Seeing a lot of questions regarding how necessary it is to have security software today, we are starting up this write-up considering the latest surge in cyber-attacks. These attacks are successfully running by taking advantage of software vulnerabilities making it important for business organizations to select and use the safest software.

Do you find any of these familiar in Mimecast, SolarWinds, or Dependency confusion? These are some examples of how attackers use software vulnerabilities to perform malicious activities. Solar wind is very popular amongst them which is an example of a software supply chain attack that occurs when hackers infiltrate an owner’s infrastructure and infect the software before it is provided to the users.

In today’s time, protecting data is essential as it is known as the epicenter of a business process. Business owners are focusing more on cybersecurity and its measures as handling software data is not easy now. Therefore, to help you in every possible way, this blog will give you insights into the best frameworks and practices to build secure software.

We will also study how to identify and respond to software vulnerabilities in the development process when it is cost-effective. Also, we will discuss some expert-developed resources that you can use for your software security development process.

But before we start, let us study what secure software development is.

Secure software development is a technique to create software that adds security in every phase of the software development life cycle. Security is incorporated in the code from inception rather than the testing phase where the flaws are detected. Security is a part of the planning phase, covered before a single line of code is written.

Traditionally, security was viewed as an obstacle to creativity and innovation by software developers that delayed the product reaching the market. And, this is not right for the business to run effectively as it is six times more expensive to fix a bug during the implementation phase and fifteen times more costly in the testing rather than fixing it during the design phase.

Also, the customers will be happy with the new features of the product without any vulnerability that the hackers would exploit. Security plays a great role in the software engineering process, and organizations failing in this will need help to compete with other business firms.

So, organizations looking for secure software may start with a foundation for success by preparing the people, business process, and technology to cope with the challenge. The right preparation then turns into a well-designed software development policy to create secure software needs.

A secure software development policy is a set of guidelines offering details about the procedures and practices an organization should follow to decrease the vulnerability risk during the software development process. The policy also provides instructions on viewing and assessing security in every phase of the SDLC and also includes a risk management approach.

But, what to keep in mind while creating secure software for your organization? Yes, we are talking about the best security practices to know while building your organization software and keeping it away from all cyber-attacks.

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13 Best Software Security Practices

13 Best Software Security Practices

In today’s expanding world, developing safe software is very challenging. But, if you use the right practices to help in building secure software, then there will be no software-linked attacks. Therefore, here we have added a list of software development practices to keep the business safe from cyber and other malicious attacks.    

1. Think about security from the start

Before developing code, start planning how you will integrate security in every phase of the SDLC. Use automation testing and monitor vulnerabilities from the beginning. Security also has to be added into your culture with the code, so start in the earliest development phase to get the ideal results.

2. Have the ideal secure software development framework

A proven software development framework such as NIST SSDF helps you add consistency and structure to your software development team’s effort and helps them to adhere to software security best practices. A secure framework can give you an answer to the ‘What to do next?’ question and get the necessary benefits for all new software developers.

3. Build a secure software development policy

A secure software development policy offers guidelines to prepare processes, people, and technology to perform secure software development. The formal software development policy helps in providing specific instructions to add security in every phase of the SDLC. Also, the policy delivers the governing rules and defines the roles of people and other tools to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities in the production of software.

4. Give protection to code integrity

Keep the software code in secure repositories and allow access only to authorized people to prevent tampering. Also, strictly focus on regulating all contacts with the code, monitoring all the changes, and closely watching the code signing process to protect code integrity.

5. Design software with a practice that meets security requirements

It is essential to define all the security requirements, and then let software developers write codes in alignment with different parameters using secure coding practices. Make all your third-party vendors aware of the company’s security requirements and ensure compliance for an easy pathway to any attack.

6. Review and test code early

Avoid the traditional software development pattern to test the code at the end of the SDLC, rather use software developer reviews and automated testing methods to continue code examining for any flaws. Finding vulnerabilities at the start of the life cycle can save money and time and reduce developer frustration at the end.  

7. Make use of checklists

There are multiple moving ways to perfectly track and monitor secure software development. So, let the software development team use action checklists at periodic intervals such as monthly meetings to assure that all essential security procedures and policies and current and functional.  

8. Be prepared to solve any vulnerability risk

Vulnerabilities are known as a fact of life in the software development process. It is not sure that they will occur, but if there are, then be prepared with a team, plan, and process to address the incidents in real-time. Do remember that the faster you identify and respond to risk vulnerabilities, the better there are chances to keep yourself away from exploitation.

9. Remain proactive and agile

There are times when software developers know vulnerabilities as they learn about their root cause, preventing repetitive occurrences, and updating SDLC with great knowledge. They also focus on trends and stay up-to-date with the right practices. So, no matter what you know about security, it is necessary to look forward to seeing what is coming and keep learning to identify the best ways to secure your software.

10. Generate a plan for security patching

For a software developer, it is necessary to keep the software updated and free from all the risk vulnerabilities by providing regular patches and updates about the software. Know that all the important security issues are patched quickly and easily before any attacker takes advantage.

11. Build secure software default settings

Several customers remain vulnerable as they do not know the new functions of the software. Therefore, adding a customer service touch lets the customers be safe at the early stages of adapting the new software.

12. Use programming languages

Whenever it is possible for you or your team members to pick the programming language that allows you to eliminate entire run-time error classes. For example- search for languages that offer features such as manageable memory, solid and static typing, and immutable data.

13. Make the Code Readable

It is good to make a habit of adding readable codes so that they can be easily comprehended a year later or someone who has never worked on it can access it. If you are someone who has worked on other’s projects, then you may know why this secure software development practice is so essential.

Wrapping Up

Developing and programming secure software involves a good understanding of code and knowing the security risks coming with them. Therefore, the best practices discussed above can help you quickly detect the risk and prevent the software with proper awareness among developers. Also, all these steps will help you in enhancing software security.

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