The success of an e-commerce business does not fully depend on product quality, other factors also play an essential role. Two of them are how the website is marketed and how it has been designed. A customer expects a personalized and intuitive shopping experience from an e-commerce website. So, developing a website according to its features is considered a game changer that can make your business strong and increase customer satisfaction.

Several features can make an e-commerce business store more friendly to the users and easy to manage by the business owners. But, when a website is developed and designed, it is not possible to take into account all the essential e-commerce website features. Hence, our e-commerce website development team is here to help.

Scroll down and get to know the must-have e-commerce website features in 2023 curated by our team of leading e-commerce web developers in India.


Product Page Features


Using the breadcrumb navigation, visitors can easily browse through different product categories. The breadcrumb navigation bar can be added below the main navigation bar.


The images of the product on a category page must have a consistent size. Not just resolution, but the images should have a similar amount of whitespace at the borders.

3.Product Sorting and Filtering

Product sorting lets the customers view products on the page in ascending or descending order of arrival and price. The filtering allows visitors to filter products based on different attributes such as size, color, gender, and many more.

4.Product Description

Product specification or description is one of the most essential parts of a page. As a website developer, you should add all the necessary information that a customer is looking for. Use powerful words and natural language to describe the product to let the users know about it easily.

5. Customer Reviews on the Product

This feature will let the visitors read, rate, and give reviews about the product. The average number of reviews and ratings should be shown right below the product name.

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HomePage, Header and Footer Features

6.Logo of the Company

The logo of the company works as a tool to make a strong brand impression. Place the business logo at the left side of the header which is considered an ideal spot. Before placing the logo, focus on the background, format, and size.


There are times when customers may be interested in buying a product and decide to shop for it later. Or sometimes they find a product interesting and want to check it later. This lets the wishlist store these products so that the clients can easily find them the next time they visit the website.

8.Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is one of the most essential parts of an e-commerce website. It is an intermediary between the product and the checkout page. The best place to add the shopping cart on the website is in the upper right corner.

9.Login Information

The website should let the customers register and log in themselves. The login feature of the website helps people keep a track of their products. So, the best position to place the login button is at the top bar to provide easy access.

10.Search Bar

Optimizing the search bar properly will give high conversions to the website. The search bar will help the clients to find what they need and let you understand what they want from your website.

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E-commerce Blog Features

11.Social Media Share Buttons

Help your visitors and readers share the posts that they like with the social share button. This will maximize your social media exposure on the website blog and increase its traffic.


The sidebar is added to the blog page which includes a search bar, a list of different categories, and the most popular blogs or posts. The sidebar can be positioned at the left top corner of the web page content part.


Website Back-End Features

Website Back-End Features
Website Back-End Features

13.Content Management

The web pages of your online business store, the layout, blog, and other essential content of the website should be properly managed from the backend. There should be no change in the code of the website.

14.Store Management

Multiple product specifications such as color, size, description, and category should be editable easily from the backend of the website. You should select the featured products without any assistance from the web developer.

15.SEO Management

There are several aspects of SEO such as title tag, editing of the URL, management of the meta description, and many more are some of the common elements of the e-commerce website backend platform.

16.Responsive Design

There is no doubt that designing a responsive website is necessary for an e-commerce web design company. The business website should be responsive and flexible with every device and provide a good user experience.

17.Shipping Management

Sometimes an e-commerce website will have a lot of orders at different stages. Therefore, it is necessary to handle several shipment processes. All of this should be easily managed by the backend process of the website.

18.Fast Page Loading

The website page loading speed is a crucial part of SEO and user experience. Customers will not visit a site again if it takes a lot of time to load.

19.Compatibility with the Browser

It is necessary to make sure that your website is fully rendered in all browsers. If this is not done, then it is difficult for the customers to engage with the site content. This gives a bad impact on the website conversion rate and traffic.

20.Website Backup

Your online business website should automatically back up to prevent any type of mishap. For a successful e-commerce website, it is very essential to remain live always to engage more and more customers.


Shopping Cart and Customer Check-out Features

Shopping Cart and Customer Check-out Features

The e-commerce website must accept all popular payment methods that are familiar to the customers. Add the option to generate the invoice and accept payment easily on the website.


It is necessary to add security seals where your website customers add their credit and other personal information. These security badges or seals help the business to convince the customers about the website’s security and the secured payment process.

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So, here we come to the end of the blog with the list of the most integral characteristics of an e-commerce website. You can easily modify the features of the website or add others according to your business function and product types. However, this guide will give you insights into what an e-commerce website should have.

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