ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning; it means gathering and organizing business data through an integrated software suite. Functions like managing the supply chain, production, sale-quoting, accounting, and other functions are monitored through the software system. All types of businesses across the globe are acquiring an ERP solution for mapping a scalable graph of their business potential.

ERP software solution uses various kinds of deployment platforms, ranging from an on-premise ERP system, a Cloud-based ERP system, and a hybrid ERP system. As per the size and functionality of a business, developers manage to create a flexible ERP solution.

Let us understand the four critical stages of a skillful ERP software implementation company in India .

Stages of ERP Implementation

  1. Planning

This is a vital point of starting with an ERP solution. When you are heading towards a big business world, it is crucial for the business to have a thorough planning process to embark through the process of implementation. Planning helps crystallized objectives to ensure organized resources and productive outcomes. Precise planning reduces the chance of mistakes. You need to take the details of the escalation matrix, documentation of the stakeholder, resource identification, schedule-timeline, contingency planning, etc. once you are done with analyzing, start framing the next ‘to do.’

  1. Execution

Planning is not sufficient; you need to have the required infrastructure to execute the whole task. Fill the gap between the theory you have made for so long and practice the techniques. Following the rigorous planning phase, implementation comes in first. In terms of execution, you have to take the help of an established business planner with a technical support team. ERP is a complicated technical upfront to run your business more smoothly.

Take the help of an expert hand here. Understand the technology behind it. At this stage, it is helpful for you to comprehend the deployment actions as per the functionality resources and capital you can choose among cloud ERP, on-site ERP, and hybrid ERP software implementation company in India.

  1. Tracking

Tracking refers to monitoring the process of implementation. You cannot accomplish it single-handedly. Here you also need a consolidated teat management support. Tracking comes when you finish with the previous operation. It needs to be done religiously. There is no stipulated method to ease or start your work. This ongoing activity is exceptionally crucial for your business domain. Tracking can be accomplished by recognizing the roles and responsibilities of an assigned task. The outcome of the tracking is equally essential. Besides its scalable feature, the report should be presented through advanced technical support.

The given data must be scrutinized and monitored thoroughly.

  1. Measurement

How will you comprehend the tasks you have done so far is enough or suit your progress? Through measurement! By measuring planning, execution, and tracking, you can evaluate the overall progress. ROI management and measuring go hand in hand. The entire technology suggests more progress, depending on the project-based approach.

It is equally important to choose the right vendor to guide through all the processes. Among the vast pool of start-ups, it isn’t easy to go for the one which offers a lucrative deal.


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