We all are indeed fond of mobile games at some point in our life. Most of us did not imagine our childhood without games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, and many more. These online games were a gateway to entering the digital world and have been transfigured for two decades now. Today, the most popular mobile games have multiple downloads making their owners billionaires and millionaires. 

There are around six billion mobile users, and creating mobile game applications for these users is one of the most satisfying ideas. A cheerful game can attract users overnight, putting high revenue in the pocket of mobile app owners. 

As a business owner, you must know that there are more than 500 thousand mobile games on the Play Store which makes the business competitive. So, there are various factors that you must consider before deploying your mobile game application. For instance- it should meet the technological advancements according to the users, and there should be a challenge for the gamers which they take and complete.

So, without any more discussion on mobile game applications, let us explore everything about mobile gaming, the market behavior, and how it can become an opportunity for business owners. 

Understanding the Current Mobile Gaming App Market 

With the mobile gaming sector hustling with new competitors, the gaming space is increasing its business value. Here is a lookout at some recent statistics. 

  • The mobile gaming industry will touch USD 300.47 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 16.22. 
  • Another research study highlights that the mobile gaming market is expanding with smartphones playing a significant role. Also, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are developing innovative mobile games for product differentiation. 
  • According to a research study, the global mobile gaming market will touch USD 338 billion by 2030. 
  • The success of cloud gaming will focus on the release of unlimited data plans as gamers prefer to play games on their phones. 

These statistics arouse the fast growth in the mobile gaming industry that makes the future more brilliant. 

Different Types of Mobile Games 

The mobile gaming industry has introduced a wide range of games that attract users according to their interest in games. For instance- one user mind be fond of puzzles, and another might be interested in racing. Different mobile gaming types present unique challenges for the customer.  Some of the most popular mobile game genres are- 

1. Casual Games 

Casual games are the most played game type among Android users and are popular with people of all age groups. The games are easy to play as users have to clear challenges with a low difficult level. Candy Crush is an example of such a genre, and it is one of the most downloaded and played mobile games in the world. 

2. Arcades Games 

Other than casual games, arcade games have also been popular in the gaming segment for a long time. The games set a time limit for the users to complete a challenge. These games are the best time to pass options for users. Some famous arcade games are Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Doddle Jump. 

3. Puzzle Games 

As its name suggests, these games are digital puzzles that customers solve. As users solve each level, the puzzle’s complexity increases. Various puzzle games are available in the market that consist of alphabet puzzles, numerical puzzles, scenery puzzles, and others. Two Dots and Monument Valley are two popular puzzle mobile games. 

4. Action Games 

Action games are those mobile game genres that focus more on physical challenges and require hand-eye coordination with easy reflexes. The action games include fighting, survival, and shooting. Examples of this genre are Dragon Ball Legends and Call of Duty. 

5. Casino Games 

Casino mobile games are the digital version of physical casino games. The games have been released on mobile phones for people to make money while playing. A significant response from users for casino games is because of online money transfers, ease of access, and the social factor. Some casino games are Slotomania, Blackjack, and Poker. 

6. Role-Playing Games 

The role-playing games are made on popular stories where the users act as frontline characters and take the challenge. These games take time to complete and are one of the best user-engaged mobile gaming genres. Some examples of role-playing games are Genshin Impact and Star Wars. 

7. Party Games 

Party games are collections of minigames where two or more two players compete against each other, like in a board game. Party gamers focus on fun rather than competition. One should have the skill to play, luck, and perform well in the party game. Party game examples are Sonic Shuffle, Mario Party Series, and many more. 

Select the mobile gaming genre that you got interested in and let our mobile app developers help you create your gaming app. Our professional team of developers has made us the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore to meet the customer’s needs for many years.  

Technologies Used to Build a Mobile Game 

Technologies Used To Build a Mobile Game

So now you know different types of games on your mobile phone. But it is also essential to consider the technical architecture to deliver a seamless gaming experience. Therefore, let us know about technologies to help you build a mobile game. 

1. Game Engine

  • A game engine or game framework streamlines the development of mobile games in several programming languages. 
  • A gaming engine includes various components to install multiple capabilities in a mobile game such as 2D or 3D graphics compatible with different import formats. 
  • Other components include a physical engine to simulate real-world activities and artificial intelligence to respond to gamers’ actions. 

2. Cross-Platform Development Tools

  • Cross-platform development tools eliminate the requirement to write separate codes for iOS and Android devices. 
  • The development codes are written to assist cross-platform development tools on multiple platforms. Examples of cross-platform tools are Flutter and React Native. 

3. Programming Languages 

  • Programming language is the coding base, whether for a gaming app or another application. Mobile app developers write codes for their platforms that allow different actions and commands in the mobile game. 
  • Some of the most popular programming languages are Java, C, C++, Objective, and many more. 

4. Augmented and Virtual Reality 

  • With advancements in technology, users want real-life experiences in their digital lives. Whether it is mobile gaming or social media platforms, one who provides real-time touch leads the landscape. 
  • Integration of AR and VR is necessary for users who are fond of experiencing gaming characters in their surroundings. Goggles on the eyes to enter the game using VR has attracted users. 

5. Artificial Intelligence 

  • Artificial intelligence has a crucial role in enhancing the user’s mobile gaming experience by generating adaptive, intelligent, and responsive behavior in non-playing characters the same as humans. 

Development Process of Mobile Gaming Application

Development Process of Mobile Gaming Application

Having an investment and creating a successful mobile game application is not a small task. It includes different steps and phases to reach the final goal. The development process of a gaming application has five steps which are as follows- 

Step 1- Market Analysis 

The first step is researching and analyzing the gaming market. Your decision should focus on the robust fundamentals of research and analysis. Go through the market trends, stats, and user behavior for different types of mobile games. Also, it analyzes the competitors in the industry. Know the features they provide to their users to make your decision wisely. 

Step 2- Planning 

After the decision-making step, the next step is to plan the mobile gaming app’s features, functionalities, and technologies you want. Create a blueprint of the app to let the developers create the project prototype. It is a rough idea of how your final product will look and work. Evaluate the prototype effectively and follow the necessary changes. 

Step 3- UI/UX Design and Development 

The third step is finalizing the design of the user interface and the user experience for the mobile gaming app. The core mobile gaming app development also takes place here. At this step, the developers write the code to ensure the game’s functionality. 

Step 4- Testing and Debugging 

It is the last step of mobile gaming app development before the deployment step. The quality assurance team tests the mobile gaming app multiple times. Tests like system testing, unit testing, component testing, sanity testing, graphics testing, integration testing, performance testing, regression testing, and many more take place at this phase. Buga is also identified and removed to streamline the user experience. 

Step 5- Deployment and Support 

After the removal of all the bugs and the app is ready to run, it is deployed to its platform (iOS and Android) to make it available to the customers. The developers run multiple marketing practices to make the mobile gaming app popular. Also, timely updates become an essential part of the process. 

Platforms to Deploy Mobile Game 

Smartphones are indeed ruling the industry. Although, when talking about the operating system, two OS cover the overall population. When you develop a mobile gaming app, you have two options to deploy the mobile game- Google Play Store and Apple Store. They cover around 95% of the market around the world. 

1. Apple Store 

Apple App Store is a leading name in the landscape of the mobile app market. The store has more than 1.6 million apps listed for its users. If you are an Apple device user, you can access this platform. To deploy your gaming app on the Apple App Store, pay an annual fee of $99. 

2. Google Play Store 

Other than the Apple Store, we have Google Play Store with 3.5 million apps and games to enhance the usability of Android users. It is one of the best deployment platforms for your gaming app. The Google Play Store requires a one-time fee of $25 to deploy the gaming app on the app store.

3. Amazon App Store    

One more app store available for Android users, Amazon App Store, is a go-to place for gaming apps and other essential applications. The Amazon app store is recognized for its accessibility from Windows 11 devices as it makes downloading easier. 

Cost of Creating a Mobile Gaming Application 

If you want to get the exact cost of developing a mobile gaming app, it is essential to finalize multiple things. The cost of mobile gaming app development depends on various factors. Just go through them below and get all your concepts cleared.

Factors Determining the Mobile Gaming App Cost 

Factors Determining the Mobile Gaming App Cost

Estimated Cost of Developing a Gaming App 

As we have seen earlier in this section, the cost of developing a mobile gaming app depends on several factors. However, for an estimation, you can assume the cost to create a gaming app is as low as $15,000 and keep the numbers according to the additional customizations and features. 

Now that we know about mobile gaming apps and their development, it is time to choose the best app development company to help you build the perfect game that meets your business requirements and satisfies the customer’s needs. Let us find out why choosing us is the best option for you to develop your mobile gaming application. 

Why Choose Indglobal for Mobile Gaming App Development Process? 

Indglobal Digital Private Limited is the top gaming app development company in Bangalore in the IT industry, growing by adapting to the latest technological trends regularly. With a great experience of more than ten years, our mobile app developers have worked on various mobile gaming app projects. Here are some characteristics that make us the best in the mobile gaming world. 

  • Expertise in working on various gaming app projects and delivering gaming projects to meet the client’s needs. 
  • No compromise in the quality of the project regarding its development, design, user experience, and functionality. 
  • A great experience of several years to develop and design digital solutions for clients. 
  • Keep communicating with the customers to avoid the risk of misunderstanding. 
  • Knowledge of areas with low cost without compromising on the quality of the software. 

The Final Words 

The gaming app industry is experiencing a hike with the increase in smartphone users. It has allowed app developers to develop a high-quality mobile gaming app to attract the user base. Having a renowned software development partner is the priority to leverage the opportunity of developing a top-notch application. 

Here, at Indglobal Digital Private Limited, you will get your reliable mobile app developer to provide a digital shape to your thoughts. Being in the industry for several years and known as the best app development company in Bangalore, we offer our customers free consultations to enter the digital marketplace. Feel free to share your ideas and connect with us for ideal guidance. 

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