Have a Magento website running for your business? Are you thinking about how to work on its maintenance and optimization? This blog will help you explore various ways to run your Magento website smoothly and improve your website’s e-commerce conversion rate.

So, let us first start understanding the requirements for Magento website maintenance for your online store and know how it can drive more e-commerce sales. 

Why Should You Plan for Magento Website Maintenance?  

As of June 8, 2021, there are over 1.86 billion websites on the Internet. And if you want to know where Magento stands here, the statistics are- in June 2021, Magento powered around 250,000 e-commerce websites.

As a business owner, understanding these details is necessary as millions of organizations work for the same agenda. So, the best way to make your website shine is by using the desired Magento site support and maintenance. 

For a new website, it is the same as buying a new product. It works well for some months and then requires service to run smoothly. A similar process applies to e-commerce websites. Having the right e-commerce maintenance plan for your Magento website can ensure the best performance optimization and increase sales conversion rates. 

An effective e-commerce maintenance plan involves regular website testing, backup scheduling, SEO reviews, and software security updates. These tasks can help your Magento website regularly from cybercrime attacks and optimize the site’s performance. 

If you are wondering how to boost your e-commerce business sales, scroll down to get your answer in detail. These initiatives and steps can take your online business to reach better profits. Therefore, after brainstorming with Magento web development experts, here is a list of the essential tips to help you transform your Magento site for good potential. 

10 Best Tips for Magento Website Maintenance 

10 Best Tips for Magento Website Maintenance

1. Conduct a Security Check 

Security is the most essential aspect of a Magento website that requires full attention. Negligence and poor website security can risk your customer’s data, involving payment information. A tiny security issue in your online store can lead to chaos, and there are chances of legal challenges. 

Therefore, Magento offers regular security updates and patches for the Magento store to work against the system’s security flaws. It is necessary to update the system according to the security patch. If you are looking for technical know-how, feel free to seek help from the experts at the best Magento website development company in Bangalore to get insights into Magento security updates and patch installation.  

2. Look at the PageSpeed Insights 

In the past years, the website loading speed and performance metrics have become essential from the user experience point of view. According to the leading search engine, Google, website performance and loading speed are necessary ranking factors. The Google web factors measure all the vital metrics related to site performance and speed that affect the customer experience. 

As per the sources by Google, “long page loading time affects the website bounce rates.” Also, the number of users bouncing back from the website increases with the hike in page loading time. 

You can even measure the Magento store’s performance using a PageSpeed Insights tool. It will help you display the performance report of the website according to past information. So, it is time to optimize your web store speed to meet the user requirements and pass the test. 

Consider these points to ensure optimal security for your Magento store- 

  • Choose Admin Path 
  • Use HTTPS
  • Use SSL Certificate 
  • Configure Password Expiry 
  • Use 2FA

Want to get the best maintenance services for your Magento website? It is the right time to connect with our team today and get the desired services at affordable rates. 

3. Analyze the Code Integrity and Readability 

An integrated and researched code is one of the essential elements to make a great web application. So, code integrity helps to evaluate the source code quality and determine the core file alteration. Magento web developers deliver a bug-free website by knowing the written code using code integrity. Use unit testing and integration testing to measure the code integrity. 

For more website maintenance solutions, please contact the skilled Magento website service providers in Bangalore at Indglobal if this is not your expertise. The professional staff will help you with the overall process using the best techniques and offer the desired report, including problems and proposed fixes.    

4. Optimize the Website Images 

Images are the most essential part of an e-commerce store. However, images can occupy extra space and add to the website page loading time, offering poor performance in the online store. Therefore, optimize the images during the Magento website maintenance to improve performance, provide extra space, and SEO benefits.

Adding optimized images to the Magento website maintenance checklist can be done in multiple ways. Some include lazy loading, switching to WebP format, multi-version images, and compressing pictures.

5. Conduct the Website Usability Test 

User experience is essential to run an e-commerce business, so checking the store’s usability is vital. It will ensure that the storefront provides an intuitive experience to the customers. It involves testing your business website according to the customer’s perspective. 

Testing the website usability from the user’s perspective is essential for the website to offer a smooth shopping experience and product browsing. 

6. Update All the Site Content 

Website content fuels the internet and is the backbone of it to engage customers and increase SEO. In today’s digital-driven world, websites need to refresh their content often to attract site visitors. And, for Magento website maintenance, one should not avoid it. 

Adding the desired content improves the user experience in the best ways. Search engines prioritize websites with fresh and updated content. Updating the Magento website content will re-index the site on Google and boost the search engine rankings. 

To update your Magento website content, follow these tips

  • Do keyword research again to know the trending keywords and optimize the website content. 
  • Do not target the same keyword for multiple pages. 
  • Re-check the facts added to the content. 
  • Follow the latest trends to revamp the website content and design.

Let us help you redesign your Magento store to the new version. Connect with the best professionally skilled team at the leading Magento web development company in Bangalore to offer you help in all possible ways.

7. Fix Broken Images and Links 

The Magento website maintenance services involve fixing the broken site images and links. The links or images added to your online store may be broken impacting the user experience. Also, broken links on the site deliver negative signals that can affect the Google rankings of the store.

So, the Magento website owner needs to check the site’s broken images and links for better SEO performance and user experience. For this, you can use various ways, like using tools such as Google Search Console. 

8. Perform a Test for Website Forms 

User data is valuable for business store owners as it can help understand the customers better and provide a marketing strategy. Website form is one of the essential methods for Magento stores to get desired information from existing users and site visitors. 

These forms get generated by the Magento website owners for activities such as sales and marketing to collect leads and other information. You can also design a customized form in Magento according to your needs.

9. Ensure Backing Up the Magento Store

Data is necessary to conduct an online business. One of the practices for maintaining the Magento website is backing up the essential data of the online business store, involving the customers, products, and orders. 

Backing up the data is crucial to avoid any loss like server crashes. A manual backup is done for your store regularly to automate the overall process. The Magento cloud backup extension by our Magento web development team lets online store owners select the automatic backup of their data at regular periods to scale their business.

10. Look at the Third-Party Extensions 

Extensions are necessary for Magento e-commerce business stores as they add customized features to the web store and make online selling easy. The third-party extensions added to the system may increase with the increasing business needs. The Magento website maintenance process helps you look at all the extensions added to your store. 

However, most third-party extensions have regular updates to fix the site performance and compatibility issues, so ensure that the extensions are updated. Also, check that all the extensions work smoothly without affecting the web store’s features. 

The Last Lines 

The Magento website maintenance services are essential for good performance and user experience. But it is hard to work on a website single-handedly and it is challenging for some business owners. Therefore, these ten tips will require your regular attention. Also, eliminate render-blocking resources in Magento as they can affect the website loading speed. 

This Magento website maintenance checklist is something that you should use during your next site maintenance. In case of any queries, feel free to contact our developers. Also, share these tips with your other online store friends and let them ensure the smooth functioning of their web store. 

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