Enhancing skills and providing exposure is critical to any business success. Indglobal Digital contributes to  eLearning Software Development in India by providing Custom corporate e-Learning development solutions that can integrate all the specifics that your employees need to acquire. From a technical perspective, such a platform can also be referred to as a talent marketplace solution which recommends adaptive learning, contextual assignments and projects for each employee.

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How IndGlobal Digital Can Help

Our proficient team at IndGlobal provide services in Corporate eLearning Design & Development in Bangalore, India . We design and develop Custom eLearning Solutions in India employing LMS platform functionalities to build high quality custom apps. With our expertise in the world of web and online marketing we help companies benefit from the E-learning App and Software Development Services offered.

Our skilled and experienced app developers in Bangalore provide attractive, practical and instinctive Educational Software Development services to hold the features and upgrade the training process for new hires in an organization. 

 Custom Corporate Employee Onboarding Training

The major challenge for any enterprise is an effective process of onboarding and orientation for a new employee. Therefore, Employee onboarding training automation is the hot trend to come up with the challenges. Our Custom eLearning Development Solutions in Bangalore are compatible with myriad operating systems and devices.

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Stakeholders of the high yielding companies support that successful onboarding of a new employee is not just a function of product education but also a practice that ascertains the employees being well trained on the company’s brand, mission, messaging and about policies and procedures.

An Online learning portal with a guided access and blended delivery model such as custom e-learning courses, virtual instructor-led training sessions is a kind of “build once, use many times” solution for overcoming the new employee onboarding and orientation needs. We work to construct an Online learning management system in India which is sophisticated and easy to go with.

Online learning experience portal provides a solution for:

  1. Organizations which are paying for unused training content, their current onboarding system is not capable of assigning courses as a result of which new employees are not taking any responsibility for their required online training.
  2. Organizations with a high percentage workforce that works from remote or virtual office locations.
  3. Start-ups that are in need of an effective system to support expanded resources once funding is secured.

Key features of the Onboarding Module of the Corporate Talent Management system are as mentioned below:

  •  Integration with an existing HR system. 

When a new recruit is added to the HR system, their account is automatically created in the Learning Experience Portal.

  •  Course enrolment automation. 

After the first step, they are automatically added to a “Welcome to the Company” onboarding course in the Learning experience portal.

  • Controlled timeframes. 

With the help of this feature, you can set up a course to be completed during a prescribed time schedule and thereby keeping a track of who has completed their training and who needs a reminder.

  • New employee onboarding roadmap. 

A road map refers to the logical order of courses that must be completed in a sequential manner. For example: Orientation -> Policies and Procedures -> Health and Safety – the important point here is one cannot move to the next module until completion of the first module.

  • Onboarding course completion assessment. 

A Learning assessment is the best practice to measure learning outcomes at the end of the learning process. Onboarding compliance training or summative assessment methods are well recognized in the corporate community.

  • Group-based automation.

This feature helps the training managers to easily segregate and assign the onboarding curriculum for each department pertaining to specialized training for “customer support group”, “sales group”, etc.

  • Customized reports with analytics. 

You can measure new hires’ performance and ensure if they are keeping up with the pace, simultaneously acquiring the knowledge. You can also check where to make corrections to a course content to improve the learner experience.

  • LinkedIn-like enterprise internal network. 

It allows you to use the internal social network feature to help starters explore profiles of existing employees along with establishing connections and chat with more experienced colleagues to ask for advice.


“It is always better to consider onboarding and orientation training materials into shorter, bite-sized pieces instead of longer lesson plans when the employees are already occupied with their regular tasks.”

IndGlobal Digital is committed to help HR professionals and training leaders to pave a difference in their organizations. Being one of the leading custom corporate E-learning Software Development Company in Bangalore, we take into consideration all the technical features before proceeding to develop a software.

Advantages of Corporate eLearning

  • Cost-efficiency

Adopting online training systems allows an organization to optimize the financial figures for staff education. Cost reduction and cost-efficiency are two most significant advantages associated with online corporate training. Since the process is accomplished online, there is no need to spend for hiring instructors, purchasing textbooks, or print learning materials. to create or equip special classrooms – employees can take online training at workplaces.

Investment is only required to build and maintain an online learning platform. But it is minimal if compared with the conventional way of providing orientation or any other course to the new hires.

Real examples along with numbers. Dow Chemical saved approximately 34 million dollars and reduced learning expenses from $95 per learner and per course to $11 per learner, per course by converting classrooms to an online education environment. IBM also managed to save a good amount by transitioning to online corporate training. The amount saved is approximately $200 million as per the reports which is roughly 30% of the previous training budget of the company.

  • 24/7 access to education from anywhere

With an online learning portal, all the relevant information can be accessed regardless of location or time. Employees can plan the courses as per their convenience i.e. learn while on the job, as well as from home just using any device with a connectivity to the Internet.

With a growing global workforce, one of the significant benefits of e-learning stands that it can be created, saved and broadcasted around the world. Modern solutions for e-learning let employees from different sectors and countries participate in discussions directly in the training module. 

  • Reduces training time

With Online training employees are able to acquire new information or skill sets with ease at a faster rate. As per the tests conducted, e-learning also aids in saving time approximately by 60% as compared to traditional training methods. It is also significant to note that this is particularly advantageous for new product or service launches.

  • Quick and Convenient training updates

with online corporate training, updates are always simple and straightforward. To update your employees regarding company policies you can add it to the LMS and make it mandatory for your staff to learn about. This ensures that they stay up-to-date with important policies and are always one step ahead in the competition. As LMS tracks user activities, it is easier to get information on course completion by an employee. On the other side, after completing the course, the employee needs to pass through a test and the system automatically updates which feature needs to be improved as a result of which employees receive a better understanding of the process.

  • Improved knowledge retention

learning in an interactive and engaging environment, certainly leads to an improved knowledge and skill-set retention. Interactive learning aids like reality-based scenarios, games, and assessments enables them to understand the information more effectively, which helps them to implement their learning successfully when they venture into the working environment.

  • An opportunity to learn at own pace

The asynchronous online training gives an employee the ability to go at his/her own pace. They don’t need to rush through the content in a corporate classroom scenario or move at the pace of the co-workers. Here, they are equipped with an opportunity to acquire and fully absorb what is being taught before they progress further within the training course.

  • Immediate access to informative resources

Custom Corporate eLearning helps employees to access resources quickly by links to articles, webinars, and videos with references and information thus providing them an opportunity to expand their knowledge base and enhance their skill sets. 

  • Scalability

 Corporate Online learning modules help to adopt training for any number of employees and in multiple languages. Custom Corporate E-learning LMS can be quickly developed and updated with new modules, which makes it a universal training tool.

  • Increased Productivity

Employees who are better trained and possess sound knowledge about the company’s products and services will be more proficient and will help improve the business image of an organization. With the help of online training management systems, employees can participate in their online courses at any time, thereby not conflicting with other important or time-sensitive work tasks which in turn yields an increased productivity.

  • Reduced employee turnover rates

Well-informed employees are a resource to any organization. Distance learning becomes easy with mobile e-learning lms software, By providing the opportunity of online learning and self-paced study modules, the employees can enhance their professional goals and become motivated towards their performance on the job thus turning out to be more informed advocates for your brand. 

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