors to interact with the website digitally. The augmented reality features let the web developers use digital elements like videos and images to communicate with the customers effectively.

On the other hand, virtual reality helps the users to enhance the visual experience of the website.  Use these two features by providing the related plugins or get connected with an experienced WordPress developer to help you build a website.

The AR and VR plugins such as Ozisti are used to experience augmented reality on the website. Or you can use WP VR-360 Panorama plugins to add virtual reality features to the website.  

  1. Video Headers

Video headers are one of the top WordPress trends that people have followed this year. It is same as a moving picture at the header. When a website is opened by the visitor, the video headers start playing with no sound automatically.

The video headers merge with images on the website and contribute to a great user experience. Some of the WordPress themes that support video header features are Solar, Waves, True Mag, Ultima, Soledad, Video Touch, and Magellan.

To get one of these themes to add video headers to your website, you can contact the best web developers Bangalore and consult them for the development of a perfect video header.

  1. Interactive CTA Design

You have read about Chatbots above and know that they help the users to solve their problems by connecting with the right customer service agent. But it does not sustain the customers.

Therefore, for this, an interactive solution was introduced: CTA design that includes a dynamic caption in the form of an image, button, text, or video. The CTA makes the work easy for the customers to connect with the support team at the same time.

Using CTA minimizes the lead bounce rate and improves the conversion rates. To create a CTA design, use WordPress plugins. Several web design Bangalore companies have also supported CTA to contact the users and solve their issues instantly.


WordPress web design is changing constantly over the years as the technologies are updated every year. Each passing year brings competition to the digital market. And, the web developers need to stay updated and informed about these changes to stand in the market and generate profits.

As there is no prediction of which technology will remain constant for the coming years, one should follow the web design trends and insights to perform better than the competitors. For this, the website owners can use new and clear methods with great visuals to maintain the website and keep it updated. This will have a good effect on brand value and improve the professional appearance 0f the website.

Also, with the improvement of the internet, there is no need to download any app to work on a website. You can easily access any website and use it accordingly as per your needs. Therefore, follow these WordPress design trends listed above to match the pace of the digital market that exists. These trends will surely provide you with an insight into the reality of web design and why it is necessary to have a perfect website to interact with the customers.

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