Constructing software or any application suiting a specific business criterion is crucial in today’s competitive environment. The process where software developers, Bangalore think, wireframe, construct and finally deliver the software for any organization or a group of individuals within an organization or preferably as a third-party agreement or even to a single individual is referred to as custom software development. Custom software is basically designed to meet the unique demands of users and is considered more efficient than off-the-shelf Software (COTS).

However, COTS may be acceptable for a broader audience because it addresses a broader range of requirements. The fact that not all business requirements can be generalized renders the selection between custom software development Bangalore or off-the-shelf software for your companies as difficult.  Both these require a significant time as well as financial commitment, and both have long-term consequences as well that can impact your business.

Business processes as well as certain teams have unique business requirements that necessitate specialized solutions and this is right where the use of custom software development Bangalore can be found. The industry-specific e-commerce software for an improved streamlined buying experience or course module portals for students are examples of custom software suites.  

Investing in a custom software development company can definitely be a wise move because it can not only boost your organization’s productivity but also help it achieve success and growth. Having said that, this does not imply that custom Software is without flaws and every good thing comes along with certain flaws, it also has some benefits as well as drawbacks. Well, you certainly don’t want to make a mistake with such an important choice. In this article, we are going to dive deep into the pros and cons of custom software development before you make a decision. 

Custom Software Development- The Importance 

Custom software development, thus, is the process of coming up with new tailored software for a particular group of people, functions, or organizations and then deploying as well as maintaining it over time. Unlike COTS i.e. commercial off-the-shelf software, custom software development Bangalore is primarily focused on meeting a specific set of criteria. COTS is also designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs that are to be packaged as well as professionally promoted, and delivered.

Custom software may be a good option if you get to choose the best software developers Bangalore to work with, as they provide highly advanced options and features that can be customized. It is also an adaptable solution which is simple to use and thereby maintain. Additionally, a ready-made solution also saves you a lot of effort and money upfront. While deciding between custom software and off-the-shelf solutions, it is recommended that you weigh up up up all the benefits and drawbacks before making a final choice.

About IndGlobal- Who We Are

IndGlobal is a premium software development company in Bangalore and which holds its proficiency in the arena of digital marketing services as well. We are a team of over100 experts from various domains who always contribute to bringing some of the most innovative, out of the box and dynamic Mobile & Website Applications to our esteemed clients. We provide Industry-leading custom software development services and solutions to businesses around the globe. Indglobal serve all kinds of businesses with Utmost Reliability. We can be your perfect software development company Bangalore accelerating the digitization of your brand. 

Advantages associated with Custom Software Development

Advantages associated with Custom Software Development

1. Uniquely crafted Software

Custom software development services can help to build an application that is customized right as per your specifications. Therefore, the users will find it useful and intuitive because it was just meant for your company. In reality, there may be several ways to improve your business processes throughout the development of the software, resulting in increased productivity for your company and providing you with highly optimized automation solutions. As a result, you’ll be more productive, which will pay you financially in the long term.

2. Improved Safety

One of the most appealing features of customized applications can be attributed to their increased security. Hackers might have easy access to the more commercially accessible apps and they can trifle with their security architecture. Customized programs, on the other hand, are rather exclusively available to your company as a result of which hackers will not have any opportunity of gaining access to your machine. Moreover, since the application is only used within your company, cybercriminals may not find it lucrative as well. 

3. Improved operations and efficiency

If it is properly planned as well as implemented, effective Custom software can definitely help your company to function more efficiently by simply digitizing every part of its operations. As a consequence, your operations will be smoother. Thus, it can also increase revenue by lowering manpower hours and reducing human resources.

4. Flexibility and Scalability

Customized apps can easily be scaled up and expanded as your company grows and expands. These initiatives can grow and evolve as well in tandem with your company. Meanwhile, off-the-shelf solutions frequently have an inflexible structure that can’t keep up with your company’s growth.

5. Improved ROI

There is a good amount of investment that might be needed for a reputable software development company, Bangalore. Therefore, initially it may seem to be costly. The same is true as well in case you decide to build your own team to create and maintain your software. However, custom software development can pay with better returns over time. Custom software development calls for a significant initial financial commitment, but these expenses quickly dissipate. A thorough ROI analysis is always helpful to determine whether spending a lot of money on custom software development solutions will pay you off well in a few years. 

6. Advanced Software Security 

Custom software offers the benefit of including the security features right in the code that might be needed by your company. Also, using your own software, that is utilized by your team mainly, the possibilities of infiltration are much reduced.

7. Compatibility

Your company may be making use of several different tools all of which you might want to connect efficiently, needing the custom interfaces that facilitate data transmission across the applications. These features are generally difficult to come across while using a commercially available tool. Custom software, on the other hand, may offer this compatibility. Off-the-shelf software also may include some integration options that go along with other programs, but this integration may not be as smooth as with the custom software.

8. Easy and convenient to Use

Custom software is not large and it contains the capabilities needed for your operations. The simplicity of use of the custom software not only improves productivity but also lowers expenses. Therefore, you’ll be able to make more money at the cost of spending less money as a result of this.

9. Improved Software Assistance

Custom software development provides greater customer service compared to those working on off-the-shelf products. Mostly, your contracts with outsourcing partners include ongoing support, which further implies that you are going to have an entirely dedicated staff to look after your software’s needs. Off-the-shelf software support can’t really compete with this for resolving an issue and defect repair. Besides, custom software development solutions provide faster response and resolution time, which can be guaranteed with the inclusion of Service level agreements or SLAs in your contracts.

10. Securing a Competitive edge in the Market

Custom software is developed specifically keeping in mind your company’s requirements. Therefore, you may obtain a system with the custom software where a variety of unique features are embedded that your competitors do not have. Thus, you have a competitive edge over your rivals as well. This solution may even become your USP (unique selling proposition). But your business processes must be adjusted well to fit around it. It’s easier to concentrate on your target audience when you do have your own custom software. As a result, your customers will always be happier, and you’ll have great business in the long term.

Drawbacks of Custom Software Development for Businesses

After going through the multiple benefits of developing the custom software, it’s time to scrutinize the disadvantages that are associated.

1. Expensive Initial Investment

The initial cost required for custom web application development is generally quite high. Because of the time and effort that is required to create a custom app, it is a bit expensive to create as it necessitates the web application development implementing all modern technologies. Hiring a full team containing all IT specialists and developers is much more expensive. Custom software development Bangalore can require anywhere between $25,000 and $800,000, as per the app’s size, features, and technology implemented. The amount of custom software is usually off-putting when compared with the off-the-shelf software. However, the advantages of these apps remain unquestionably beneficial.

2. Development time

If you require us to deploy the software immediately, being a premium custom software development company Bangalore, we would suggest that it may not be a suitable option. It is a long, time-taking process. Prior to getting started with the development, you must be able to first identify your business requirements and then specify the end product’s specific capabilities which would obviously necessitate investing time. Another factor contributing to the development time is the complexity of the program. It can take weeks or sometimes even months for developers to conceive the idea, develop, and finally deploy it. The program also needs to go through a lengthy testing and assessment procedure before it is handed to the client.

3. Selection of an appropriate Developer Partner

As with every job, the software development sector includes the possibility of choosing the perfect team as well. And if you fail to do so, it will not only cost you more time and money, but also put your company’s operations in jeopardy. With the above in mind, it’s necessary that you do some research before finalizing your potential developers.

4. Maintenance and management

Post development, the custom software enters the maintenance phase where it is basically screened for the following. 

  • Backups.
  • feature updates.
  • Bug detection and bug fixes.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Other duties, if there are any, as agreed upon in the contract.

Software maintenance is difficult and time-consuming. So, you should pick your team members wisely. Depending on the complexity of the program custom software maintenance procedures may vary, which typically include:

Detection and tracking of issues (if any)

  • Set the priority and analysis
  • Design/s and Implementation
  • Various Testing Procedures
  • Updates on delivery and paperwork

According to the preceding pointers, maintenance therefore, as you can make out why it is a time-consuming task. For the most part, businesses need maintenance workers along with the developers. And using a junior developer to repair problems would probably be risky since he may not be able to grasp the system’s value or purpose.

Custom Software Development – Methodologies to consider

1. Set transparent Business Objectives and Business Requirements.

Establishing your business expectations and success metrics is undoubtedly critical before stepping into the creation of any software, app, or website. For ease, we have broken down the entire project management process into three simple questions.

  • Where is the need for this software?
  • By when do you need to have it?
  • How do you want to have the development workflows?

2. Recruit Professionals and Experts

You can’t save money by simply having your in-house staff working 24 hours a day, seven days a week and doing all by themselves. Managing business processes effectively stands just next to critical to the success of custom software development. You can either consider hiring your own development team or Freelancers. Also, you can think of checking with Custom software development firms with the best portfolios.

Your procedure may be completely outsourced to an outsourcing firm, which aids in creating reliable software with the support of experienced experts. On the other hand, having someone who already works for you and is perfectly integrated into your company culture may also lead to a solution that is truly unique, rendering a great fit for your company.

3. Set a Realistic Milestone 

Any strategy with realistic goals must be included to achieve the desired result. As a result, you may need to put together a competent team of professionals to guide and steer your efforts toward the end goal. Creating a thorough and transparent business plan is also critical. Review and receive feedback from the users to check for the discrepancies if any. Timelines and budgets should also be arranged appropriately.

4. Conducting a Wide Range of Testing

To prevent defects and failures from creeping in, testing must be started pretty early in the development process. Several types of testing, and each one of them must be done carefully to keep track of every problem that appears and needs to be fixed. 

Custom Software Development Process

Now, let’s take a quick dive at the process of developing custom software:

  • Brainstorming: Coming up with something fresh and creative is becoming more difficult these days due to the rapid emergence of new technological advancements. When a product concept is already worked on, the primary requirements involve making a road plan for the overall development process.
  • Designing: The technical architecture of the product is then designed and planned on after the initial phase. In this phase, the development team provides a business specification to the technical teams. Designers are basically in charge of putting the project together from the basic ground level.
  • Development phase: Probably, this is the most critical step in the software development process when developers begin developing the business needs and SRS at this stage.
  • Testing Procedures and Integration: To identify defects and prevent product failure, you should be doing software testing to check whether a software program is effective. 
  • Release: Once the program is already developed, it is time to put it out there and let your target audience start using it. Having tested your created product’s functionality and usability along with overall stability, your development team can find out if there are any glitches that need to be fixed. 
  • Monitoring: The ultimate step is to keep track of how the product is being used and how it can expand in the near future. After the issues are found and reported, they are resolved as well depending on user feedback and other strategies.

Technologies being involved in Custom Software Development

1. Blockchain

One of the crucial features of blockchain technology is the security of the data that it stores that may be used to protect sensitive financial as well as business information. As a result, it has mainly gained traction in the banking and finance industry.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This basically refers to artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with machine learning (ML). In today’s technological systems, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged to be a critical component. Companies that are offering sophisticated machine learning capabilities coupled with Artificial Intelligence to provide unique user experiences in their apps are getting a preference these days.

3. Cloud Computing

The software development industry has seen enormous growth with the advent of cloud computing. It includes everything- the infrastructure as well as platforms to the program itself. Cloud computing is currently being used by businesses to enhance various business processes such as development, testing, storage, analytics, and even disaster recovery by implementing various cloud computing models like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. 

4. Virtual reality and Augmented Reality 

The most leading-edge technologies are Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), all of which have been accessible for quite some time. 

A Few Custom Software Development Examples

#McDonald’s Custom Apps and Software

McDonald’s is still a market leader as it developed an easy-to-use system that enables workers with little training to pick things up really fast and contribute effectively rapidly. They also increased their reliance on point-of-sale (POS) technology after becoming the first Canadian fast-food restaurant to offer self-serve kiosks throughout the country. 

#UBER’s Custom Software that Disrupts the Ride-Hailing Industry

Every major metropolitan area now has UBER coverage. The company has created an excellent customized app to provide a seamless rider-driver experience that is managed by a dispatching system using artificial intelligence (AI). Intelligent systems are now able to link the available drivers with ride hailers instead of requiring a person at the center to connect customers in need of a ride. 

#Amazon with a fine Custom Web-Based Technology

Amazon makes use of its technologies to mainly gather information on customer preferences for products while simultaneously making online shopping easy and risk-free. After becoming a major eCommerce store, Amazon established its business line, thereby offering other companies its technological skills in data processing, storage and eCommerce. 

So, which one do you choose? Custom Software or Pre-Built Software?

Now that the advantages and disadvantages of each option have been thoroughly discussed, Custom software is the way to go if:

  • You are in need of customized software to meet your specific business requirements that can offer you a competitive edge.
  • You are convinced with its ease of use, interoperable nature with other systems, and flexibility to accommodate future modifications.
  • Security is an issue for your business since you deal with highly confidential information.
  • You think that it can increase your business productivity while reducing costs in the future. 
  • Can afford the development price, with the aspect of ROI and
  • You have the required time to work on new software projects of your own design.

Final words

Software development services have just bloomed in popularity in recent years, and modern firms just can’t imagine running their business operations without this incredible solution which definitely has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, the option to use custom software development solutions for your organization is entirely up to you. Another important thing to consider is whether or not the vendor you intend to choose is professional and is capable of completing your job properly. Custom software has become a necessity for most firms as corporations become more specialized and internal systems get more complex. Taking advantage of customizing an existing solution with some additional features might provide you with several benefits at a low cost. Therefore, if you pick custom software solutions, make sure your developers are well informed about your company’s requirements.

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