Today, the business landscape is increasingly demanding as technology solves different challenges. Companies that want to keep pace with this trend must equip themselves with business solutions that help them to bring themselves into line with current and future challenges. Here, the majority of firms plan an investment in ERP. Moreover, in order to determine what needs to be resolved in 2019, the scheduling method includes an examination of present structures and procedures of the organization. According to the research conducted by MarketWatch, the ERP software industry is expected to grow to $47 billion worldwide by 2022.

As companies need a continuous and promising growth, they firmly believe that the ERP systems will be the life-changing decision for them; and they become more curious about the future of ERP development in India.

Indglobal’s ERP; The Best in the Industry

Indglobal, a leading ERP application development company in India offers the best Custom ERP Software Development Service. Being an ERP solutions provider, we look forward to seeing the unpredictable developments of ERP in the future. With our solutions, we always tried to provide our Custom ERP development with the most updated technologies. And we assure that it will be continued in the future also. We offer the best and most customized ERP software for small business as well.

Curious about ERP future?

In recent years, a fresh paradigm shift was observed with ERP systems with the introduction of the Internet and Cloud Computing apps. Users are becoming increasingly acquainted and comfortable with the use of apps on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Now they expect and require that their ERP Software in Bangalore offer the same user-friendliness and flexibility. It has been shown that end-users need workflow motors or smart software that can determine a process proactively or notify consumers of an exception.

ERP to Cloud

In 2019, more ERP users are expected to move to the cloud. For small, medium-sized, and large enterprises, this trend will be an extremely useful and highly productive option. They don’t need in-house infrastructure with cloud ERP alternatives. They can take advantage of an extensive, human-less scheme with enormous use of technologies. According to the latest reports, the complete cloud industry is estimated to reach its growth levels with about 411 billion USD by 2020.

Blockchain Integration

The blockchain is one of the safest transaction systems. However, it is now only in the emerging phases. It is assumed that blockchain will be the future of ERP. It can increase the efficiency of specific organizational tasks. This technology will enhance supply chain management and client acquisition.


Every facet of company activities affects artificial intelligence services. ERP will be revolutionized in machine learning. Within the companies, the need for personnel in different tasks will be replaced. The notion of robotic process automation or RPA has become the forefront of everything now. In earlier schemes; the RPA is applicable across all departments with special procedures. This will assist in transferring wasteful personnel in productive ways. Chatbots are a further expansion of AI. Altogether, AI and Chatbots are going to conquer the whole IT industry in the future.


Despite the demand for cloud alternatives, mobility is likely to be the key technological reality in producing the odoo ERP Software Company in enterprises by the year 2020. The best way to react to real-time manufacturing modifications is undeniably through mobile apps. With instant mobile access on the store floor, customers can tackle line issues on the website and reduce waste of equipment and money.

More Future ERP Trends

  • IoT integration
  • Highly customized ERP solutions
  • Enormous updations
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Increased ERP population
  • And more

In today’s increasing market trends and demands, ERP application Development plays a unique role. Analyzing the future of ERP is the same as we use it now with the most updated technologies. All new updates in ERP are crucial for businesses. As a result, the focus on ERP application will have to be increased. This calls for detailed studies to define the best scheme. In order to link equipment, departments, partners, vendors, and loyal clients into one diverse database, ERP will be the ultimate choice for future companies.

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