Are you managing your stock manually? In this interconnected world of several sales channels, manual inventory management can be a disastrous thought. It results in long lead times, missing commitments, and unsatisfied customers. It is why many e-commerce business organizations are integrating automated multi-channel inventory management. After all, as a business owner, you sell the stock online in multiple stores like Amazon and might offer BOPIS. It means that you have to synchronize inventory across channels in real-time automatically. 

Therefore, in this blog post, you will know the best way to manage inventory and orders effectively. So, without ado, let us start understanding Magento’s Inventory and Order Management System- Adobe Commerce Development and Inventory Management. 

Before discovering everything about Adobe Commerce Inventory Management, let us know how an automated inventory management system works. 

How Does an Automated Inventory Management System Work?  

An automated inventory management system offers you information about real-time stock availability and visibility. So, no matter what your customer requirements are or what the channel is, you are well-prepared. 

The right inventory management system allows your business to accomplish orders from devices like tablets and computers with point-of-sale areas. The requests from all these devices get to the same inventory system. Also, it integrates with all your warehouses and online stores to rely on the system to get flexible and reliable inventory and culmination options. 

According to real-time inventory information and top-quality algorithms, you can expedite satisfaction. You can also provide users with more options involving home delivery, third-party marketing, BOPIS, and in-store purchase. 

The inventory management system also integrates with all areas of stock houses and sales. As a result, you get inventory from the desired warehouse to the right store at the exact time. 

Features of Adobe Commerce Inventory Management 

Features of Adobe Commerce Inventory Management

Adobe Commerce Inventory Management can- 

  • Optimize the inventory tiers
  • Get low-stock notifications 
  • Track and manage aggregated real-time stock quantities and levels 
  • Develop configurations for merchants according to the number of inventory sources
  • Improve fulfillment period and reduce stockouts 
  • Synchronize data across different channels and protect concurrent checkout

It has some advanced features as well- 

Advance Features of Adobe Commerce Inventory Management

  • Inventory forecasting 
  • Back Order Management ‘
  • Low Stock Notification 
  • Multi-Warehouse Management 
  • Shipping Matching Algorithm 

Adobe Commerce Inventory Management Integration with Other Tools  

The main benefit of using Adobe Commerce Inventory Management is that it can easily integrate with other Magento Website Development or Adobe Commerce tools for great results. The inventory management system synchronizes in real-time with the Adobe Commerce Order Management allowing orders to the nearest available warehouse. The system also incorporates Adobe Analytics to maintain insight into your inventory performance and provide data-driven decisions. 

Platform With the Best Inventory Management Solution 

Every e-commerce platform has a substantial inventory management extension. It can be a built-in or a third-party plugin with unique functionalities and capabilities. 

Here is a short tabular description of the popular e-commerce platforms. 

Adobe Commerce  Shopify  WooCommerce  Big Commerce 
Real-Time Tracking Yes  Yes Varies according to the extension or plugin used  Yes 
Multi-Warehouse Management  Yes  Yes  Varies according to the extension or plugin used  Yes 
Backorder Management  Yes  Yes  Varies according to the extension or plugin used  Yes 
Low Stock Alert  Yes  Yes  Varies according to the extension or plugin used  Yes 
Third Party or In-built Extension  In-built inventory management module  In-built inventory management system  Extensions include Advanced Inventory Manager and WooCommerce Stock Manager  In-built scalable inventory management module with inventory forecasting 
  • Flexible and Customizable
  • Complex to Setup and Maintain  
  • Is not as advanced as other platforms 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Challenging to set up and maintain as compared to other platforms 
  • Steep learning curve compared to others 
  • Ideal for people with complex inventory management needs 
  • Not suited for small business firms’
  • Ideal for small businesses or startups. 
  • Not suited for people with complex inventory management needs 
  • Less suitable for small businesses or startups. 
  • More expensive than other platforms 
  • Suited for the business with a high sales value 


All the platforms added above have their strengths and weaknesses. Choose the right e-commerce platform and inventory management according to their preferences and business needs. Focus on the following points before selecting the right platform for your organization- 

  • What are your sales channels?
  • How much inventory do you want to manage?
  • How is your technical team? 
  • What is the budget? 
  • How to integrate the system with other tools? 

Consider these questions above to choose the right platform that meets your organizational requirements. 

Adobe Commerce Inventory Management System: Set Up and Integration 

Adobe Commerce Inventory Management System is an out-of-the-box module to install using the Quick Start on-premises installation process. You can use composer.json to install Inventory Management using the meta package. 

The installation process includes 47 modules by Adobe Commerce Inventory Management added to the config.php file. During the updating or upgrading of an existing installation process, check whether it is enabled or not. Inventory Management is disabled by default when updating an installation process to Magento Open Source 2.4.x or Adobe Commerce to prevent incompatible upgrades. The Manage Stock Option is stimulated by default when installed and updated. It allows inventory management and tracking without disturbing the status of a module. 

After the Inventory Management module update, all the products add back to the Default Stock. The module commands immediately update all the pending orders, scalable quantities, and reservations. 

You can also configure global settings like backorder configurations, inventory thresholds, and source selection algorithms. You can also set up inventory sources, assign products, and manage stock. 

How to Work with Adobe Commerce Inventory Management System?  

Adobe Commerce Inventory Management is a feature-rich e-commerce solution that acts as a source of truth for products available on different sales channels and sources. All thanks to real-time visibility and accuracy to speed up the business sales and fulfillment. The inventory management system also protects the store from coincidental checkouts and offers a count of marketable stock. 

The booking tracking method of the system lets your account for all bookings in the inventory from the time of purchase to their delivery. The inventory management system works with a personalized source selection algorithm where you can select it. You also get the chance to improve source flexibility by creating new extensions or adding existing ones based on the business needs. 

This System allows you to set up the foyers below after the system sends out-of-stock notifications. It helps to optimize sales, reduce user disappointment, and set purchase requests with old or additional stock. 

Also, Adobe Commerce Open API, vetted third-party solutions, and extensions marketplace can customize order management and inventory. You can also easily manage process cancellations, place orders, and control reimbursements with Adobe Commerce Inventory Management System.


With the Adobe Commerce platform, you can focus on your potential customer expectations. Adobe Commerce Order and Inventory Management Software work with different types of delivery channels and sources. The e-commerce platform provides pliable completion options and other sourcing algorithms to offer a seamless cross-channel e-commerce experience. Adobe Commerce Inventory Management system is a unified platform to help you manage all the business stock, sources, stores, and brands using a single window. 

If you want to get more information about Adobe Commerce Management System, contact us and meet our team of experienced e-commerce web developers at Indglobal Digital Private Limited, the top Adobe Commerce Development Bangalore service-providing company. 

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