The software development industry was better than other enterprises during the pandemic to not evade delayed projects, staffing reductions, and cutbacks. The business sector is recovering with a forecast of 5% CAGR by 2024. This blog will explore the significant software development trends and approaches to shaping the business industry in 2023. 

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Top Software Development Trends in 2023 

Top Software Development Trends in 2023

The software and development industry is evolving with new approaches, technologies, and trends emerging at a high level. As we look ahead to the future and beyond, various trends will shape the software development industry. Here are some of the essential technologies to consider. 

1. Python Stand Out More 

For several years, the most used programming language for software developers was JavaScript. Since 2020, Python has been on the list, and in December 2021, it became the leader. 

According to updates by the TIOBE Index and the PYPL Index in June 2022, Python was the top computer programming language. Python’s popularity continues to foster in 2023 and beyond as it has become the favorite language of software developers creating business solutions using AI and ML-based functionalities. 

2. Blockchain is Beyond Cryptocurrency

The time when blockchain was associated only with cryptocurrency is gone. Blockchain technology is one of the main trends in the software development industry. Software developers have seen a staggering growth of blockchain in several areas. It means that blockchain is a decentralized and disturbed system that offers transparency and security for many transactions and is available for business organizations beyond fintech. 

Some examples are- 

  • Platforms to protect intellectual property
  • Software system for safe electronic voting 
  • Accounting system to ensure traceability of energy consumption 

Therefore, you will witness a growth of blockchain applications growing in several fields. 

3. Cloud Computing Facilitates Collaboration 

The next trend is that multiple software development companies will use cloud-native solutions for team management, app development, and communication. These software products and services are hosted in private, public, or hybrid clouds. They are also infrastructure-agnostic to run on multiple servers to let organizations adopt them. 

Cloud-native solutions provide scalability and flexibility through microservices and containers and improve the software development team’s productivity. The demand for cloud services has grown to facilitate remote work. Organizations have to use the desired infrastructure and let employees create a work environment at their homes. 

4. No Management Issues with Infrastructure as Code or IaC 

The latest web development applications are intricate with different microservices, clusters, containers, serverless functions, and APIs that developers should keep track of. It lets DevOps professionals ensure app security and stability and accelerate fast code development. 

So, the DevOps team is choosing IaC- a process to use code for managing, automating, configuring, and driving continuous improvement of dynamic computer resources. The IaC method eliminates various issues such as relying on professional individuals who understand the code and its delivery that resulted in dependencies and bottlenecks. 

The IaC can provide a trusted and single code base to track the deployed applications of an organization according to various security standards. It also lets the team track inconsistencies in the code to fix the vulnerabilities.  

5. Security Enhancement for DevSecOps 

DevOps has been a necessary practice of software development companies for several years. But, the current trends in software development have shown the growth of DevSecOps. 

Let us first look at the difference between DevOps and DevSecOps-

  • DevOps is a collaboration between the developers and IT operations according to CI/CD agile approaches. The goal is to provide working software to the users. DevOps provides an automated and robust process to offer feedback for creating a continuous improvement cycle. It is known as the set of tools or methodologies for agile development.  
  • DevSecOps is the evolution of DevOps. It is the alteration of the security team’s role in code development. QA professionals joined the process after the main development stage. And, with DevSecOps, they became essential at all security stages. 

Therefore, security became a crucial part of the software development cycle, starting with the planning stage. It lets you know issues at an early step and eliminate them. The increase in cloud-native development and microservices explains the rise of DevSecOps.  

6. AI Development Boost for TensorFlow 

When developing software systems, programmers use deep-learning methods using AI frameworks and libraries. One of them is the use of TensorFlow for Artificial Development. TensorFlow is an open-source deep-learning concept created by Google. It is a complex mathematical tool for developing and training neural networks. It is also an ecosystem of tools, libraries, and resources necessary to design intelligent algorithms and models. 

TensorFlow is popular because it- 

  • Supports programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++
  • Has built-in APIs
  • Ensure easy debugging and model iteration 
  • Allow conducting complex research experiments

7. Demand of Outsourcing 

The demand for software development outsourcing is seeing significant growth. For many organizations, it is not easy to find skilled IT professionals who can develop top-quality, customized, and budget-friendly software projects. Outsourcing software companies can help such business firms get access to a team of talented people at the best price. Outsourcing has become a big part of IT development services for revenue and profit. 

According to Statista, the estimated revenue of IT outsourcing was $361 billion in 2021. In 2023, it will reach $430.50 billion. By 2027, revenue will reach $587.3 billion with a CAGR of 8.07%. 

Software development outsourcing is growing with the support of some practical benefits like cost efficiency, availability of in-house resources, and flexible development. 

8. Low Code/No Code (LCNC) in Software Development 

Software development is moving towards a simplified approach by developing software solutions known as Low Code/No Code (LCNC) Software Development. It lets people create software without traditional code using a graphical user interface and configuration. These programming environments have great potential as they help people to focus on their ideas and implement them into digital solutions with limited software development skills. 

Here are some points that let you consider Low Code/No Code (LCNC) in Software Development for your business firm- 

  • 72% of low-code web developers build software applications two times faster than those using traditional web development processes. 
  • 80% of respondents find that low-code processes can free developers to work on high-level projects. 
  • The value of the low-code development approach will be $46.6 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 25%. 

There are several benefits of Low Code/No Code (LCNC) in Software Development- 

  • Saves Time and Money  
  • Reduction in manual work 
  • Low barrier to entering the software development process

9. Huge Expansion of IoT 

The software development trends for 2023 will be completed with one software development technology- the Internet of Things. IoT is evolving with the expansion of opportunities for business owners and software developers. One of the essential IoT trends this year is the enhancement of digital twin technology. The technology replicates real software systems in the virtual environment and experiments with it. All this lets you search for optimization without affecting daily functions. 

Another necessary element of IoT is edge computing. Over the past years, various business organizations have shifted their decision-making process and analytics from a centralized platform to an edge, closer to the data source.    

10. Cost Saving with Progressive Web Applications 

For several business organizations, progressive web application development is the right choice. Same as regular websites, the software solution acts as a traditional application. There is no need to download Progressive web applications like mobile applications, but you can enjoy their feel and look. 

Progressive web applications improve the experience and engagement of the users. Progressive web application development and maintenance are cost-efficient for small businesses and startups. 

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Software development is a consistently evolving field. As some software development trends and tools are emerging, others are outdating. Therefore, to remain constant in the digital world, business organizations should follow the latest trends and technologies in their working processes. 2023 is the year of artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and augmented reality leading the parade of software development trends and solutions. 

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