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“Equip the power of Mobile Apps with a complacent user experience by offering value in products and services and providing all of these in the palm of every hand.”

How we support you in enhancing the outstretch of Mobile Devices: Our proficient team at IndGlobal strategies, Design & Develop Mobile Apps – employing platform functionalities to build high quality custom apps. Being one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore, we take into consideration devices and its functionalities, screen sizes and technical features before proceeding to develop an app. We work to construct iPhone & Android apps which are sophisticated and easy to go with. With our expertise in the world of web and online marketing we help companies benefit from the apps offered.

Our skilled and experienced iOS & Android mobile app developers in Bangalore create attractive, practical and instinctive user interfaces to hold the features and reach of mobile devices. Our Android apps solutions are compatible to unique challenges, with myriad operating systems, devices and unique features.

IndGlobal Digital- The Core of iOS & Android App Development in Bangalore

Benefits of choosing IndGlobal:

The very benefits of investing in a mobile app by our proficient team of mobile app development Bangalore are as listed below:

  • It is accessible from any palace at any time.
  • Real-time Customer engagement
  • Quick and convenient to use
  • Information related to new products and offers are provided to customers in real time.
  • Make the Mobile payments easier
  • 24×7 customer service & support
  • Provides an opportunity to socialize using mobile.
  • Our apps  are elegant and they rise high above the competition.

Our proficient team of mobile app developers are specialized in enhancing business skills by providing with- 

  • Android apps

Android reaches an expanded user base with 86.8% global market share. Android Apps also provide brilliant user experience. 

  • IOS Apps

IOS apps aim at discerning consumers with high quality user experience. iOS Apps deliver higher Return On Investment which means the investment’s gains compare favorably to its cost. 

  • Xamarin Apps

Xamarin is a robust cross-platform app development platform which aids in building a single app for all device types. Xamarin offers accelerated development time in a cost-effective way. 

  • React Native Apps

React Native is a versatile app which is designed to build native apps for iOS and Android platforms. React Native is easier and faster to develop and they run on more platforms and devices. 

  • Ionic Apps

Ionic Apps can be considered as Hybrid Mobile Apps for native iOS, Android, and the web. Ionic App ensures development of an app which has a creative look, feel and UI interactions.

Process of Developing the best Mobile App

We employ recent tools and technologies for an efficient implementation of mobile application development in India. We plan a phase wise and systematic development progressing successively towards an elegant app development.

Suggestions for a flourishing Mobile App Launch

According to experts from top Mobile app development companies in Bangalore, successful mobile apps are those which evolve and accustom quickly and establish a promising user engagement as well as retention rates.

Promote Your Content through Marketing

  • Plan and implement social media marketing strategies and campaigns,
  •  publish attractive content with blog articles, influencers and advertising campaigns.
  • set-up a website to engage interested viewers as well as anchor all the campaigning efforts.

Devise a Press Kit for quick reference

  • Compile a set of relevant information and the app’s identity in an online directory. For example, logos, icon’s, screenshots and promotional videos etc.
  • A note on Graphics & Creatives, Promotional advertisements and campaigns.
  • A brief description of the app.
  • Relevant Links to your website, social media accounts etc.
  • Contact information

Include your App in Product Curation Portals

Make your App appear in reviews, product curation and new product portals.

A few sites worth checking for this purpose are:

  • Product Hunt
  • Beta List
  • Hacker News – Y Combinator
  • CrunchBase

Optimize/Design App’s Product Page Description to be attractive

It is crucial to craft the app’s description to convince potential users to download the app ensuring the fact that the first few lines are appealing for users to read/ follow more. You can observe ASO best practices to enable the app rank to be higher in app store listing.

Evaluating Customer Experience

It is always better to maintain a pulse on customer reaction and user satisfaction especially on areas that need modifications and improvement. Focus on user engagement and retention rates.

Renovate and work towards upgrading your App

Introducing new features, improving the app experience constantly, enhancing the existing features help in keeping users engrossed and motivated.

Keep tabs on User Behaviors

Track user behavior through analytics and follow user feedback constructively. Make note of the features that are appealing the most to users and consider adding value at every stage of the App experience for users.

Popular Apps are that Used Repeatedly

Consider all the means that aids in augmenting user engagement and retention. You can possibly think of keeping an incentive for using the app (eg. some special content, coupons, special promotions, discount codes etc.) that will accelerate selection of your app over others. 

Re-engaging Users 

  • Reach to users who have dropped out through push notifications.
  • The user resumes usage successfully if represented the value of the app.

Maintain High Ratings

High ratings usually reflect excellent user experience. The very first and obvious criteria to consider while downloading an app are ratings and reviews related to any app, try encouraging reviews at every opportunity with users. Manage reviews efficiently and keep communication modes open for user feedback.

We take into consideration mobile devices, their functionalities, screen sizes and technical features to the full extent before we proceed for developing mobile apps. We also take care of employing platform functionalities to build high quality custom apps. iPhone & Android apps that we build are sophisticated and simple to use. With our extensive experience in the world of web and digital marketing we help companies to reap benefit from the opportunistic apps we offer to develop.

App Design & Development Services

We plan, gather relevant information, design, review and get on building the app the very moment an idea fascinates us. Beginning with the logo, brand identity, rich content, design and development, the enhanced skills of our entire team go ahead in a sequential manner which ultimately leads to a crescendo prior to launch.

Select Mobile Platform that suits best your requirements i

Access your Apps across best Platforms

While checking for the most suitable operating mobile platforms, there emerges a varied range of answers. Ideally iOS tops the list in popularity and Android by Google ranks top in the fastest growing category.

iOS App Development Service

Our proficient team of iOS developers at IndGlobal develop advanced mobile applications solutions for business, travel and entertainment. We render development services for iPhone apps related to fun apps, Games apps, Business apps, Social Apps, Geo-location apps, Shopping apps, Travel apps etc on iOS Platforms.

Our iOS specialists assist you through the app development process beginning with the initial stage of discovery of project requirements; continuing with release and submission to the App Store, Spelling out the functions, performance, security strength, offline capability and interoperability etc.

Android App Development services

Our highly qualified Android application development team at IndGlobal helps to anchor the infinite opportunities of Android and its wide-ranging set of development tools. As the top most Android app development company in Bangalore, we have   specialized Android SDK coders who employ Google Android SDK’s APIs, handle debugging tools, handset emulator and provide sample code to run Android applications.


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