Where do most of the people spend their time shopping? Malls? Shops? Well, none of these. The reality is that the majority of customers do their shopping online. So, to reach them faster, it is necessary to grow your business. 

According to Nasdaq, the e-commerce business will facilitate 95% of its purchases by 2040.

Therefore, opening an e-commerce website is good, but it is not where you should stop. It is also essential to have a good website design for conversion and user convenience. 

Knowing this, let us explore more about e-commerce website design to give your business an affordable, modern, and functional website to run the organization effectively. 

For more information on e-commerce web design and its services, you can contact the e-commerce web development in Bangalore service providers to get all the essential details on how much it is necessary to design your website. 

How E-commerce Website Design Affects Your Business?

If you are an online retailer, you run your business functions through your e-commerce store. It means that your website is the first stop where your users land when they find you to buy a product and click the checkout button to complete their purchase. The quality of your website design depends on how it can guide and take the customer through the overall product purchase process. The simpler the process is, the more sales it will generate. 

On the other hand, if there is no good presentation of the products and confusion about the menu, there will be no desirable sales and profits. Modern-day business owners are vee sensitive about browsing setbacks and do not want to spend their time and money on a website that is not doing great. 

For a high-quality website, components such as site structure to the correct color usage for CTA buttons play an essential role. So, let us now discuss how to create a winning e-commerce website design for your website. 

How To Create the Best E-commerce Website Design? 

How To Create the Best E-commerce Website Design

There are around 12-24 million e-commerce websites on the internet with numbers increasing every day. And, as a site is unique in its own way, several features make it stand out among all successful websites. So, without further delay, our e-commerce website development in Bangalore solution providers is here with a detailed description of them to help you create a web design. 

1. Make the Website Design Mobile-Friendly 

  • Mobile is the only device that can amp up your e-commerce business revenue. To make sure your website is fully compatible with mobile devices, having a responsive and reliable web design is essential. It will ensure that the e-commerce site works fine regardless of device usage. 
  • Make sure that your text is readable and images are perfectly cropped. Also, check the loading speed of the website on multiple devices. Provide your visitors with a positive experience by giving them the content they came for. 

2. Provide a Smooth Site Navigation 

  • Customers expect ease of buying and browsing from your e-commerce business store. They want to quickly find the desired product to checkout through the website that impacts your business revenue. So, have a clear and defined design for your buyer using a well-chosen page layout and thought-out site architecture. 
  • Have an easy-to-access navigation bar, a search function, and add sidebars to show your visitors some related items. Also, try to separate your products into different catered if possible. 

3. Keep Everything Simple 

  • Customers prefer intuitive and simple websites over busy ones as searching for a product becomes easy. Multiple text boxes, visual distractions, and CTAs create complications in the user’s decision-making process, so design a clean page with few graphics, white space, and purpose-driven text to have better interaction with the users. 
  • You have to focus more on directing customers’ attention to the main message and offering fewer buttons to click and graphics to navigate. A simple layout will let the products shine in a clutter-free space to let the visitors look through the catalog and get their preferred items. 

4. Embrace Brand Appeal 

  • The visual appeal of a website draws people as they do not think more about the infrastructure of the website. A strong infrastructure should exist, but compelling visuals enhance the brand experience. 
  • When your e-commerce displays your brand elements such as typography, icons, logo, and signature colors, your e-commerce store becomes more distinctive and authentic. Also, brand elements will give your website visual consistency- one of the best indicators of having a professional website. 

Top E-commerce Web Design Examples 

Now that we know the points to consider while designing an e-commerce website, let us know about the three best e-commerce websites with appealing web designs. 

1. Google Store 

Google Store gets the users’ attention starting with the get-go with the header animation on the new Pixel mobile phones. You will see a catalog of some products by Google to easily facilitate navigation as you scroll down the website. 

2. Casio G-Shock 

The Casio G-Shock website design matches the high-end and rugged aesthetics of the watch. The back menu is compact that directs visitors to the crucial webpages while the search bar allows a quick search. 

3. NU: RO Watch 

NU: RO has an interactive e-commerce website design that is elegant, sleek, and minimal. The watch band on the website changes its color with the cursor’s movement. It is a small detail but adds character to the website design. 


The success of an e-commerce web design depends on iterations. First, you have to design prototypes of all essential web pages. Secondly, test their quality with the team for alliterations, and launch your website. To concentrate more on designing your website effectively, you can connect with an e-commerce service provider to help you with all the functional requirements. There is great scope for design variations when creating an online store for your business. 

So, if you are looking for an all-in-one e-commerce service provider, contact our e-commerce experts at Indglobal, the top e-commerce website development company in Bangalore. Or, book an appointment with us to discuss this with you. 

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