Odoo Integration with Blockchain Affecting Your Business

In the digitalized era of advanced technologies, the market must update itself to compete. The buzzword on every market trend and social media is about the latest technologies and updates. AI, Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency, Biometric Identification are a few of the latest trends in the market. One of the most trending technological development based on current market analysis is Blockchain Technology.

The field of Blockchain has created a massive surge in interest in most market sectors with extensive growth. It has been reported based on several types of research that one-third of all companies around the world have updated to the latest Blockchain technology.

Additionally, Odoo ERP has become a perfect management software with an exponential growth rate in the ERP market in the last ten years. With the modular solution feature, Odoo has assisted in automation and streamlining several business functionalities with several solution integrations with updated technologies with third-party applications.

These functionalities have raised the question of integrating Odoo ERP with Blockchain.

Blockchain: The Concept

The definition of Blockchain is a “distributed, decentralized, public ledger.” This can be simplified easily when the phrase is broken down into two identical words, “block” and “chain.” Block represents a specific group, and Chain represents the links. Therefore, a Blockchain is an information stored in a digital database. The information is stored in blocks, and the Chain is the public database where the blocks are stored. An equal number for each store is provided with the name HASH.

The digital information in blocks consist of the following parts:

  • Storage transaction information
  • Storage and records the participants of the block transaction
  • Storage of information relevant to block identity

How Does Odoo Integration With Blockchain Affect Your Business


Why is Odoo and Blockchain integration Important for Business?

Highly Secure

The decentralized nature of Blockchain provides a high-security rate after i9ntegration.

Highly Transparent

Blockchain is an open-source technology that provides high transparency and reduced discrepancies.

Increased Financial Efficiency

The removal of a third-party during transactions between two individuals increases the over-all cost-efficiency of the company.

Scope Expansion

The scope of Blockchain is due to its open-source programming that can help organizations in redesigning business processes efficiently.

Easy Traceability

The system is capable of tracing all transactions performed even in a complex architecture of an organization.

Blockchain: Working System

A blockchain is a unit of different blocks interlocked in it. The Blockchain inscribed can be extended and created by adding blocks to the Chain in a series of links. To add blocks to the series of chains, the following processes are performed:

  • A transaction must be processed.
  • Transaction process verification.
  • The storage process.
  • The blocks are provided with a HASH before it gets added to the Blockchain.

Blockchain: Integration with Odoo

Odoo ERP is a complete business management tool that helps in automation and streamlining numerous business functionalities. Its unique modular solution like Manufacturing, Sales, Accounts, etc., helps users simplify their business challenges.

Additionally, Blockchain provides users with a transparent public ledger system that compiles data for sales and other digital information to be handled quickly and securely. With the rapid development of new technology, businesses aim to decentralize, secure, and transparent the process of transactions.

Integration of Open-source ERP with advanced Blockchain

Odoo ERP Blockchain Integration is developing an integrated solution with Odoo and Blockchain to decentralize the digital system to secure and independent transactions. Additionally, as a distributed ledger system, Odoo Integration with Blockchain provides extensive transparency in working and accuracy and information consistency.

Developing your systems with technological updates is the only way to stay above your competition in this market. Integration of Odoo with Blockchain is the next step in the growth of the enterprise software market.

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