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Our experts present 10 vital Reasons to fall for Mobile Apps

In recent days, Mobile devices have become inevitable tools for connectivity Mobile app engagement and mobile app retention are the two parameters that basically determine the success of an application. IndGlobal Digital Pvt. Ltd.- the best mobile app development company in India suggests the following reasons to contribute significantly to mobile app development in India.

Businesses have realized the need of effective mobile channels to attract customers and simultaneous optimization of their mobile apps and websites to amplify the user experience. The selection criteria between mobile apps and websites remains their cost, required features, usability and the audience they are going to serve.

There are several reasons that make mobile apps way better than mobile websites. According to our experts the following reasons can be considered to be the topmost reasons.

1. Mobile apps are able to provide better personalization

Personalization is all about offering effective communication to users based on their interests, usage behavior, location etc. With mobile apps, it is easier to greet users with an enhanced personalized experience. With the help of a mobile app testing tool, you can also check for different experiences for your customers.

Mobile apps let users set up their preferences at the beginning itself based on which they can be served with proper customized content. Apps can also observe customer engagement and use it to offer recommendations and updates to the users. Furthermore, if the apps are also able to identify the location of the users then they can be useful to provide real-time togeography-specific content to the users.

However, improving user experience is the soul purpose that personalization serves but it can also aid in improving the conversion rate of apps.

2. Easy and convenient for sending notifications

Email has been the most widely-accepted business communication tool and  Businesses have used email extensively to reach out to their users. As a result, email has lost the ground it once had. On the contrary, mobile app notifications can be of two types: push and in-app notifications. An user can only receive these notifications when they have opened an app. Push notifications, however indicates to those notifications, that users can receive regardless of doing any activity on their mobile device. In-app notifications are those notifications that users can receive only when they have opened an app. Push notifications, apparently, are those notifications that users can receive regardless of browsing / performing any activity on their mobile device. App development in Bangalore by Indglobal digital presents exciting alternatives for communicating with the app users in a less intrusive manner.

The ability to send instant notifications to users is one of the major reasons why several businesses opt for a mobile app in the first place. There have been several instances where push notification has delivered click-through rates of almost 40%. In case you choose to develop a mobile website or build an app, we, being the best mobile app development company in Bangalore will definitely help you for push notifications.

Sign up for a free trial today to see how easy it is to send notifications to both desktop and mobile users.

3 Advanced mobile device features

Mobile apps have the benefit of utilizing features that are already there in a mobile device such as camera, contacts, GPS, phone calls, compass, etc. IndGlobal Digital providing for the best web design in Bangalore for over a decade can help you incorporate such features within an app, to offer a more interactive and engaging user experience.

Additionally, these features can reduce the efforts. For example, while completing a form on a banking app you might need to submit your photograph for the process. The app can help to capture and submit a photograph using the camera in the device. These features can significantly shorten the time that users take to perform a certain task in an app, thus boosting conversions.

4. Ability to work offline

This is probably the most fundamental difference within a mobile website and an app. Although apps might require internet connectivity to perform the tasks, they still offer basic content and functionality to users in the offline mode.Let’s check with the example of banking app again. The mobile app can provide features like tax calculation,, and determination of loan limits. These features contribute significantly to app development in Bangalore as they can work without the help of an internet connection.

5. Elegant designing

With all the technological advancements in the field of web designing, mobile websites still have to rely on browsers to perform even elementary functions. Mobile websites need to depend on many browser features like ‘back button,’ ‘refresh button,’ and/ or ‘address bar’ to work. Mobile apps don’t have any such restrictions. A mobile app can be designed with several elaborate functions, on the basis of advanced gestures like ‘tap,’ ‘drag,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘pinch,’ ‘hold’ etc. Mobile Apps development offers innovative functionalities that can equip the users to perform a task in a better way.

6. New branding experience

Since a mobile app has the liberty of offering a new brand experience to users, the company can experiment with new branding styles along with a mobile app, which might be different from the regular brand style as compared to the company’s website.

Taking a step ahead, while developing mobile apps Bangalore companies can specifically aim for transitioning into a whole new brand style for themselves. Additionally, a mobile app also allows users to customize the appearance, as per their preference which can further add on to the personalization front of the app.

7. Users spend more time on mobile Apps

The above figure well demonstrates that users spend approximately 86% of their usage time on mobile apps and relatively 14% of the time on mobile websites. Moreover, a study concluded that users spend more than 90% of their mobile time on apps be it gaming apps or social media apps  as compared with the mobile web.

8. Mobile apps offer New stream of conversions

If you are looking forward to increasing conversions, mobile apps can serve as a great medium to push it through the conversion funnel as mobile apps can be utilised to acquire both top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel users.

For example, utility apps can bring-in Top of the funnel users, which can be later nurtured into Bottom of the Funnel leads. On the other hand, ecommerce apps already have BoFu users, who also possess a higher possibility of converting. As mobile apps are more specific  in their content and utility, they can be used to identify the users. On the contrary, Mobile websites reach out to a diverse range of audiences which makes it strenuous.

9. Brand presence or establishment

Users spend a considerable amount of their time on mobile devices. It can be mentioned that many of the users encounter the apps almost every day that they have installed on their devices. This regular encounter can be utilized as a branding opportunity for the apps. Even when users are not using a mobile app actively, they are reminded of the brand associated with the app. The icon itself of the app acts like a mini-advertisement for the brand. The presence of an app on a users’ device thus helps to influence the user’s perception about a brand subconsciously.

10. Apps can work faster than websites

A well-designed mobile app has the ability to perform actions at a much quicker pace than a mobile website. Apps generally store/ save their data locally on mobile devices, whereas websites generally use web servers for this purpose. Due to this, data retrieval also happens swiftly in mobile apps. Apps can further be time saving by saving the user preferences, and using them to take proactive actions in future on users’ behalf.

Besides, there appears a technical justification as well for why mobile apps can work faster. The answer remains in Mobile websites using javascript code to perform most of their functions whereas the framework that mobile apps use run almost five times faster than a javascript code! And as the final outcome, users accomplish actions quicker on the front-end thus contributing to a delightful user experience while all this happens in the background of mobile apps.

So, what do you choose- Mobile apps or mobile site?

Developing both a mobile website and mobile app for your business can be costly for which you should choose any one based on your business goals and budget. While both channels have their own pros and cons, at IndGlobal – providing for the best mobile app development in Bangalore ,our expert developers say that mobile apps can help you get higher conversions and retention as they offer greater personalization and operational efficiency. However, to ensure that your mobile app drives the intended growth for your business and also delivers on all its promises, you have to manage and maintain it by testing it rigorously.

Mobile app testing helps to steadily enhance your in-app user experience by experimenting with the features, app flows, and several other UI-based changes to improve the engagement, conversion, and retention rate. Indglobal digital Pvt. Ltd. offers a robust mobile experimentation platform that helps you to build engaging experiences to delight users as well as launch world-class features by mitigating any risk.

Request a free demo by one of Indglobal ‘s experimentation experts to understand how you can leverage Mobile App Testing to enhance your app’s key metrics.

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