Want to know the secret to success in 2024 for your enterprise e-commerce business?

High-quality products? 



However, you might be right if this was 2019. Customers no longer search for an enterprise e-commerce business for its pricing. The future of e-commerce is about customized shopping experiences, quick deliveries, and more. 

With e-commerce exploding, your brand can rule if you match the buyer’s expectations and blow them away by offering more than the competitors.

So, if you also wish to prepare your enterprise business well for 2024, it is time to cheer up as this write-up is for you. 

The e-commerce web developers at Indglobal Digital Private Limited have added the top ten e-commerce trends to help you prepare your enterprise e-commerce business in India for success in 2024 and the coming years. 

So, without further delay, let us start the blog by providing some insights about the Indian e-commerce market for 2024.  

  • Availability of 400-450 million online buyers in India by 2027  
  • Expenditure of $150 billion by online shoppers in India by 2025 
  • Around 21% annual growth in mobile shopping over the next four years
  • The estimated Indian e-commerce market size is $350 billion by 2030
  • The estimated opportunity of India’s B2B online marketplace by 2030 is around $ 200 billion

Developing an enterprise e-commerce platform in India is a way to gain customers’ trust, but is your business ready to meet the 2024 upcoming trends? 

With the growth in the e-commerce industry, we have an immense challenge to stay on top. However, in India, driving more business growth is easy. 

Let us find out how. 

How to Prepare for Your Indian E-commerce Enterprise Business in 2024 

The reality of e-commerce includes several opportunities. Now is the time to explore the growth potential of the e-commerce market in India. 

Let us start finding the way to success in 2024 without further ado. 

Top Trends to Look For Enterprise E-commerce Success in 2024 and Beyond

Top Trends to Look For Enterprise E-commerce Success 

Trend 1- Focus on Customer Experience 

As 2024 is here, the future of e-commerce development in India will be more about customer experience. Around 86% of buyers are ready to pay more for a great customer experience. 

It is a win for the buyers and sellers, right? 

A positive customer experience will promote loyalty, retain website visitors, and encourage brand identity to let your customers enjoy the experience. 

Indglobal helps its business owners provide a smooth customer experience in various ways, such as

  • Integration with social media platforms offers a seamless shopping experience for your customers.  
  • Connect with customers using automated tools like SMS and e-mail notifications.
  • Recover and personalize abandoned carts through follow-up notifications.
  • Integrate the online market with your favorite customer service software or chat options via chatbot and live chat. 

Trend 2- Necessity of Customization 

Customization will be a game-changer this year. With customers searching for an experience that connects them with the brand, 2024 and the year beyond will scream personalization. 

From buying to offering payments, and from discounts to selecting languages, customers want customized options at different levels. So, be ready to hit 2024 by equipping enough to deliver a personalized shopping experience on the e-commerce enterprise platform in India.

Customize your enterprise store with Indglobal Digital Private Limited, built on headless e-commerce architecture to offer a seamless experience. With us, you can 

  • Use multi-level customizations for services, such as shipping solutions, digital payments, content, and pricing. 
  • Create customized sub-stores or storefronts for various locations, categories, and users.
  • Provide solutions to make changes when required without disturbing the entire business flow.

Trend 3- Rise of Mobile Commerce 

According to the latest reports, India will add around 410 million smartphone users by 2025 as per the current growth rate. 

Not surprising at all. 

We all know the impact of smartphones and online shopping on today’s generation. However, the future of e-commerce is shining brighter with the penetration of mobile phones in tier II and tier III cities. 

So, gear up your e-commerce business in 2024 and beyond by leveraging the mobile sales channel for customer retention and acquisition with Indglobal Digital Private Limited. Our mobile app development solutions built on mobile-first technology include an app builder to let business owners take their business to mobile app channels. 

Here is what all our mobile e-commerce development services in Bangalore support to your enterprise e-commerce platform to get the desired success.

  • Develop PWA web stores that look and work like mobile applications on entry-level devices.  
  • Collect customer-centric insights and data to plan data-driven marketing strategies. 
  • Use Android or iOS mobile apps from the admin dashboard. 
  • Build apps without any additional costs and coding. 

Trend 4- Addition of Hybrid MarketPlaces 

The new ways of doing business require modern and latest solutions. The dynamics of Indian e-commerce have shifted at large. For a competitive landscape, online e-commerce businesses create hybrid marketplaces to disrupt the market. 

Around 42.3% of brands choose B2B2C as their second main sales channel, so it is time to take up new opportunities like combining two or more models for good results. And, with hybrid marketplaces being popular in the e-commerce world, it is easy to develop tailored business solutions for several customer segments.  

Connect with Indglobal to create hybrid solutions as we offer a managed and hosted e-commerce web solution equipped with functionalities and features to match the changing e-commerce landscape. The enterprise e-commerce solutions at Indglobal can help you

  • Develop B2B, B2C, D2C, and QuickCommerce in the desired period.
  • Build hybrid business models using the Indglobal team’s adaptability and flexibility. 
  • Shift to the business models or integrate them to create a hybrid marketplace.

Trend 5- AI Tools Leverage to Set the Brand Apart 

Artificial Intelligence, or (AI) has revolutionized the online e-commerce industry at its best, and the impact is growing in 2024. With AI tools extending throughout almost every e-commerce area, it is the right time to influence AI tools to build an enterprise e-commerce development platform in India that hits your competitors to stay ahead. 

To harness the strength of AI,  design personalized shopping experiences and focus on customers according to their product buying tendencies. Use browsing history or past purchases to enforce recommendations and customize the user experience to develop powerful connections with buyers.

Use the headless API technology from Indglobal Digital Private Limited to help businesses seamlessly integrate the tools of their choice. Here are the best ways to use integrations to get the desired success. 

  • Organize day-to-day business activities with hassle-free and rapid integration of third-party softwares like CRM and ERP. 
  • Integrate with various delivery partners, payment gateways, live chat, and chatbots. 
  • Integrate with the best AI technologies or other advanced solutions to set an edge for your business. 

Trend 6- Growth of Q-Commerce 

Want to know how Q-Commerce will grow in the coming years? Around 80% of customers need same-day delivery and others want delivery between 1-3 hours. With these delivery requirements by customers, e-commerce brands focus on offering quick e-commerce deliveries. So, by building an online store and offering fast deliveries to your everyday customers, it is easy to redefine your e-commerce brand’s growth and retain potential customers. 

Choose Indglobal to offer secure deliveries to customers with tools that provide quick deliveries on your e-commerce website in India.

Here is how to use quick commerce at Indglobal to provide fast product deliveries to your customers. 

  • Use pre-integrated shipping partners for faster delivery of products on your e-commerce store. 
  • Choose an in-built delivery executive solution to manage the need of delivery boys to speed up order fulfillment in a day. 
  • Automate the order completion process with built-in order and shipping management to ensure quick and simplified product deliveries.  

Trend 7- Value of Customer Support 

In today’s times, one thing that business owners love about their brands is if they are available for their potential customers. Align customer support with resources to stay ahead in the e-commerce competitive world and make a place in your customer’s hearts. 

Wondering how? 

While you build an online store, ensure you are available to fix your customers’ grudges. You can specify a customer-oriented e-commerce business and multi-channel support to your clients. 

With Indglobal Digital Private Limited, you can be available with your users and offer them the best customer service using built-in tools and easy integration. Let us see how. 

  • Incorporate the finest live chat software and chatbots from the e-commerce market.
  • Add diverse chat applications to the e-commerce website and be available for your customers. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with several channels to connect with customers at multiple touchpoints.
  • Get the best CRM software development in Bangalore to meet all customer queries like offers, refunds, delivery tracking, and cancellations. 

The Last Lines 

For business growth in 2024 and beyond, developing a customer-oriented online store helps you pivot to different business models. 

But how to prepare your e-commerce platform for the future of the digital world? 

Well, all you require is an e-commerce platform to match the pace of the evolving customer’s buying habits and their needs. 

Indglobal Digital Private Limited, the leading e-commerce website development company in Bangalore, is a robust e-commerce solution provider that helps business organizations to grow in the market at pace. The e-commerce web developers at Indglobal build e-commerce web stores for high-tech businesses seamlessly.

With top-notch functionalities and features at Indglobal, you can handle the complexities of e-commerce business models like a B2B online marketplace, B2C, and many more, or create any business model in no time.

So, are you set to prepare your enterprise e-commerce business for the future of the online world with Indglobal Digital Private Limited? It is the time to explore our features and meet our e-commerce web developers India team today. Book an appointment for further details. 

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