Here is a pop-up arises asks a question- “How can I help you?”

Customer’s answer- “Not at the moment, still browsing.”

Five minutes later, the customer again turns around to ask a question and finds no one to answer. 

Have you ever faced a situation like this? As a B2B business seller, you may choose a traditional sales channel. But a salesperson cannot be available 24/7 and only carries some information at their fingertips. It will let you select real-world shops across your city with account and sales management. It is because you deal with complex products that require buying and selling expertise. Also, you will have multiple SKUs with significant yet minor differences. 

B2B e-commerce is a simple process. There was a growth of $6.7 trillion in the US B2B e-commerce market in 2020.  It is double the market value registered a decade ago. The market will continue to boom and reach around $26.59 trillion in 2030 stimulating you to move to B2B e-commerce. 

E-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce have come with a new B2B edition to help you straddle business growth. 

Therefore, without any ado, read the blog further curated by our e-commerce web developers Bangalore team to explore the challenges, features, and benefits of BigCommerce B2B New Edition

Challenges to Move Online 

One of our trusted B2B e-commerce customers shared that their most significant issue to move online is uploading SKUs. It is a time-consuming process to set up an online store and develop several product pages with all options and pricing of the item. The website was designed to empower the sales team rather than make them redundant. 

So, to avoid such issues for your business, you can contact the leading e-commerce website development company in Bangalore. At Indglobal Digital Private Limited, we have an e-commerce website development team who works with several B2B e-commerce business platforms to make online web store development easy. 

Why Should You Choose BigCommerce B2B Edition? 

The B2B edition comprises B2B Edition App and BigCommerce Enterprise to provide enterprise-level B2B functionalities to the business. 

Choose BigCommerce B2B Edition to 

  1. Assign your sales team to generate different quotes, use discounts, and shop on behalf of users. It will help you close deals fast. 
  2. Design a customized buying experience with unique features and functionalities according to your buyers. Create personalized account hierarchies and design-responsive websites. It will give your buyers a seamless purchasing journey. 
  3. Use Headless commerce to create different software for your e-commerce store’s front-end and back-end. It lets you build several storefronts with unique functionality, design, and user experience, all managed by one dashboard. You can select from six B2B stencil themes for the front end. You can develop your website using a content management system like Content Stack or WordPress. 
  4. Enhance the user shopping experience by offering various advanced payment options, a buy-again facility, and shared shopping lists. It provides convenience to loyal customers. 
  5. BigCommerce handles the website server management and technical maintenance to minimize business support and maintenance costs. It allows you to concentrate on other core business activities. 
  6. Adapt to new market changes as the BigCommerce platform is flexible, scalable, and integrates with other systems to be competitive. 

The Features and Benefits of BigCommerce 

The Features and Benefits of BigCommerce

Let us look at the features and benefits of the BigCommerce B2B edition to manage and scale up your online business apart from bracing the business portfolio. 

1. Integration with other systems 

  • You can sync your online business store with systems such as CRM, ERP, and product information management using adaptable and fast API calls. 
  • The B2B edition also involves POS integration that connects your online e-commerce store with your point-of-sales or POS systems. 
  • These integrations help you manage product inventory and orders, communicate with salespersons and customers, and update product information. 

2. Dynamic product filtering

  • Using the BigCommerce B2B edition, you can categorize the products with around 12 filters per page including brand, price, rating, category, shipping, and others. 
  • You can set up a default filter for a single storefront. It means that when the buyers visit the store for the first time, the filters can help them to find the relevant products. They can quickly find what they require, all thanks to accurate product categories and filters.  

3. Roles and permissions of the buyers 

  • You can allocate roles and permissions to your buyers such as company administrator or senior buyer. For instance- some visitors can place orders while others can only check the product prices. Buyers are assigned roles that propose specific permissions like approving or managing orders from the storefront. 
  • These roles are assigned using the BigCommerce dashboard or you can also use external tools like CRM or ERP solutions. It will let you achieve account management and allow the buyers access only the information they need. 

4. Compatibility with different ecosystems 

  • BigCommerce B2B edition offers partnerships with TradeCentric, Hawssearch, and HubSpot for better marketing support to increase business reach, engage customers, and manage online inventory. 
  • These strategic partnerships also allow you to streamline online business functions, enhance business marketing efforts, and improve the user experience. 

5. Reports

  • It is necessary to track your business performance and identify different improvement areas to make better decisions for the business to run successfully. 
  • The BigCommerce B2B Edition offers detailed inventory, sales, and customer data reports. The data lets you monitor metrics, analyze ongoing trends, and evolve with different growth strategies. 

6. Shared lists of shopping 

  • Customers get easy access to their past orders and current shopping lists. They can share the lists internally and repeat previously ordered items. 
  • The feature provides effective collaboration and simplifies the purchasing process through a consistent way to develop and organize product shopping lists. 

7. Mobile-friendly interface  

  • Through BigCommerce B2B Edition, the product buying platform is easily accessible to the users as it is a mobile-friendly interface. The buyers can easily browse different products, place online orders, and complete online transactions from anywhere. 

8. Dynamic Shipping Process Management 

  • Your online customers are spread around wide and far. Every product order has different transportation costs. With this, manual shipping costs may result in errors. 
  • Therefore, through BigCommerce B2B Edition, you can customize shipping rates using its native integration with ShipperHQ, a shipping rate rules engine. 

9. Payment Control

  •  Using the payment visibility feature, you can manage some approved payment options for customers. 
  • These include credit cards and purchase orders to ensure a safe and reliable buyer experience. 

10. Buyer Portal 

  • The buyer portal is considered an essential feature of the BigCommerce B2B Edition to offer customers their account with personalization options. 
  • The portal provides a self-service and streamlined experience to allow customers to automate different administrative processes. 
  • All this results in more satisfaction from the buyers and an increase in sales for the business. 

BigCommerce B2B Edition Pricing 

The BigCommerce B2B Edition pricing is transparent. The platform provides four pricing tiers for different businesses. There are no transaction costs or hidden fees. Therefore, you can be confident about getting the best value for your business investment. 

Here is a breakup of the BigCommerce B2B Edition pricing structure to know. 

BigCommerce Standard  BigCommerce Plus  BigCommerce Pro Edition  BigCommerce Enterprise Edition 
$29.99 per month  $79.95 per month  $299.95 per month  On Request 


As a business owner, you can pick anyone according to your needs and pay the amount accordingly. Although, there is a difference between the Plus and Standard plans of the BigCommerce B2B Edition. 

BigCommerce B2B Edition: Additional Costs 

Apart from the monthly subscription costs, there are several additional costs to consider when using BigCommerce B2B Edition. These are as follows- 

1. Third-Party App Integration 

  • Apps and Integrations require additional subscription fees. 
  • Costs depend on the variety of apps and services you use. 

2. Custom Development 

  • According to your business’s needs, you will require customized development services for your online store. 
  • There are multiple custom development costs according to the project complexity and the developer rates. 

These are the two factors that will affect the BigCommerce B2B Edition pricing. So, it is necessary to be careful with the edition you want to use. 

The Last Lines 

The B2B BigCommerce Edition is to understand the client’s needs and build an enjoyable and streamlined experience. It lets the B2B business focus on various key areas to drive business growth and customer engagement. Therefore, leverage the overall potential of BigCommerce B2B Edition and scale up your organization. 

For more help to elevate your e-commerce business store to new heights, find the best e-commerce business strategies. It is where Indglobal Digital Private Limited, a leading web development company in Bangalore offers personalized solutions to optimize your online store and unlock the business’s full potential. 

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