Ecommerce websites refer to online destinations where the users can shop and fulfill their requirements, and merchants can sell their products/ services. It can be considered a hub of relevant information about a company and its product. To construct your ecommerce site and keep it up and running, you may need to invest in professional ecommerce website design as well as web-hosting and more to outshine the competitive market. Indglobal is a premium ecommerce website development company in Bangalore that has been delivering excellent ecommerce web solutions over the last decade and is renowned for its innovative and out-of-the-box creations in ecommerce developers in Bangalore.

But How much does an ecommerce website cost on average, and why do there appear to be such a wide range of these ecommerce website development costs? 

Generally, prices for eCommerce website development may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Size and complexity of the business.
  • Custom functionalities are required to support it.
  • The platform for development.

Looking for support in developing custom e-commerce web design along with its pricing for your site

Beginning an ecommerce business calls for proper planning, a proficient team, and well execution of plans within the budget. At IndGlobal, we have a capable team of web designers and developers who have already constructed some of the most stunning websites for our esteemed clients.

We’ve earned several awards and distinctions for the work of our web design team, and we have maintained that same standard of excellence since we began our journey. Team IndGlobal takes pride in developing long-term relations with clients, following and assisting them on their online journey, and helping in bringing online ideas to deliver success. If you are thinking of developing your ecommerce brand, contact us to check how we can support you on your eCommerce journey!

In this blog, we tried to break down the features that can sum up the cost of developing an online store depending on the size of your online business!

The breakup of the e-commerce website cost- from design, layout to its improvement to maintenance: An overview 

If you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of the breakdown of eCommerce website figures at various junctures, you can refer to the table below for an overall explanation of the costs to build a successful eCommerce website as well as maintain it.

Factors  Average Associated Price
Web design and Graphics Depending on the particular designs and layouts
Number of Pages $1000-$2,000 / 10 pages
Ecommerce functionality $2000-$25,000
Responsive Design $3000-$25,000
Interactive Multimedia $250-$10,000
Domain Name $0.95-$12 / year
Web Hosting services $75-$10,000 / year
Website builders $0-$300
Freelance web designer $500-$5,000
Web design agency $3000-$100,000
Database Integration $2000-$25,000
Content Management system (CMS) $2000-$25,000
Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) $750-$5000 / month
Website copy $50-$500 / page
Website Maintenance services $15,000-$30,000 / year


What actually determines the overall e-commerce website costing?

What actually determines the overall ecommerce website costing?

Well as presented above the approximate values for the development of an e-commerce website, let’s check out some of the factors in more detail that are important to influence the cost of the development procedure.

1. eCommerce web design pricing

Cost: $0 – $100,000

The first significant pricing factor in the development of a fully functional ecommerce website pertains to the overall design of your website, as it’s the first impression you make on your visitors for which you need an elegant web design style that suits your brand. Web design styles are generally differentiated into four categories: a. Simple, b. moderately stylized, c. high end, and d. world-class.

  1. Simple websites appear good and also function the way you’d expect. It’s a solid start to a website.
  2. Moderately stylized sites, however, have more freedom to do more with the space available such as including some extra graphics, robust color scheme, or some other additional design elements.
  3. Comparatively, more professional aesthetics distinguishes high-end websites. They can have high-resolution images and color schemes that fit the website’s primary demographic.
  4. Finally, world-class websites are designed to rise high in the competition by utilizing more interactive elements and high-resolution images and videos, and a good range of intuitive features. A world-class website gives users a perfect shopping experience and earns awards.

Therefore, if you’re looking to be the next big brand like Amazon, a world-class website is recommended for you. You need to check out for a higher ecommerce website design pricing, though.

2. Number of pages for the e-commerce website

Cost: approximately $1000 – $2000 / 10 pages

One of the crucial factors to impact the setting up of an ecommerce website is the number of pages that are going to be featured on a site. For ecommerce websites and brands, that answer can reach up to 250+, implying that the cost for more pages will be potentially higher than websites generating business leads from a handful of pages. Simultaneously, each page can pay for itself quickly depending on how many products are being sold.

Keeping that in mind, it’s wise for ecommerce sites to have a unique page for each of their products or services. Category pages are also essential to show off the products. Even personalized profile pages are further suitable for customers who make accounts.

3. Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

Cost: more or less $750 to $5000 / month

Ecommerce SEO is the process to improve an ecommerce website to rank better in Google search results. It can also decide the success of your ecommerce site. Ecommerce SEO generally requires a monthly investment. You need to work on your site to earn promising customers continually. So, be equipped well for this ongoing ecommerce website cost schedule to avoid being kicked off from the race.

4. E-commerce website Database integration pricing 

Average Cost: $20,000 to $25,000 / integration

Database integration is typically mandatory for ecommerce sites. It allows your company to save and store information about your products and employees, and customers all under one roof. So if you wish to streamline your company communication, you need database integration.
A database further enables your customers to create secure accounts and set preferences to enjoy a more personalized experience on your site. Therefore, to simplify your customers’ shopping experience and manage the data effectively, database integration cost needs to be considered within your budget.

5. Pricing for E-commerce functionalities

Average Cost: $2000 to $25,000

You will naturally need several functionalities such as shopping carts, customer identity protection, smooth checkout processes, and personalization that go along with your ecommerce site. Your site should be easy to use, which is why functionalities are essential.
You may want to show multiple images of a particular product or even videos demonstrating how you should use certain products. Some items may come with supplementary information like MSDS sheets, specification sheets, and other literature that must accompany the product listing by law. Determining all of these can take some time, and for that, it’s best to consult a web designer to proceed with your specific website design.

6. eCommerce Content Management System pricing

Average Cost: $2000 to $25,000

A content management system or CMS is a user-friendly interface that enables alterations in your website without changing your website’s code. Some CMS programs come free, such as Drupal or Magento. But while cost is essential, you need to consider what kind of functionality you are looking for in your ecommerce site. If you wish to add new categories and product pages, you definitely want all of them to look consistent, which lets you reinforce your brand and provide a more familiar and convenient experience for your users.

7. Website copy for an eCommerce website

Cost: $50 to $500 / page approximately

Copywriting is a crucial factor for any ecommerce website. You need to be aware of the terms and conditions, privacy conditions, etc. Copywriting costs are mainly based on what you wish to see on your pages and how much you wish to add. For example, shorter pages with a few hundred words and no images should not cost you much. But a 3000-word page along with many interactive features and subsections, JavaScript inserts, custom programming will aid in higher ecommerce website design costs. Thus, applying a mix of both pages can generate more traffic and potential clients as shorter pages are suitable for conveying information in just a few seconds. In contrast, longer pages are great at succeeding in search engines.

  1. Ecommerce responsive website design pricing

Cost: approximately $3000 to $25,000

Responsive design is an absolute necessity for ecommerce websites today. It would help if you implemented it, especially since they are making up about half of the Internet traffic today, and without the responsiveness can also impact sales. With responsive design, your ecommerce website can conform to whatever device a person is using to shop. It delivers a great shopping experience with perfect layouts and full functionality.

Hence, Responsive design is the win-win that the ecommerce sites have always needed rendering it as one of the non-negotiable ecommerce website development costs.

4 elementary eCommerce website costs to consider from the very onset

With the above ecommerce website pricing factors helping you estimate the approximate cost to build an elegant ecommerce website, you need to consider the following factors as well for owning a website.

1. Domain name for your eCommerce website

Cost: $0.95 – $12 / year on average

An attractive and practical domain name is critical to constructing a successful ecommerce website. Your domain name is as good as your company’s home online. It’s an integral part of your overall brand. While buying a domain name, usually, the range falls within $12 / year. But if you want “.com” at the end, it can be a little more expensive, as much as -$15 per year. Generally, you have the option of buying a domain for up to 10 consecutive years.

2. Web hosting services

Approximate Cost: $75 – $10,000 / year 

Hosting services allow Internet users to access your website. There can be domain names and hosting in a package deal, such as WordPress or Squarespace. However, the most convenient approach should be to find a host to build your customized website from the ground level. You are following that your brand should have a unique web presence distinguishing it from your competitors.

Still, there appears to be a pretty big price difference for the hosts as some of the hosts additionally offer support and several other features for your website, whereas some only give you the server space. In other words, if you spend for quality, it can reflect throughout the life of your site.

3. Interactive multimedia elements

Approximate Cost: $250 – $10,000

Flash and multimedia elements are great ways to add visual interest to your ecommerce website.

Flash is quite popular because of its incredible level of customization. But the drawback is that search engines cannot read the code inside of it. Multimedia is also handy to complement product listings, photos, and other descriptions to provide a better idea of a particular product. This attractive content works wonders when you wish to get new customers.

4. Website maintenance

Approximate cost: $15,000 – $30,000 / year

An ecommerce website needs maintenance to keep it operating at many levels. Maintenance includes:

  • Fixing bugs that pop up suddenly.
  • Introducing new elements and features to certain parts of your ecommerce site.
  • Keep your site in working condition.

It may be a little more expensive, but website maintenance is essential. Otherwise, your website may experience issues in the form of a checkout bug, a graphical error on the product images, or even non-responsive pages.

Prices for SaaS and an open-source or eCommerce development in Bangalore

If you are running a start-up or a small business owner and not looking for business integration with other systems, a subscription to the SaaS eCommerce platform can be an ideal option for you. SaaS is a centrally hosted software, mainly paid through monthly subscriptions like Shopify, starting at $29 with additional development costs. SaaS is usually a low-cost option, suitable for start-ups with limited budgets. 

On the other handif your ecommerce business model is more complex, your eCommerce store needs customization, and you want scalability, an open-source platform can be the solution for you. Online stores built on open-source eCommerce platforms are usually $25.000 +. However, for the Magento open-source platform, there is no limitation in revenue that you can make through your store, and you are charged by payment gateway only. Adobe Commerce edition charges depend on your yearly GMV or Gross Merchandise Value.

Range of prices for open-source eCommerce stores:

This estimate excludes Professional Product Photos, Content Cost, or SEO consultancy.

Essentially there are 3 options to move forward with your eCommerce store development and branding:

1. Hiring a Freelance Developer 

If you hire a web developer in Bangalore to create your web store, there is a chance to get more competitive development costs. The reason being a freelancer doesn’t need to pay for office rent or other overheads. Simultaneously you need to keep in mind a few factors such as multidisciplinary knowledge, workflow, management, and secure development processes, which you can get only by hiring an eCommerce agency.

Thus, you can consider this option only if you have the excellent technical knowledge and have previous experience in managing freelance teams. On average, rates for online store development with freelance developers vary from $20/hr to $150/hr, depending on their expertise and location.

2. Hiring a proficient eCommerce Agency.

The average hourly rates for ecommerce store development vary from $30/hr to $200/hr across the globe – and this depends on the agency’s proficiency, capabilities, competency, and even location. With an efficient ecommerce agency, you can build a robust and secure online store sustaining a long-term relationship in which they can also provide you with more security measures around operational and business continuance. IndGlobal is a renowned and leading agency providing exquisite ecommerce website design in Bangalore.

3. Employ an in-house development team.

In-house-development teams are better options for larger enterprises to build their development departments. This option is a bit expensive for the additional cost of investing in aspects like hardware, running the office, and recruiting processes.

Small eCommerce website cost

Magento Open Source is a free edition aimed at small businesses. Be aware that you need to calculate the cost of coding, configuration, and hosting.

Essential Magento online store development and set up with out-of-the-box functionalities, free theme, and no integrations can start from $10.000. (NOTE: Magento itself is very rarely used in this situation as an eCommerce platform to go with)

On the other hand, Adobe Commerce is a platform for more prominent merchants with specific needs, and it covers the additional custom features (B2B module, advanced marketing capabilities, etc.). So, we do not recommend this product if you are a small business due to its complexity and costs. If you are a small merchant, we highly recommend looking at some SaaS solutions.

Mid-size eCommerce websites cost

How can you tell that you fit into a mid-size eCommerce merchant? From a general point of view, you probably have a small to medium catalog of products. You will require some custom development, and you will not be pleased with a free theme or any other one-size-fit-all themes available on Themeforest. You already have a couple of business systems that automate your eCommerce business, and you will want them to communicate with the eCommerce platform.

Starting price for a mid-size eCommerce website is around $55.000.

Mid-size eCommerce businesses will use most of the out-of-the-box Magento features, but there is a big chance something will not be plug-and-play for your business.

For instance, one of our clients couldn’t use any of Magento’s default 6 product types, so we created a custom product type specific for the furniture retail for their modular products. It is similar to the configurable product type, one of Magento’s six default product types, and only it adds the possibility to configure the product not just by attributes but also by components or modules. How do these custom-type products work? For example, When choosing a corner sofa, the customer can adapt it to their interior by excluding specific modules. As with default configurable products, customers can configure modular products by attributes such as color and material.

One more example of a custom-developed advanced feature is the one we did on the project, the Year-Make-Model filter. Our client approached us with one immense pain: minimal filtering and search options. With thousands of car models and millions of aftermarket and OEM parts out there, creating a smooth eCommerce experience that simplifies the path to purchase for your customers is challenging.

So why is this feature a must if you are an automotive merchant? It allows your customers to look for parts and accessories for their vehicles to be shown only those made for or fit their ride. The filter is robust and can be further customized or expanded on, and it enables the customer to drill down to even the most specific attributes in a couple of clicks.

In addition to custom development features, many of these mid-size projects have some specific integrations, such as integration between Magento 2 and some ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV (today known as Business Central), and many others, perhaps less known ERP’s.

Big/Enterprise eCommerce website cost

Suppose you are a merchant with an extensive product catalogue and higher traffic that the website needs to support. You may also need integrations with the various business systems, detailed SEO and UX research, and custom development; then, you can fit into this group.

The price for a more complex online store with advanced features starts from $125.000.

Some enterprise eCommerce website projects required custom development from scratch or extending Magento well beyond its default capabilities. For example, if you’re in the printer & label business, you know there are a million products correlated with each other. A very intuitive printer compatibility feature on the product page will help your customers find products that will exactly match their printer quickly.

Or for instance, if you need a reversed standard buying process on your Magento store, which gives your users the possibility to sell their used equipment to you – from your web store, this is something that would fit into a more complex solution on Magento.

The “Sell” application works so that users find the gear they want to sell, determine its condition and share what is included along with this item. After filling in all the information, the user receives instructions for packaging and payment. Our frontend team did a great job creating the Sell Shop app on Magento 2, developed in React.

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