For an organization looking to use e-learning technology to focus on continuous learning, the Moodle LMS system is the first choice when selecting the right solution. Being developed over 20 years ago, Moodle-based LMS has been the favorite of millions of global users now, making it one of the world’s most popular e-learning solutions.

So, have you begun wondering what benefits Moodle-based LMS systems offer your journey? Well, you ended up at the right place. 

Buckle up, as the blog will explore why Moodle remains crucial for various business organizations by counting down the top benefits and features of a Moodle LMS.

Before we move further, let us understand the basics of a Learning Management System

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? 

A learning management system or LMS is software that administers the learning and training of multiple courses to one or more individuals. Today, an LMS is a cloud-based system that lets learners authenticate themselves, register for the course, complete it, and take assessments for better results. 

A learning management software development company can leverage an LMS system using AI, machine learning, and other technologies to help you integrate with ERP and HR systems on the cloud. The learning and training data is stored, shared, and tracked with LMS to ensure a streamlined user experience. 

Some of the best types of LMS systems include-

Some of the best types of LMS systems include

  • Social LMS 
  • Mobile LMS 
  • Open-Source LMS 
  • Cloud-Based LMS 
  • Commercial LMS 
  • and Enterprise LMS 

Here are the top applications of these LMSs- 

Here are the top applications of these LMSs

  • Professional development 
  • Compliance training 
  • Employee training 
  • Recruitment, and Onboarding 
  • Continued learning 

What is a Moodle-based Learning Management System?

A Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) Learning Management System is the most popular among several types of LMS available. It is an open-source, free-to-download, user-friendly, and flexible e-learning platform supported by a global community with over 68 million users from all types of organizations. 

Launched in 2002, Moodle LMS is a widely utilized and renowned platform in the e-learning industry. With its integration and robust capabilities, Moddle lets educational organizations create courses and deliver them with simplicity and speed. 

Therefore, Moodle LMS development enables institutions to personalize training courses and offer valuable insights. 

Now that we know about LMS and Moodle-based LMS, it is time to find the perfect learning management system. Our LMS developers in Bangalore have added the best features and benefits to this LMS software guide. 

Must-Have Features of Moodle LMS Development 

Want to invest in a Moddle-Based LMS development project? 

If yes, scroll down to learn the top features of Moodle LMS development we recommend

. the top features of Moodle LMS development

1. Mobile Learning 

An LMS offers a mobile-responsive design or a native mobile app to help employees participate in training from different locations. It allows employees to flexibly access training materials from mobile devices that work best for their unique accessibility and learning needs. Mobile learning is also helpful for certification programs and teams to engage in training across any location. 

For instance- A retail business can use a mobile LMS application for hands-on product training in all stores at a single time.

Platforms- Litmos LMS and Cornerstone LMS 

2. Content and Course Management

Content and course management features are available in all LMS platforms, but some functions of a learning management system do not include course creation. LMS tools get content from a third-party platform to help you create training models in a system and import them into the Moodle-based LMS program.

Platforms- Bridge and Canva 

3. Built-in Dashboards 

Working with a Moodle LMS lets team managers access a single platform to track employee training content participation, completion, and performance. A customized built-in dashboard with charts and visualizations is an essential feature for data analytics and reporting, and other features, such as progress tracking and information check-in, are also perfect.

Platforms- Adobe Learning Manager, Absorb LMS, and 360 Learning 

4. Integration 

According to the organization’s training program goals and needs, the Moodle LMS integration helps to track and manage the learning experience. Some platforms integrating with communication tools, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, create interactive learning experiences. Others, such as Salesforce, support on-the-job training and integrate department-specific platforms.

Platforms- Litmas and Docebo 

5. Personalized Assessments 

Whether you require a training program or not, assessments are the best methods to test learner engagement and knowledge retention. Effective learning management systems allow administrators to use pre-built customized assessments or design evaluations.

Platforms- 360Learning and Cypher Learning 

6. Social Learning 

Learning is a social experience, so the Moodle-based LMS should have functionalities and features that help teams learn from one another through various social learning methods. It reduces your trainer’s strain and enhances the learning process.

Use social learning features and messaging boards to ask and answer questions from your students and interact with others. The best way to understand a topic is by teaching it, so allow your students to teach each other.

Platforms- LearnUpon and TalentLMS 

7. Gamification 

The features of LMS gamification, such as badges, leaderboards, and levels, turn your learning into an alluring experience. According to research in 2023 from Zippia, gamification enhances employee productivity by 90% and lets companies become seven times more profitable than those that do not use LMS gamification.

Game elements make the subject matter interesting and improve knowledge retention, completion rates, and overall engagement.

Platforms- Docebo and Thought Industries 

Top LMS Features to Consider With the LMS features added above, we recommend you search for learning management solutions that offer these top features 


  • Surveys 
  • Notifications 
  • Data Migration 
  • User permission and roles 
  • User education and success 
  • Categorized content and tagging 
  • Customized learning paths 
  • Single sign-on controls 

Using these top features in the Moodle LMS course will help your business add value to its day-to-day operations. For more information on Moodle LMS features, seek professional Moodle LMS development help and develop a platform for managing and delivering e-learning content. 

Top Benefits of Moodle LMS Development That We Recommend 

Top Benefits of Moodle LMS Development That We Recommend

As a top-notch LMS development system, Moodle offers new opportunities for professionals and students to make e-learning fun. Here are some of its best benefits. 

1. Content Management 

Moodle-based LMS supports the latest e-learning standards, such as SCORM. It also lets you upload existing documents and videos and provide events between learning paths or courses, delivering its rich Moodle learning system.

2. User-friendly Interface 

According to research by Brandon Hall Group in 2016,  44% of the companies using an LMS think of replacing them with ones that provide a better user experience. A Moddle-based LMS provides a user-friendly interface with descriptive navigation features. It is easy to use for investing minimum time in learning to allow your employees to use it effectively.

3. Easy Integration Process 

Moodle-based Learning Management System integrates easily with several business enterprise functions, such as human resource management, talent management, workflow management, compliance, payment processing, and customer relationship management. It also enables data sharing across all geographical locations, enhancing the Moodle LMS functionalities. 

4. Accessibility 

Moodle-based LMS has a responsive design to allow the content to adjust to different screen sizes, be it a mobile device or tablet. Also, with people using their smartphones while moving, ensure that the LMS supports mobile learning and makes the content interactive and delivered in short segments. 

Besides, customers also want social engagement. Hence, Moodle-based LMS has essential features to enable communication through several discussion boards and enhance the LMS features.

5. Blended Learning Features 

Blended learning courses are delivered online and offline, letting employees choose the format best for their location, schedule, and style. A blended feature can adapt the desired training processes for every setting or find one approach to complete the other. 

For instance- an online lesson leveraging a tutorial video provides instructions as a live demonstration or allows learners to participate in online role-play to practice skills they learned in person.

6. Security 

Employees should not underestimate data security. An LMS includes the personal data of learners and proprietary or commercial value content. The Moodle-based LMS has a secure and safe feature to protect sensitive user data. It also offers data integrity access maintained at all times, enhancing the Moodle LMS features further.

7. Ample Amount of Plugin Options 

Another reason for Moodle LMS being popular is that it is highly flexible and feature-rich having around five hundred plugins provided by a community of managers and administrators globally to allow you to perform all your business functions and have collaborative and fun to learning. 

This large amount of plugins makes the Moodle learning system suitable and adaptable for different learning stages.


Are you ready to experience the Moddle-based LMS? 

Moodle offers a wide range of inventory with significant benefits and features, and we have only added the surface in this blog. So, if you want to know more, meet our Moodle LMS experts to find what a powerful LMS can do for your learning and training business processes.

Or, to add more personalizations to your existing Moodle LMS system, meet the best LMS development India team at Indglobal Digital Private Limited. We are always available to get you covered. As a renowned web development company in Bangalore, we provide user-friendly UI and UX design to leverage your Moodle website experience. 

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