To break the popularity of e-commerce businesses and democratize their sage, Open Network for Digital Commerce or ONDC is here. A community-led network, ONDC creates an open, competitive, and inclusive market, where buyers and sellers do not have to be on the same platform. They can do business from anywhere if they register with ONDC. This network allows customers to use digital visibility and perform transactions whether they are registered on a platform or an application. 

And, if you are here, you want to find the right platform between the ONDC and e-commerce platforms. Well, it is a question that is hitting your mind. Therefore, to help you, we are here with this blog to put forward a detailed comparison between ONDC and e-commerce platforms. All you have to do is read the blog till the end to get answers to all your questions that let you know about ONDC and how to use this new landscape of online digital commerce. 

So, before we start the comparison of ONDC and other e-commerce platforms, let us focus on knowing ONDC and extracting its details to make it the best choice. 

What is ONDC?

In today’s times where e-commerce markets follow platform-centric models to conduct business, they have end-to-end control over the overall transaction process, from onboarding the seller, knowing the customer, order processing, complaint addressing, and payment management. But, with ONDC, these online shopping processes are broken into individual services that can be handled separately by participants that want to conduct these activities. 

The ONDC platform stands in the middle of both the parties, buyers and sellers. When buyers search for an item to purchase on the application, the app gets linked to the ONDC platform connected to the seller-side interface that lists all the sellers selling that item. 

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Current Business Categories Following the ONDC platform are- 

  • Home and Decor
  • Grocery 
  • Food and Beverages 

Some of the business firms that are enjoying the benefits of ONDC are- 

Some of the business firms that are enjoying the benefits of ONDC are-

Difference Between ONDC and E-commerce Platforms

Difference Between ONDC and E-commerce Platforms

Some of the business firms02

Challenges Faced by the ONDC Platform 

  • For Sellers 

Lack of discounts and other offers: E-commerce business stores stay ahead in offering bulk discounts and increases in sales. With the ONDC platform, it is challenging to offer huge discounts every time to compete with e-commerce platforms for a long time.

  • For Buyers 

Growth issues: ONDC customers are getting various problems because of longer delivery times, bas grievances, and returns. 

Poor management of the inventory: According to reports, ONDC has various unfulfilled orders because of poor inventory management by the SME team. 

User experience: The UI of the application in the ONDC network requires improvements to boost the customer experience. 

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Online sellers who are running their business already on e-commerce platforms may find it difficult to choose the ONDC platform. Also, they face challenges in migrating their product catalogs and other essentials to choose this new platform. Here, business owners and merchants should hire an e-commerce development company to help them conduct the migration and implement ONDC without any data loss.

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Final Words 

After going through this blog, you have learned several facts about the ONDC network and how it can benefit your business to expand its customer base. However, the story does not end here. With a change of time and the advancement of new trends and technologies, the open-source ONDC network will showcase improvements to catch up with the vision of resolving the merchant’s issues they face with traditional e-commerce. 

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