When it comes to developing your business website, there are various decisions to make. For instance- you have to focus on how much money to invest in the business and how much time it will take to design the website. Also, you have to consider the functionalities and features that your website needs.

And, above all, the design is one of the biggest matters when it comes to the efficiency of the website. This is why you have to make the right decision at the right moment to develop your website. To design your business website beautifully, all you require is a theme or template to make it perfect according to your business needs.

Are you also setting up your business website and going to use a theme or template for the same? Then, this blog is for you. Here, our expert Website development company in Bangalore is to help brief you about website templates and their advantages and disadvantages for web designing.

But, before we begin, let us learn something about website themes.

What are Website Templates?

Website templates are pre-designed themes that are readily available to design a website with the type of content that you want to add. There are ample designs available on the internet from which you can pick the one according to your business needs and the way you want to display information to the customers.

Now, we know what a website template is. Let us now explore the pros and cons of designing an e-commerce business website.

Pros of Website Templates

Pros of Website Templates

1. Easy to Use

A template or a theme can be used by any type of simple mortal that does not know about website designing or programming. All you have to do is spend some time adapting the template according to your business requirements if you want to add additional elements such as forms, galleries, action buttons, and others to the website. Templates are design-friendly to let you drag and drop items wherever you need.  

2. Fast Implementation

Website templates exist on the internet in huge quantities. You have to be descriptive as much as possible about your needs and what you want. After this, choose the template that you like the most and add your website information. Templates are fast to run your website and get it designed perfectly. You also get the opportunity to make some additions like images and content you want to publish on the web pages.

3. Have a Preview of What You Will Get

Templates have functional demos for you to help you look at the website design and know whether it is a good fit for the company or not. It is absolutely essential to make sure that the website offers the flexibility and features you want. This also helps in making changes to the website if there are any. So, it is recommended to use website themes to get your online business platform designed as per your needs.

4. Less Expensive

The template-based website design is less expensive than any other way to develop your business website. Some high-end packages are available for under $2k. With just a four or five-figure price tag attached to it with fully customized web designing services and branding efforts, there is a huge investment in opting for template designs.

5. Navigation

How will your website look? How will it work? Are the navigation links consistent throughout the website? Do the visitors know where they are, and where to go? How to get the ideal content? Having a website template or theme to design your business website will give you the right feel for the navigation of your site.

6. Easy to Set Up

Through templates, web developers and designers can perform a lot of functions to develop a website to let the users get access at all levels of site development. This makes the template filled with a huge number of widgets, options, and built-in features to set up the website easily. And, for a beginner, templates offer a framework to help you add all the website content.

7. Inbound Friendly

The best templates and themes are those that are designed with SEO and inbound as their priority. These types of templates come with inbound strategies such as calls to action, areas for banners, and mobile-friendly design. So, if you want to develop a mobile-responsive website, then selecting templates that suit your website needs is the best choice.

For more details on how to design a user-friendly website, consult the website developers from the web development company in Bangalore.

Cons of Website Templates

Cons of Website Templates

1. No Originality

Even if the information that you provide on the website is original, the template will not. It is because other business organizations might be using the same template as yours and this lets you make double efforts to differentiate your website from the others. So, to avoid this, you can use personalized images, logos, and icons that make your website stand out.

2. Require Updates

To create a template-based website, it is necessary to be aware of the latest updates to keep your site running smoothly. Also, make sure that the template updates are done to correct the past defects or problems in the template design, but this affects the data on the website. The new updates of the template you are using can also be incompatible with the plugins you use for the website.

3. Limited Availability

If you want to add big changes to your website, then a template is not the right option. Like if you want to see how the template will look, then there is no such feature included in the settings. You have to make direct changes in the code and to do it basic programming knowledge is required.

4. Less User Experience

Templates are perfect, but they do not consider the user experience and everything related to it. The users of a website always want to feel that the website is created for them and reflects their choice. But a template-based website is designed in a generic form, thus lacking the efficiency of a website developed according to the user’s needs.

5. Be Flexible with Branding

Another disadvantage of using template design is being flexible with the company’s brand. If you use custom branding and need to develop a website that perfectly fits in, then a template-based site is not the ideal fit. Well-designed templates can be considered as having built-in flexibility that can adapt to your brand, but flexibility will be limited.

6. More Work Than You Expect

Customized web designing is not a fire-and-forget solution to design your website. As a business owner, you will be an essential part of the entire process, and this will take a lot of time, especially if you give feedback to the designer, to begin with, the website design process. So, if you are using templates or themes to design your website, then be prepared to explain your vision of your business.

7. No Actual Template Design Process

If you are a business owner who does not focus on DIY or does not want to tweak your website to at least your website’s content or images, then a template or theme-based website is not to run your business online. And, if you still wish to get a template design for your website, then you must pay an additional amount for support.

The Last Lines

Now, it is clear from the above points that templates and themes are good to design a website when you just need to cover a selective or small business purpose. To design websites that require addressing specific business challenges of the organization, then all you require is custom-designed websites where there are no template parameters to follow. So, whatever type of business website you want to create, it is important to consider the needs, budget, and time to complete the website to get the best results.

Be it choosing a customized website design or selecting a template or theme, choose wisely to meet your organizational goals and earn revenue. Also, do not forget to consider your customers. And, to discuss more about templates and other website design methods and find out how we work and can help you, connect with our professional team of web development Company in India or book an appointment with us to clear all your queries.

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