With the emergence of several e-commerce websites and others, cyber threats are also becoming pretty prevalent these days. Last year’s study by the Cyberedge Group revealed that almost 82.2% of organizations are being victimized by a cyberattack. Accurate research depicts an increase of 125% in cyberattack incidents around the globe.  The negative impacts of breached website security obviously remain immense regardless of the size of a business as on average it might cost a company more than $1.7 million just to address the damages from a cyber-attack. And this could also shatter the doors of a small to medium-sized business very soon, say within a few weeks’ time. 

Is it such a serious matter to consider? Well, the answer must be “Yes”. Despite the size of your organization or company, the threat of cyber-attacks persists as the criminals are trying everything on your website to steal your information. According to Cyber magazine security, almost 43% of data breaches happen per year on average. These breaches are very common in midsize and small businesses. But, on the positive side, measures are available so that you can take steps to secure and protect your website. If you run a small/ mid-sized business and think of website security measures, as a leading website development company in Bangalore we are here to make your website secure while providing the best web design in Bangalore.

Why is Website Security essential for your Business?

Why is website security essential for your Business

Failure to safeguard your website appropriately makes you more vulnerable to these problems which may ruin your business as well:

  • Customer data breaches can result in lawsuits.
  • Client attribution and revenue loss because of privacy and security concerns.
  • Website vandalism
  • Losing Reputation when news gets to the public.
  • Domain blacklisting makes it even more difficult for client retention and acquisition.

1. Provide protection to Your Customers

One of the topmost digital safety tips for businesses includes the safety and security of your customer’s information. Most people, today, depend on websites for procuring their required products and services on a daily basis. Customers provide their names, personal information, credit card information, and even their full social security numbers as well. This is almost like a goldmine for hackers who may want to steal this sensitive information. Therefore, you should always be careful to protect their information and encrypt it before it is sent anywhere and take internal measures so that your employees do comprehend the importance of safeguarding this personalized information.

2. Safeguard Your Assets

Securing your website also implies protecting your physical equipment. This is because hackers can steal your customer’s information as well as install viruses on your website which could impact your physical machines. As a business owner, you do recognize the investment that it takes to secure the expensive equipment for running your business. Imagine the expenditure of removing viruses that cripple your systems and even having to hire someone for the same purpose from your machines or having to replace them altogether because of the irreversible damage.

3. Protect Your Reputation

Securing your website also remains crucial for the maintenance of your business because a hack impacts your reputation. There could be no worse than getting negative publicity in the press that might occur due to a major security breach on your website, especially today when there is no shortage of news coverage on the corporate websites being hacked all of the time. Such negative publicity hampers a brand’s growth. Therefore, avoid this situation by keeping your website safe so that your audience gets to see you as a trusted name in your industry.

 4. Secures Your Proprietary Information

Additionally, many businesses prefer creating proprietary information, applications and systems that are mostly not available to the general public. A hacker may take advantage of unprotected websites to infiltrate your company’s operations which can eventually cost you money if your trade secrets are exposed. Hackers can even damage the important information on your website because of which you may need to start from the ground up. This is why all businesses should prioritize backing up a website. In fact, a website’s cloud services can even be exposed to hacking. Therefore, it is essential to prevent this from happening by securing your website properly.

5. Intercepts Loss of Sales

A cyber-attack can lead to massive amounts of downtime along with a loss of productivity. This translates into sales that you could be missing out on. Any business owner understands the importance of continuous sales to ensure the viability of your business. In short, Unprotected websites are more vulnerable not only for the security of the company but their very existence as well since the loss of too many sales might end up in the closing of the doors of a business for good.

6. Provides a Competitive Leverage

If you take the necessary steps to protect your website, on the positive side, you can stay ahead of the competition. This is primarily because website security significantly reduces your risk of exposure at the same time as your competitors are exposed to online threats. Websites get attacked frequently—make sure yours is not one of them.

Website Security Measures: 

These refer to the systematic practices that protect client-facing websites, online platforms, as well as apps. The protection is basically provided against potential cyberattacks involving:

  • Hacking attempts
  • Phishing schemes
  • Malware installations
  • Any other crooked tricks that frauds can use

The requirements for website security tools

Modern websites own website security tools that help them protect themselves against any invading cyber-attack. Here is an outline of the most effective and powerful website security tool types. Learn more to get a list of some famous website organizations which will make the best web application security.

WAF- The firewalls for web application

Any WAF i.e. website application firewall creates a digital buffer zone within the website servers and incoming data connections. The firewall comprehends all the information that goes through it. Modern WAFs are all cloud-based and they are easy to use and set up as well. They shut down immediately as they spot any sign of sketchy bots or traffic. A good example of a popular WAF is Cloudflare.

SSL- Secure Socket Layer

You may have read about SSL, but you don’t know what it’s all about and why you need to pay for it yearly. A website security certificate reflects that you have a strong system on the ground that relays every website visitor’s data within the site and its database. The security encrypts all the data that goes through it to ensure that no stranger can read it as the journey is from a particular point to a particular end. It further prohibits any unauthorized person from accessing the secured information in the website database.

Have you ever noticed a website with a “Not Secure” red next to its URL? It implies that the website does not have an updated SSL certificate which is risky for any business. Most visitors don’t prefer to risk buying anything from an insecure site.

Website scanners

They resemble the antiviral programs on your system that scan for viruses and malware on your website. Furthermore, they ensure that your website is not blocked and it’s not giving errors. 

One of the most popular website security scan products is Site check.

SAST tools for static application security testing

The SAST tools analyze website codes at fixed points in the overall development process. It helps to find and fix security threats as any developer creates a website. They help in ensuring that your client’s website gets the best security.

DAST- Dynamic Application Security Testing tools

These tools basically analyze the existing codes in real-time and spot security threats that might arise and simultaneously alert you to fix them.

IAST- Interactive Application Security Testing tools

These tools contain software that deploys sensors and agents to find out security threats in the current running codes. It is an excellent technique for providing the best website security to clients.

Manual Testing and Code Review

These tools mainly aid in testing the performance of mobile websites and applications on mobile operating systems.

The Global Content Delivery Network

A CDN- content delivery network refers to a set of distributed servers that work collaboratively to facilitate quick content delivery. They do this despite the clients accessing the website, which further implies that if your servers are in California, and clients are in Africa they need not wait for the information to get to them. Of course, you need a secure CDN, and one of the famous services that encrypt your data, thereby keeping it safe, is Cloud CDN.

Website Monitoring Services

These services function as their name suggests. They monitor as well as test your site to ensure that your clients use it safely and securely. Popular monitoring services, for example, websites, include the Logic Monitor.

Two-factor Authentication Process

Websites primarily use this authentication while logging in by using an unknown internet connection or browser. It asks you to verify your website account via text, phone call, or email.

It’s essential when a site detects unusual traffic such as login attempts from a new location. The most common provider for Two Factor authentication is Duo Security.

Types of cyberattacks that website security tools provide protection For

Frauds always look for ways to steal your client’s data or create chaos to hamper your business. Below are mentioned a few of the threats the website security tools protect against:

  • Cross scripting or XSS where hackers try to bring malicious scripts into your codes.

    • CSRF or Cross-site request forgery where the attack can force website users to perform undesired actions on an app or website unknowingly.
    • SQLi or SQL Injection: It’s basically a code injection technique that brings a whole new code to your SQL database that can aid in stealing your sensitive data. The code can even erase your entire database.
  • Broken Authentication & Session management: If the authentication & session management functionalities are implemented temporarily, there is more risk involving exposing your sensitive data and passwords to potential hackers who may exploit them.
    • Bad Bots can scrape data from your site to indulge in fraudulent activities.
  • Malware- The design of the Malware software enables it to wreak all types of havoc including stealing client data, sending spam emails using your domain, and letting the criminals access your site.
  • DDoS attacks make your website cumbersome and slow to use.
  • Vulnerability exploits where the black hawkers strive hard to spot the weak avenues in your site and use them.
  • Blacklisting potentially drives traffic away from a website.
  • Defacement- Hackers can even replace your website content with their own for different purposes which ultimately cost your reputation.

Website security- The benefits that it provides

Running a business using a secure site includes the following benefits:

  • Secure client data – ensure the growth of your business and happier customers.
  • Better SEO and google ranking – Google prioritizes securing those sites that aren’t blocked and don’t expose clients’ data.
  • Protection against lawsuits which might otherwise result from website security negligence.
  • Higher ROI
  • Improved website legitimacy – visitors trust as well as value secure sites that keep their information safe.
  • Safeguarding your clients implies safeguarding your business

Wrapping Up: 

Cyberattacks in recent years indicate an increase in these activities in the future. Several IT security services providers have already been working hard to thwart hackers and to protect all legitimate businesses like yours to operate in a much safer environment. They offer protection techniques and also implement them in digital products.

Therefore, considering that cyberattacks are real and also more prevalent on the current internet, you need to ensure suitable safety measures that will keep your business safe and protect your clients from hackers who can otherwise destroy your business within days. You can decrease the odds of cyber-attacks happening to you by putting proactive measures in place to strongly secure your online presence. Online security for your website is important to Lessen vulnerabilities by taking a more proactive approach to secure your business today.

To get the website security benefits to contact the topmost website development company in Bangalore today.

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