So, we will be entering the third month of 2024 soon. Right? 

And, in our design world, we are here with the upcoming trends that ravage the online web industry in 2024. With diversifications in this field, this blog will focus on web design trends.

You might have seen many e-commerce platforms and product websites to find multiple elements that help you interact with the web pages. With Artificial Intelligence reaching new heights, we expect interactive responses and targeted experiences. 

So, how can this influence web design upcoming trends? 

Well, our web design Bangalore team is here with the answer. 

Web Design Trends for 2024 

The top web design trends that will dominate the web industry in 2024 and influence our website design Bangalore experts are as follows.

Web Design Trends to Look For in 2024

# Web Design Trend 1- Y2K Effect 

Nostalgia is again back in full force. 

From retro illustrations to oversized text, visual elements are coming back. Web designers use graphics inspired by the late 90s and Y2K trends. In the web design industry, you can see Y2K outcomes overlooking the realm for the imminent year.

Elements such as fixed noise in background imagery, neon colors, and matrix-style text are becoming popular. Customers also started reacting to nostalgia in web design, and Y2K aesthetics are being used in organization branding and are more common now.

The Y2K effects can work for business websites for marketing, design, and portfolio services. If you want to take inspiration from the web design trend, keep in mind mobile responsiveness and add elements that engage users on every device.

# Web Design Trend 2- Vibrant Gradient 

Instagram started the gradient effect for its logo design, and it is just the beginning of this trend. Online brands observe the impact and response of the users for the app icon and find that gradients deliver appealing websites and their logos. But, this point will focus on web design trends. 

If you want to design a website from scratch or revamp the existing one, add gradient accents with black and white tones or highlight CTAs using vigorous shades. To choose a well-known color palette, consider using gradients in the background images or overall page sections, breaking the white space.

Gradients can even improve the visual allure of websites and e-commerce platforms. They can highlight necessary notifications, allow people to act, and motivate them to keep scrolling.

# Web Design Trend 3- User Experience-Focused Web Design 

We all can see various websites focusing on user experience or UX. 

And it is rightly so. 

UX-focused web design is the top trend that will rise further in 2024 as designers develop immersive user experiences. Now, there are several ways you can use to deliver user-centered design to websites. 

The desired result includes lead generation, high search engine traffic, and conversion rates, and the journey to get there is on the visitors. Each interaction on the website keeps the user in mind.

From the headline, animations or videos, navigation bar, image, and text are structured to engage the users from the first seconds. Every data on the home page should directly convey what the business offers and how it solves potential customers’ issues.

Business firms can find the user needs and build personalized experiences for them. Many websites today leverage AI-centered platforms to simplify navigation and offer solutions easily. In the coming years, web design trends might be about user experience

# Web Design Trend 4- Oversized Text 

To create an ultra-minimalist website that conveys essential information at first look, consider using oversized text across all website sections other than the main headline. Select bold headings to show best-selling products, services, or other essential information.

Sans serif font styles and plain text can make the website look appealing. Display information in large text to increase website responsiveness to let the web designers keep the layout minimal and focus on large visuals.

The web design trend is the best for service-based business firms, agencies, and websites. The oversized text focuses on how the product fills a gap for the audience.

# Web Design Trend 5- Innovative Storytelling 

In 2024, web designers must dig deep into their toolkits with storytelling in web design. It is one of the popular trends everywhere. Storytelling can create a distinctive brand identity and voice in a highly competitive topography.

Web design sometimes dominates the industry for a while, so how can it be one of the rising web design trends? 

It is where innovation comes in. 

Interactive storytelling is putting in elements to allow visitors to shift from one point to another without disturbing the information flow. Innovative storytelling has a powerful impact on the audience and persuades them to stay on the page for an extended period. 

With videos, immersive 3D visuals, and gamification, you can develop a remarkable user experience on the business website. Easy animations with three or four dynamic texts work well. The innovative storytelling web design trend provides the right inspiration for e-commerce websites.

# Web Design Trend 6- Semi-Serif Fonts 

It is unnecessary to find everything from going back to the nostalgic days or focusing on the new web design trends, and the rising need for semi-serif fonts proves it. These fonts are called mongrels of the typeface world because of their charm. And, in 2024, the semi-serif fonts will claim their place on the stage. 

Semi-serif fonts balance the serif font’s elegance and the sans-serif font’s modernity. The font lets you use almost human-like handwriting to allow business owners to approach the audience. Many semi-serifs are known as “humanist-sans” for their calligraphic influence. 

# Web Design Trend 7- Handmade Illustrations 

Handmade illustrations are a web design trend that you can see a lot of in the coming years. We have seen several business websites with interactive handmade illustrations to engage the visitors and let them scroll the website till the end.

You can use handmade graphics to tell stories to the clients, illustrate how an enterprise unravels a client’s problem, or attract them to various services with different visuals. Handcrafted illustrations should be short and convey a straight message with a comfortable design.

Illustrative images are available for different websites for an extraordinary customer experience. Handmade illustrations are a prevalent and versatile web design trend in 2024. The visuals can smoothly work with diverse themes and layouts and play an enormous role in offering remarkable web design that helps businesses survive. 

# Web Design Trend 8- Glassmorphism 

What is the first thing you see while visiting a website? 

Yes, the hero image that takes up the overall area above the screen. Yet, how do you make this unique for your audience? 

The answer is the upcoming trend discussed below, known as Glassmorphism.

Glassmorphism is a style that allows web designers to apply transparency to develop a glass-like effect. The trend is getting popular these days and will dominate 2024 as well. Glassmorphism in the hero section can make the audience stop and notice your product. 

The audience can scroll further and check out details about the brand if the product image is pleasing. Glassmorphism is a complex trend, but it simplifies the design process for web design professionals by integrating it with websites in every business industry. 

The Last Lines 

So, we are here after our top web design trends list for 2024. You will see almost all of them overwhelming the online digital industry. Thus, to make changes to your existing website, rebuild it completely, or design a new one from scratch, follow the mentioned trends in the blog.

With UX-centric components, interactive storytelling, vibrant gradients, or semi-serif fonts, develop a trendy and timeless website at the best prices by connecting with the leading website development company in Bangalore and letting them introduce you to the trends accordingly.

It is not necessary to entirely depend on them, but there are certain elements to incorporate and increase the website’s visual enticement and catch the eye of the visitor. 

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