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osCommerce (“open source Commerce”) is associate e-commerce and on-line store-management package program. It will be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL put in. it’s offered as free package under the antelope General Public License.

Key options

osCommerce MS2.2 provides a basic set of practicality that meets the common desires of on-line businesses. on the far side the fundamental practicality, osCommerce is in a position to be increased, via either community-supplied add-ons or custom code, that means that it will be custom-built to satisfy the precise desires of any business.
The following may be a list of key options of osCommerce MS2.2 as explicit on the osCommerce site:
Compatible with PHP 4 and MySQL – simply moveable to version 5.
Compatible with all major browsers.
Multi-lingual English, German and Spanish by default.
Automatic web-based installation.
Unlimited number of merchandise and categories.

Automatic setup of e-commerce payment systems:,,,,,,, and; several different add-on ecommerce payment systems, off-line (manual) mastercard payments, and on-line payment process.

In implementing associate osCommerce-based website one key call is a way to integrate the planning. not like its forks, osCommerce MS2.2 doesn’t keep company with a model system, although third party osCommerce templates area unit offered. This has been seen as a negative for a few. but it will mean that designs will be hand-coded or a guide system installed. There area unit many well-known template systems, together with STS, BTS and SMARTY.

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