Do you also connect with property agents and multiple brokers to buy a house and pay many amounts to finalize the space? Here is an end to all this with real estate applications. Real estate apps will reduce the need for property agents and brokers and replace them with technology and mobile phone applications. Real estate app development will help create an app that will reduce the amount paid to the brokers and give better property ideas that fit your budget. 

Also, it is good to know that people have started getting interested in installing these types of applications on their mobile phones. Therefore, in this write-up, we will discuss how real estate applications changed the industry, how to develop the app, and the developing cost of a real estate application. 

Why Real Estate App Development is Growing Trend in the Industry?

The real estate market is emerging faster than we imagine. There is no chance of making a mistake as we have to satisfy the client’s needs. A mobile real estate application can become a savior against all competitors. Here are some reasons to choose real estate mobile app development. 

  • 24/7 Communication Channel: A 24/7 communication network in an application allows good conversions and decreases the waiting time. 
  • Fast Sales Process: Agents can make their sales fast using real estate app solutions involving digital document signatures, virtual tours, and advanced property searches. 
  • Routine Automation: Homebuyers and agents get benefits such as filling in property information, automatic response using a chatbot, and swift document exchange. 
  • Defining Customer Experience: Customers will feel happy to save their favorite properties and searches, get detailed information about the space, take 3D tours, access a mortgage calculator, and many more. 

Stats to Know for Investing in Real Estate Mobile App Development 

  • The US and China hold 21% of real estate app value. 
  • The global real estate market was valued at $7,063 billion in 2022 and will reach a CAGR of 1.8% by 2028. 
  • The global real estate market as software will reach 15.8 billion in 2027. 
  • There are around 1,174,490 Real Estate and Brokerage Businesses in the US in 2023.  

Real Estate App Types 

Real Estate App Types

Several real estate companies have invested time and money to get the best-suited app for their business. It has become essential for them to showcase their name in the app world as it allows people to connect from any corner. The high demand for properties has made real estate companies invest in real estate app development. Here are some types of real estate apps with their benefits that you can choose according to your requirements. 

These are the top six real estate mobile applications popular nowadays. Select the one that meets your requirements, let us help you to create the real estate app to run your organization effectively. We have the right experience to offer our clients high-quality services and recognize us as the top mobile app development company in Bangalore. Connect with us today for further details. 

Top Real Estate Mobile Applications 

1. Redfin 

  • Redfin is a real estate application that lets users search homes, view properties, and schedule home tours. The app also offers customers access to agents who can help to buy or sell properties. 
  • Therefore, if you want to build an application like Redfin, contact our team to create a customized application to meet your needs. 

2. Zillow 

  • Zillow is a real estate app that allows access to multiple homes, rental properties, and foreclosures. With the app, you can search for homes by their location, receive alerts for new properties, and save your favorite ones. 
  • Want to develop an app like Zillow, meet the expert team of app developers associated with us to create a user-friendly real estate application. 

3. Trulia

  • Trulia is a real estate app that allows users to search for a property by price, location, and other categories. The app also provides a map-based search feature and tools for tracking home values and monitoring local real estate trends.
  • If you wish to create a real estate app like Trulia to run your business effectively, let our team work with you to create a personalized app that provides users with the information they need. 

4. Realtor

  • Realtor is a real estate application that allows users to access a database of four million homes for rent or sale. The application also provides a mortgage calculator and other tools to track home values and estimate the cost of homeownership. 
  • To create an app like, our team of developers will help you build a feature-rich app to meet users’ demands. 

5. Homes

  • Homes is a real estate app that helps customers to choose from 3 million homes for rent or sale. You will also get a mortgage calculator and tools to track local real estate. 
  • To build an application like, our app developers can help you develop an application to provide the users with the desired information. 

Now that you have selected the type of real estate app to run your business effectively, connect with the top app development company in Bangalore. The app developers will help you develop your mobile application at the best cost. 

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Mobile App

Benefits of Having a Real Estate Mobile App

For Property Dealers 

1. High Reach 

The dealers or agents can list their properties on real estate apps for better reach. With various customers looking for homes on real estate applications, the properties are getting maximum search by the people.  

2. Develop a Brand Reputation 

Setting up goodwill in the market is essential as it brings more customers to the brand. With high sales and positive customer feedback for your brand, you can list your brand among the top-rated brands on the real estate application. 

3. Get Feedback 

An agent or business must get user feedback as it helps to improvise changes and work towards getting profit from the real estate app. 

For the Customers 

1. Easy Search 

The details of all properties added to the real estate application make the user’s experience gr. From looking at the property pictures to taking a virtual tour and getting all the information in one place truly serves the needs of the people. 

2. Customer Support 

The users can get up-to-date information through the customer support page of the app. 

3. Proper Interaction 

Customers are satisfied if they get a direct response to their issues. It helps the app to get loyal customers that buy something. So, an interactive app lets the customer better understand the property they are buying or renting. 

For Real Estate Developers 

1. Get DealConversion 

The developers can easily earn through conversions with high rates in real estate applications as a daily task is conducted through a mobile application to let PPI make their search property through a real estate mobile app to save time and effort. 

2. Be Transparent 

The developers set a platform for the buyers and sellers. Any conversions or communication happening between the two will be known to the developers.  Therefore, it lets them earn money or any deal through the real estate mobile app.

3. Offer Quality Experience 

A real estate application provides a quality experience to the users by offering a good property display with high-quality images. 

Our Real Estate Mobile App Development Process 

Our Real Estate Mobile App Development Process

Now that we have explored so much about real estate applications, let us start by knowing how we can create them to run the business effectively. 

Step 1- Gathering the requirements 

 The app developers examine the client’s business needs, financial condition, and target audience. We use methods like user stories and use cases to understand the application features. 

Step 2- Design the app 

The next step is creating the app design using software like Figma and Sketch. The team ensures that the app design is user-centric, platform-compliant, and matches the current trends or not. 

Step 3- Development of the app 

In this step, industry rehearsals such as coding standards and version control are taken into consideration by the app development team. The front-end features are made using platforms like Flutter, and the server-side feature is created using technologies like PHP or Node.js. 

Step 4- Quality Assurance 

The app development team at our organization conducts manual testing using automated tools like Selenium and Appium to ensure that the app runs correctly across different devices and platforms. We also test the application’s usability and customer acceptance. 

Step 5- Deployment 

We adhere to delivery practices and continuous integration for quick and effective app deployment. The back end of the real estate app is hosted on cloud-based hosting services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. 

Step 6- Maintenance 

To secure the real estate app, we offer support and maintenance every time. To maintain the app’s usability and functionality, we look at its performance and update it if necessary. 

In the app development process, we use agile methods to involve the client in the project. We also use project management tools such as Trello to track the project’s progress. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Real Estate Mobile Application? 

Are you wondering how much it costs to develop a real estate app? Like other apps, the cost of creating a real estate app depends on the features included in the app, the time to develop the app and its complexities. Here is the approximate cost of time speed by the app developers to build the app. 

  • US-based App Developers: $100 to $250 per hour 
  • Indian App Developers: $25 to $50 per hour
  • Developers from Eastern Europe: $80 to $180 per hour

These are the rough estimates that may vary from developer to developer and app to app. An estimate for a mobile application with basic features will cost around $20,000 to $30,000. And, to add more advanced functionalities, the cost will go around $50,000 to $2,00,000. 

Why Choose Indglobal Digital Private Limited for Real Estate App Development? 

Real estate app development has become essential for the new real estate industry. It helps the business to grow and provide good customer service. Indglobal is a popular name in the real estate app development company in Bangalore that offer its clients customized services to meet their business needs. 

Here are some services by our team- 

Why Choose Indglobal Digital Private Limited for Real Estate App Development


Real Estate is not new to the web, it has been there for a long time. Making it easy for people to look for properties in different cities, the real estate app removed the need for middlemen to show you each house. With the evolution of mobile apps, the real estate industry has launched its mobile applications where the search options work easier than the web, and users can effectively look at properties through the app from every part of the world. 

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