In today’s time, the journey of a customer feels complicated across the internet. People are getting an opportunity to choose between different devices to access the web ranging from computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. Therefore, to provide a satisfying user experience, it is necessary to make sure that the website looks good on every screen of all sizes. That is where the importance of responsive design comes in.

Most of the online traffic indeed comes from mobile with desktop taking the second position, and a responsive design will help you get the best of both devices. Having a responsive design maintains the integrity of the business website and its content and lets it fit according to the specifications of different devices, making it user-friendly.

So, to know more about what responsive design is and why it is so necessary for the development of a website, we have curated the answers to the most frequently asked questions about responsive web design and how it affects the e-commerce website.

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But, before any discussion let us find out what responsive design means.

What is Responsive Design?

A responsive design helps a website to adjust to any screen size. It precludes the requirement to create and maintain two versions of the website that are different from each other and is as simple to use on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. The responsive website is developed to adjust to the screen it is viewed on. With a responsive website design, the visitor does not have to scroll horizontally to view the hidden content or tap to zoom on the page. The responsive design layout is easily changed to match the size of the screen and adapted to a better view. 

Responsive design makes a website user-friendly as it becomes easy for the clients to interact, share, and get linked to. When there is a separate mobile and desktop version, the process becomes complicated and leads to confusion. This could drive your visitors away and make them go to your competitors to access user-friendly and hassle-free websites. 

The Working of Responsive Design 

To make the business website responsive, you have to add additional code to the existing site. Instructions and performance parameters provide the changes to make the layout fluid. This method is used to offer the same version of the website to visitors on different devices with transformation and rearrangement of content for good viewability. 

If you want to create a new responsive website, then it is recommended to take the mobile-first process. This means that the original layout will be set up on a small screen to look good, and when you are finished with the design, add the CSS media, meta viewport tag, and breakpoints to view the website on the big screen. 

If you are a WordPress user, then you are on the safe side as there is a good chance your theme is responsive. For this, you can use Google’s mobile-friendliness test or test the website on several devices. If the theme is not responsive, then you have to change it to an updated version. This improves the user experience on the website and helps in improving the ranking of the website on search engines. 

Benefits of Website Responsive Design 

Responsive design offers a good user experience to the people and improves the UX on web pages. 

If your website is not responsive, then you may drive away 4.32 billion users who browse the internet on their mobile phones. This lets you lose revenue and stay behind the competitors. Not only this but a responsive website design has become one of the basic requirements to get top rank in SERPs. 

Here, we have gathered the top reasons to make up your mind and get a responsive design for your business’s website. 

1. Cost-Effective

Choosing a responsive website rather than any other type means that you have to maintain and update only one website. This saves time and also finances as it can be used to make a single website more efficient and better. 

2. Flexibility and Scalability 

A responsive design offers the most accessible and easiest way to support the latest and modern devices. As screen size and shape change over time and no one knows how they will look in the coming future, with a responsive design there is no need to worry about it. 

Responsive websites act like liquid and can scale themselves up or down to fit the screen they are being viewed on. Responsive design is always ready to meet the latest business standards and deliver the right experience. 

3. Better User Experience 

A responsive design has the power to improve the user experience, whether the visitors of the website are using a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. If the website is optimized properly, responsive design loads faster than a standard website version. 

Optimizing the website helps in faster loading and looks better to welcome more people and offer a great experience. And, if they get a positive feeling about your site, then they will surely turn into your potential customers. 

4. More Sales and Users 

With a top-quality mobile-friendly and user-friendly website, you can keep visitors coming and give them ample reasons to stick to your site. Also, the trend of online shopping is growing consistently, so if your responsive website meets the customer’s needs, then there is only a chance to get more profits. 

A responsive website not only boosts sales but also develops shareable content, bringing more potential customers. If you have an effective social media presence, this means that your social media networks generate more activity on your pages. 


So, this is all about the importance of responsive design for your e-commerce website. Having a responsive design lets your website content flow freely on all screen sizes and resolutions and looks perfect. It also makes your online presence solid and shows you as the most trustworthy online store to the customers. 

Therefore, having a good-looking and optimized website is the beginning of running your online store to get the desired results. To make it count more, you have to add more valuable content and provide top-notch products and services. Make your website the digital face of your business and make it more accessible, friendly, and flexible. 

So, there is nothing better than connecting with a top website development company in Bangalore to create the most responsive website to run your online business store effectively. 

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