Depending on the current scenario of maintaining social distancing and avoiding public gatherings, instructor-led practices is the only option available for Training and development which are considered key factors in helping a wide demography of employees to apply the concept of working from home successfully and subsequently revive the economy in the future. Recent trends in the use of learning tools within virtual training have pointed that Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are becoming significantly popular and by 2025, are expected to grow to US$ 25.7 billion.

Multiple organizations are now looking forward to adopting suitable Custom E-Learning Development Solutions in order to improvise the training processes. LMS is a software that helps deliver training virtually by hosting, organizing and allocating courses to learners. LMSs include robust features for scheduling, tracking, and providing overall support to the learners. Statistics indicate that 72% of global corporations believe that having access to an LMS provides a competitive advantage as with advanced features like integrating offline training, and support eLearning, microlearning and mobile learning, LMSs can even upgrade VILT efficiency quite significantly.

Training programs have the best impacts when delivered by an instructor especially for sectors like creative writing and medical education etc. With a global pandemic it becomes much safer and convenient to switch to the concept of virtual instructor-led training or VILT.

IndGlobal Digital, being one of the best among LMS Software Companies in Bangalore can help you to get it done by developing an online learning management system which is sophisticated and easy to go with much better effectiveness than via simple video conferencing software.


How LMS s improvise the virtual training sessions?

Incorporating LMS improves a virtual training session in the following ways.

1. Schedule and set reminders for learning sessions:
After you schedule a training session, your LMS will automatically take care of reminders and notifications that need to be sent to the learners thus simplifying the process of setting up the synchronous VILT sessions.

2. Organizing pre-assessments for the courses:
An LMS can assist you to identify learners’ knowledge on the current training topic by adding pre-assessments and provide you with a detailed report on their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Provide pre-training elements:
LMSs can be used as a repository for the materials required for Virtual Training like training/learning material, facilitator resources etc.

4. Option of Hands-on activities and formal assessments:
LMS provides an option for combining the training session with hands-on exercises and simulations with assessments and quizzes within the LMS to evaluate learning progress along with games and elements of gamification.

5. Easy to Track progress and assessment performance:
Modern LMSs are convenient to use for their tracking capabilities that help training managers to track the progress of individual learners and analyse the assessment reports.

6. Follow up with Post Training Resources:
LMS can be regarded as a repository for a range of post-training resources like a recording of the virtual training session or micromodules created during the session etc. which helps in the continuous learning process.

7. Provide Learners with Access to Experts:
LMSs often have the ‘talk to an expert’ option, so that learners can communicate directly to an expert to clarify their doubts thus bridging the gap between learners and the experts and for a more effective virtual learning experience.

How IndGlobal Can Help

Our skilled and experienced app team in IndGlobal provide services to extend your VILT with an LMS. We provide attractive, practical and instinctive E-learning Software Development services in Bangalore, India to upgrade the teaching/ training process in an organization.

We offer:

  • LMS Integrated with Video Conferencing Tools
  • LMS with Zoom integration
  • LMS video platform development.




Difference between Video Conferencing Platform and LMS

Virtual instructor-led training includes educational activities which are done live through video conferencing tools such as Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting etc. VILT implements two-way communication between presenter and learners.

On the other hand, a learning management system or LMS is a kind of specialized software for storing, administering, and tracking training programs. Examples include JoomlaLMS, Canvas, Blackboard etc.


How LMSs extend the forum of VILT-

Learning management systems can enhance VILT features in many ways.

  1. Archiving:

Recordings of live sessions can be accessed only for a selected time-period after the course is over. This indicates that these recordings need to be uploaded and stored to access them in future. In contrast, Learning Management systems enables the users to store the recordings in-system without uploading the files manually. They can also limit access and might include video-editing tools and other enhanced features.

  1. Scheduling:

The timetable for learning sessions via VILT tools is usually conveyed on a separate website or more often social media group. The reminders are generally sent with the help of a third-party mailing service. Being the top LMS Software Development Company in Bangalore, our LMS software combines all these in a single system. It has an option of calendar which is a convenient way to plan and reschedule classes and simultaneously a notification system allows for sending updates and reminders.

  1. Communication:

The typical webinar/VILT software usually allows very few ways of communication namely voice chat and text chat whereas LMS’s provide the following features along with the mentioned ones.

  • Internal email
  • SMSes
  • Social media platforms
  1. Integration:

Learning Management software has the ability to connect to a particular VILT tool thus aiding in a combined benefit from the tool and all the specialized features that the learning management system has to offer. Additionally, the functionality of an LMS includes features from diverse kinds of software, which indicates that the software would be convenient to support all your eLearning requirements.

  1. Assessment:

Every LMS has an inbuilt feature of quizzers though they can differ in the types of questions available. This is a unique way to test the users’ knowledge and a step forward from simple VILT tools. The learners can attend these tests without leaving the system thus making the process more intuitive. Moreover, it aids in saving time for the instructors to quickly assess for the required details.

  1. Analytics:

Using an LMS adds a new dimension to the VILT system. Instead of calculating metrics like attendance manually, you will have a suite of automated reports for the aspects that matter both academically and commercially.

LMSes which are compliant with modern standards like xAPI aid in more detailed analytics like:

  • Course Completion tracking
  • Offline learning tracking
  • Game-based learning tracking
  • Device specific learning
  1. E-learning Features:

In addition to improving the traditional aspects of instructor-led training, an LMS paves unique directions for making your online courses more efficient and engaging. There are multiple features like Gamification, self-guided learning, automatic certification that common VILT tools don’t provide.



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