To run a successful online business, having an excellent user experience is essential. It is one of the necessary factors to run an organization effectively. To keep up with this, you can follow a popular technological trend- Progressive Web Apps or PWA. 

Can PWA be an alternative to a native application? In some cases, such as e-commerce, it can be, as it allows online business owners to attract customers and encourage them to buy products on the website rather than downloading a native app. 

That is why online e-commerce platforms such as Magento use PWA. So, this blog will brief you about Magento PWA, its advantages, cost, requirements, and alternatives. Here, we will analyze how you can create perfect e-commerce solutions with Magento PWA themes and extensions. 

The write-up will focus on- 

  • What is Magento PWA? 
  • Why does an online store require Magento PWA? 
  • Advantages of Magento PWA 
  • Challenges with Magento PWA
  • Magento PWA Development Cost 
  • Glimpse into the Future of Magento PWA 
  • Final Thoughts 

Understanding Magento PWA- A New Era of Web Development 

A mix of a website and a native application is a Progressive Web App. It provides a native-like experience that enhances UI/UX, rapid loading, and search engine discoverability. The web app also supports push notifications like the native app. As PWAs are website shortcuts, their memory consumption is also less. 

PWAs are variations of single-page apps (SPAs) that make them different from the traditional web architecture and work according to headless commerce. It is an approach that separates the front and back end as they communicate through API. Thus, a PWA is adaptable as the front-end and back-end are independent. 

Know More About PWA 

Google familiarized the term PWA in 2015 and became popular after mobile-friendliness became the website ranking factor. It lets many online business owners look at PWA as a solution to boost search engine optimization. Top brands like Jumia, Debenhams, and others have developed PWAs for business success. According to a report by Insider Intelligence, mobile commerce will account for 42.9% of e-commerce in 2024. 

Let us understand it more using an example. 

Lancome: The beauty brand provides customers with a great user experience. The team knew that the native application was suitable for some visitors and satisfied the device prospects on all devices. It lets them create a website as PWA for these improvements-

  • Bounce rate dropped by 15%
  • Conversion rate increased by 17%
  • Mobile sessions got a hike by 51%

Here is an illustration of the Lancome Progressive Web App. 

Why does an online store require Magento PWA? 


why does online store require magento pwa

PWA technologies work efficiently to enhance the working of a Magento e-commerce store. Here are some benefits of choosing Magento PWA for your online business. 

1. Lightweight 

You might have noticed several applications being unused on your mobile phone and taking up a lot of space that lets you delete other files. What if the same works for your store when clients visit it once a month? They will remove the application after making an order. It will make all the efforts to design a native app go in vain. Therefore, PWA is a good choice as it demands less memory usage. The measurement is also in KBs compared to MBs. 

2. Rapid 

The rendering of the client side makes it feasible. When any user visits a Magento PWA, it sends a request by the browser to the server through APIs that return HTML with a link to JS files. The browser creates page templates without any dynamic content and no loading when the user opens other pages. The back end sends the desired data with less server load and high speed. 

3. Add-to-Homescreen Feature 

How to install a native app? Yes, you go to the App Store or other marketplace to place an order and find the other solution. Having a Magento 2 PWA removes this unwanted step that lets you purchase directly from the browser and save the link to the home screen. 

Here is an example showing how this benefit works on the Eleganza website- 

4. Push Notifications  

Push notifications are an essential part of e-commerce websites to engage customers. You provide information about new collections and remind them about hot discounts, and abandoned carts. Clients will receive notification alerts on their home screen. 

Are you also fascinated by Magento PWA benefits? Contact our skilled team of Magento web developers in Bangalore to get the desired features for your business to boost sales. 

Advantages of Magento PWA

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform for PWAs that lets 2,50,000 online business owners use it to power their storefronts. Here are some advantages of Magento PWA for app development. 

1. Scalability 

The scalability of the Magento platform makes it the right platform for all types of companies. Whether you are running a startup company or a big firm, Magento can match your business specifications and demands. Your e-commerce online store will expand as your business grows because Magento can manage a high volume of transactions and customers. 

2. Solid APIs 

The e-commerce business website can integrate with systems and other applications of different APIs that Magneto delivers. It will allow you to link your business website to other external services such as shipping companies, payment gateways, and marketing tools. 

3. PWAs Support 

To help business organizations build top-quality PWAs for e-commerce business websites, Magento embraced the PWA revolution and made a Magento PWA Studio. A range of libraries and tools incorporating extensions, themes, and APIs are available on the Magento PWA Studio to maintain PWAs.

4. Extensions and Themes 

To improve and customize the e-commerce business website functioning, Magento offers a wide range of themes and extensions. There is no requirement to start from scratch to add new functionalities and features to your e-commerce store.  

Challenges with Magento PWA

Yes, PWAs have restrictions as well. Firstly, it is a time-consuming and hectic development process even if there is one team and solution for all the operations. It will require as much effort as a website optimization or native app requires. So, it is up to the business owner to choose the right area to invest in.

The second challenge is access to hardware features. Native apps have an integration with a software environment. An iOS native app supports Apple device features like Face ID, but Android apps have different hardware properties. 

PWAs should cope with limitations like access to cameras, GPS, calendars, online payments, and fingerprint sensors. This access depends on the operating system of the device. For instance- iOS is more hostile to updates as compared to Android. It is not only for hardware but also for push notifications. 

Push notifications work well for browsers like Opera, Safari, and Mozilla and are used on Android rather than iOS. These technological advancements will mitigate this issue with time. 

Also, cached files do not last long when you do not open the PWA for a while and the previous files vanish with the same shortcut. 

Magento PWA Development Cost 

The price for a Magento 2 PWA depends on the business needs. It may range from $68,000 for a simple e-commerce store development to $127,800 for adding advanced options like support, UX/UI design, and other additional services. It can also vary according to the original website state, the more you personalize the store, the more you pay. 

Every e-commerce store development agency charges fees accordingly, so it is necessary to consider their portfolio and proficiency before opting for the services. Their geographical factor also plays an essential role, with the average amount ranging from $25 to $70.

Want to connect with the leading Magento Website Development Company in Bangalore? You are at the right place. Indglobal Digital Private Limited has a team of professional Magento website developers who will give the perfect look and feel to your Magento 2 store at an affordable price. 

Unlock the Potential of Your E-commerce Store with Magento PWA 


Progressive web applications are the future components of the e-commerce industry and Magento PWA development is at the forefront of this process. Here are some future development trends in online shopping and Magento PWA development. 

  • New Technology Integration 

The development of Magento PWA will incorporate extensive technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and voice search. PWA offers an adaptable platform to integrate these technologies that have the potential to alter customer engagement with other e-commerce business enterprises. 

  • Customer Experience and Personalization 

E-commerce is giving more emphasis on personalization and PWAs have several chances to enhance the customer experience. Offline mode, push notifications, and a user interface resembling the app are the top elements that PWA offers to build an engaging and customized shopping experience that boosts business sales and fosters customer loyalty. 

  • High Uptake of PWAs

In the coming years, we will see a good use of technology as more and more organizations are aware of its advantages. PWAs provide a responsive, engaging, fast shopping experience for business success in the competitive online market. 

  • Performance and Speed 

The Magento PWA development performs quickly to be successful and will be emphasized in the future. PWAs can deliver a responsive and quick shopping experience necessary for business success in the competitive e-commerce marketplace using the best strategies like caching, lazy loading, and code splitting. 

  • Huge Emphasis on Mobile Design 

As more and more customers purchase products using their mobile phones, mobile-first design is popular in the e-commerce industry. To succeed in the mobile development environment, PWAs provide a mobile-first design approach to offer a responsive and quick purchasing experience. 


PWAs are web applications installed on devices directly from the browser. Many popular brands like Pinterest, Starbucks, and Puma have adapted the technology for their business website. 

Developing a native application for various operating systems means encouraging users to download an application and buy products. Isn’t it an unwanted step of the product purchase journey? 

If you are an e-commerce online business owner, update the website and convert visitors into potential customers. A PWA is a winning solution for business owners with long-term goals. It will ensure good website rankings due to high loading speed, good user experience, and usability. PWA also saves you money and time by application promotion in the app store. 

Are you still wondering how your business can offer high-quality solutions to customers through Magento PWA development? Connect with the top Magento PWA development company in Bangalore to help you solve common obstacles of Magento PWA development such as SEO and performance optimization, interaction with backend system, and compatibility with third-party extensions. 

Working with a company like Indglobal Digital Private Limited will help you create effective PWAs that increase business sales and revenues to provide a competitive edge in the growing e-commerce industry. 

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