Is Ruby on Rails a dying technology? Is Django dead? Is Laravel fading? All these questions have appeared on the Quora platform and have been circulating for many years on the Internet.  Business merchants looking for top solutions to work on their projects need clarification when they see articles predicting the end of these e-commerce website development frameworks. However, Laravel, Django, and Ruby on Rails are alive and are the most loved frameworks for website development. 

Therefore, as the leading website development company, we have prepared a comparison between Laravel vs. Django vs. Ruby on Rails to help you know which of these three is appropriate to run your online business effectively. The write-up will brief you on all three web development platforms, their comparison, and discover their advantages and disadvantages.

Laravel vs. Django vs. Ruby on Rails 

Laravel, Django, and Ruby on Rails are the most popular frameworks for website development. Organizations searching for the best platform from the three can amaze business owners to choose the desired one. Therefore, it is time to compare the frameworks and find the most effective framework that offers the best web development services bengalore to run your online business smoothly. 


  • Laravel is the youngest web development platform out of the three, allowing developers to implement complex features with small efforts. 
  • The framework came into existence when Taylor Otwell was using Codeigniter, which made him realize that he could not use all the functionalities he wanted, without altering the code. He began looking for something simple, flexible, and a learner framework, and Laravel releases. 
  •  During the first release, Laravel included built-in features such as localization, authentication, sessions, views, models, routing, and other tools. 
  • Laravel got traction by being in the desired place at the given time. At this point, other frameworks by PHP provided either complex features or poor documentation. Laravel, on the other side, was easy to use and offered good documentation. 

Features of Laravel 

  • Offers cloud storage that can facilitate file storage. 
  • The Laravel framework aspires to develop web apps in a more fulfilling and creative way. The code is simple and expressive. 
  • Laravel offers Artisan, a built-in command line that provides necessary commands for creating an application and improving the performance of mundane tasks. 
  • The framework mitigates the complexity of everyday web development tasks by easing several processes, such as authentication, sessions, routing, and caching. 

Benefits of Laravel 

  • Clean and hassle-free routing 
  • Best for both small and large website development projects 
  • Improves the performance of different tasks 
  • Provides essential commands for developing an application
  • Operates five file systems at a time using the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern 
  • Effective database and ORM layering 

Who Can Use Laravel?

To decide whether to use the Laravel framework, the business owner must know their needs and check their compatibility with the framework features. The code brevity that website development platforms allow is time-saving. Therefore, businesses or companies looking for extensive and well-structured web development projects should explore the Laravel framework. The platform also has a huge web development team to help with quick problem-solving. 

The features of cached data accumulation offered by Laravel are perfect for business firms with slow page loading. The Laravel framework is secure, depending on the web developers to optimize its security features. The MVC architecture is suitable for working on large website development projects by helping business owners organize unstructured code. And, if you believe that PHP and Laravel are being outdated, you are getting the wrong news. Both the frameworks are still alive and evolving constantly. 

The top companies that choose the Laravel framework are- 9Gag, Pfizer, and BBC. 


  • Built with the Python framework, Django is a full-stack platform designed to support easy and rapid web development. 
  • The framework was introduced when Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison were working together at the Lawrence Journal-World, a daily newspaper, and they got tired while maintaining big PHP websites and required something to make the development process faster and easier. 
  • Then, they came across Python and fell for it. Although, Python did not provide them with the tools that worked for them as they wanted. It allowed them to work on Django, which can help them with the website development process.  

Features of Django

  • The framework is scalable and versatile. 
  • Works according to the “batteries included” approach, a collection of packages and everything required to build a full-fledged application. 
  • Security is the top concern of the Django framework. The security patches of Django are quick and act as a precursor for other frameworks. 

Benefits of Django 

  • The users can customize the application to their business needs.
  • Offer great features and functionalities to develop dynamic websites and apps. 
  • The framework allows you to move from small to big projects. 
  • Easily handles high-traffic websites. 

Who Can Use the Django Website Development Framework? 

 Django is a rapidly growing and established web development platform to serve website and app development needs. The framework focuses on simplifying hectic tasks for businesses with more users and huge databases. The Django platform is perfect for business owners to handle huge media files, immense interactions, a growing user base, and text post content. 

As Python is the most used language for coders to work, Django is also the right choice for beginners to work on new website and application development projects. Therefore, Django is the right choice for business organizations with large traffic and databases. 

The top companies that choose the Django framework are- Dropbox, Spotify, Pinterest, Mozilla, and Reddit. E-commerce business websites, financial booking platforms, social media sites, and businesses with an online booking system use Django. 

Ruby on Rails 

  • According to David Heinemeir Hansson, Ruby on Rails is the most luxurious and beautiful language. The platform provides easy and fun app development.  
  • Hansson was at 37signals when he saw similarities in the PHP applications he was building. For application, he was redoing the work he had done before. Therefore, David started using Ruby on Rails. 
  • The first attempt was made in PHP, and the more he worked with the framework, the more tough job it was. 
  • While Hansson worked on the Basecamp project, he found the Ruby on Rails language. And, as there was no mandatory technology for the project, he could choose his tools. Also, it let him discover the Rails framework at that time. After releasing the Basecamp technology, he spent six months polishing the Ruby on Rails platform and introduced it in 2004.  

Features of Ruby on Rails 

  • The framework provided automated testing tools. 
  • Ruby on Rails follows a convention concept that makes it easier for software developers to switch between projects. 

Benefits of Ruby on Rails 

  • Perfect for database-backend web applications. 
  • Businesses can benefit from multiple tools to conduct automated testing. 
  • The convention coding concept lets business owners develop fast websites and applications.  

Who Can Use the Ruby on Rails Framework? 

Ruby is a dynamic and mature programming language best suited for business organizations that want to finish their project in a time-saving and cost-effective manner. Ruby on Rails is the most established and popular framework for creating a Minimum Viable product for your business. The framework is also the best choice for social media applications. 

The top companies that choose the Ruby on Rails platform are- Crunchbase, Airbnb, and The framework is well-suited for companies with immense traffic and to perform regular transactions. 

Companies Using Laravel, Django, and Ruby on Rails 

Laravel  Yahoo, WordPress, Flickr, Tumblr, and Wikipedia.
Django  NASA, The Washington Post, Instagram, Reddit, and Dropbox. 
Ruby on Rails  Dribbble, Shopify, Basecamp, GitHub, and Groupon.  

Factors to Compare the Three Frameworks 

Each framework has its merits and demerits. To understand which of the three frameworks is good, we can compare them based on the factors added below. 

1. Availability and Cost of Developers

  • According to the reports by the Stack Overflow web frameworks rating 2018, Django is the best framework among web developers, and Python is considered the fastest-growing language.
  • As of March 2019, there were 993 PHP, 209 Ruby on Rails, and 1031 Django companies. 


2. Community

  • The Laravel community includes a forum and portal, educational resources, an employment website, a directory of Laravel packages, and an official blog. 
  • The Django community has 11,685 people from around 166 countries. It includes a website for sharing code snippets, educational resources, and mailing lists. 
  • The Ruby on Rails community has 4,500 people with their weekly newsletter, mailing lists, Slack community, online conferences, and more. 


3. Ecosystem 

  • The Laravel ecosystem includes 15,700 packages, among which the popular ones are Homestead for Vagrant, Forge for development, and Cashier for Stripe and Braintree integrations. 
  • The Django ecosystem has 4,000 packages, among which the popular are Django Allauth for account authentication, The Django Rest Framework for Rest APIs, and The Debug Toolbar to display debug information. 
  • Ruby on Rails framework includes a set of reusable codes, utility classes called Active Support, and gems of library extensions. 


 4. Security

  • Laravel is a vulnerable framework that offers functionality and features for authorization, authentication, and encryption. 
  • Security is the top priority for the Django platform. It offers web developers tools that keep the website and application safe and secure. It is the best user authentication tool to let business owners identify user permissions and roles. 
  • Ruby on Rails provides out-of-the-box features to address security issues, such as cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery,  clickjacking, script injection, and SQL injection. 


All three frameworks discussed here are special and unique in their ways. As you can see, Ruby on Rails is the best framework for website adoption, Django is the safe and secure platform, and Laravel has a huge ecosystem. Business firms should analyze which frameworks fulfill their organizational requirements and help them make the right decision. 

So, without further delay, it is time to choose the top framework that meets your business needs and connect with a reputed e-commerce website development company to get your work done. 

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