In the digital growing era with technologies becoming more advanced, imagine a world where smartphones know your needs before even if you voice them. It is possible with picture applications that comprehend your words and also understand your requirements. Yes, all this is because of the power of AI apps. 

In March 2023, the global artificial intelligence sector yielded nearly $100 billion and will grow twentyfold by 2030. Therefore, enterprises choose to involve AI in multiple business processes.

Artificial Intelligence has surpassed its sci-fi origins to be a crucial part of our day-to-day lives. AI focuses on our interaction with technology, from algorithms that foresee what to watch next to virtual assistants that help us navigate our business schedules.  

But wait. 

Have you ever thought about the cost of building an AI-powered app

Worry not. 

In this write-up, the top mobile app developers from the leading mobile app development company in Bangalore covered all the essential details from the minds that bring code to life. The comprehensive guide will help you know about the cost details of developing AI-powered applications in 2024.

However, if we talk about the average cost to develop an AI application, it costs around $30,000 to $1,50,000 and rises higher according to several factors. So, without waiting any longer, let us scroll ahead to know all the details. 

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Applications 

Developing an application has become a part of the growing online era, and adding AI to this feels like a cherry on the cake for business firms. Artificial Intelligence can enhance the app’s power by performing tasks that require human cognitive function. AI apps use algorithms to execute tasks and solve user queries. 

Traditional Apps vs Artificial Intelligence Apps 

Traditional software operates on fixed rules and cannot use new concepts or accomplish tasks without human input. On the other hand, artificial intelligence uses different algorithms to learn new ideas and enhance task performance over time. 

Hence, AI applications are taking over traditional apps. However, the conventional mobile app development cost is less than that of the AI application as they need various tools and algorithms for integration into the enhanced system. 

Why do Business Organizations Invest in AI Application Development?

Why do Business Organizations Invest in AI Application Development 

AI is a necessary technology in the ever-evolving digital business world. Companies seek various benefits while picking AI apps for handling their work, such as enhanced user experience and high sales, with the list not ending here. 

Below are some more reasons to invest in building AI apps for business. 

1. Enhanced Efficiency

Imagine an application that understands user preferences and needs and automates routine tasks. An AI-powered app can do it in no time. Leveraging machine learning algorithms allows AI apps to learn from user reactions and improve continuously. 

It then translates to streamlined processes, reduces manual intervention, and provides remarkable efficiency gains for your business.

2. Personalization 

Today, customers need personalized experiences, so AI apps can analyze user interaction and preferences to deliver tailor-made content and recommendations. 

An AI-powered app can increase the customer experience and foster loyalty by providing personalized solutions, suggesting products, and curating content.

3. Automation 

One of the reasons why companies are investing in AI app development is to boost their efficiency through automation. AI-powered applications can help businesses automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks to let them focus on more important things. 

With AI, businesses can streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver better customer service. It’s no wonder that business firms are embracing AI technology to transform their work. The technology also lowers the manual power to achieve operational efficiency. 

4. User Experience 

User expectations are soaring higher than ever, requiring an insatiable appetite for seamless and customized interactions. And guess what? AI-driven apps are here to deliver exactly that! 

AI apps can understand user preferences using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. It means that you get tailor-made responses that suit your needs. The result is an intuitive user experience that fosters brand loyalty and boosts user engagement. 

Isn’t it exciting?

5. Innovation

The world of AI-powered apps is vast, with endless possibilities where innovation is at the forefront. Imagine interacting with your devices using voice commands or having access to augmented reality that brings your digital world to life. 

With efficient AI predictive algorithms, these AI apps are the driving force behind your business’s success. They push the boundaries of what is possible and keep you ahead of your competitors.

6. Cost-effective 

AI integration is great for enterprises. Automated chores and streamlining business processes allow firms to cut down their expenses. Though it might require a significant investment initially, the long-term savings are worth every penny. Therefore, AI is the future of making business decisions smartly. 

7. Security 

The increasing frequency enhances security measures by identifying and mitigating threats in real-time. Machine learning algorithms adapt and evolve to find new patterns of cyber attacks for a robust defense against a constantly changing threat landscape. 

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Factors Driving AI Application Development Costs

Factors Driving AI Application Development Costs

AI-powered apps are a revolutionary technology for businesses to enhance customer experience, efficiency, and decision-making processes. Moreover, various factors contribute to the development cost of these AI apps. Knowing these factors is essential for business firms to harness the possibility of AI while optimizing their investment.

1. Accuracy 

AI business solutions use various algorithms to conduct tasks while maintaining security. A software solution that can complete jobs with precision and reliability will have more development costs than an AI app with reasonable accuracy. 

For example, AI-driven chatbots easily handle more than half of customer queries, providing service at a low cost. 

2. Intelligence Depth 

The intelligence depth level integrated into the AI-powered apps is crucial in determining cost. AI functionalities, such as natural language processing (NLP) for easy interactions, cost less than apps required for tricky decision-making processes based on complex data analysis. 

3. Project Type 

The AI software variant selected significantly impacts the app development cost. From rule-based systems to machine learning algorithms, each type requires different levels of resources. For example, Machine learning algorithms demand high costs due to data-intensive personality. 

4. AI-Powered Apps Features 

The depth and breadth of AI software features also impact the app development costs. For example, incorporating an intricate real-time data analysis module that delivers instant insights into customer behavior and market trends can boost app development expenses. 

Likewise, adding a vigorous personalized recommendation system to engage users demands additional resources, contributing to increased costs.

5. AI Software Management 

When organizing AI-based applications, the possibilities are infinite. You get two compelling options to choose from- either keep it in-house or go remote. 

For in-house AI software development, you spend money on hiring professionals, developing IT workspaces, buying tools,  covering monthly earnings, and other costs.

Contrarily, choosing a remote AI app development team is effective as you deal without indistinct charges. The project development cost depends on the approach you decide for the AI app. 

Breakdown of AI App Development Cost Based on App Type 

Relying on the type of AI software solution that aligns seamlessly with enterprise requirements, you can undertake AI software development. 

Note- The Open AI GPT-based Chatbot, or ChatGPT, will have 100 million users by this year. 

Here is a thorough breakdown of the expenditure for the basic versions of various AI software solutions that relish overall popularity.

AI-powered App Type  Average Development Cost 
AI Chatbot  $20000 – $30000
RPA Software  $15000 – $25000
Machine Learning Software  $45000 – $60000
Speech Recognition App  $25000 – $40000
Telemedicine Software  $40000 – $50000
Money Management App $30000 – $40000

Breakdown of AI App Development Cost Based on Industries 

AI technology has applications across various industries, simplifying essential business strategies, wiping out errors in tasks, and optimizing system efficiency. Accordingly, the cost needed to design AI-based app solutions varies across sectors. 

Therefore, the table below delivers the average development costs to build AI software solutions for specific enterprises containing essential functionalities.

Industry Types  Average Development Cost 
Manufacturing  $50000+
Healthcare  $50000+
Insurance  $40000+
Supply Chain  $25000+
Banking  $80000+
Real Estate  $20000+

Breakdown of AI App Development Cost Based on Stages 

The table below shows the breakdown of AI app development based on stages. These AI pricing estimates are based on enterprise standards and can differ according to the project’s complexity, the AI development team’s experience, and other essential factors. 

Stage of Development  Description  Average Cost 
Planning  Project Scoping  $1,000 – $5,000
UI and UX Design  User Interface and Experience  $5,000 – $20,000
Front-end Development  Layouts and Interactions  $10,000 – $30,000
Back-end Development  Databases, Server, and APIs $15,000 – $40,000
AI Development  Developing AI and ML Models  $20,000 – $60,000
Testing  QA Testing  $10,000 – $25,000
Launch and Deployment  App Deployment  $5,000 – $15,000
Post-launch Services  Bug fixes and Customer Updates  $5,000 – $20,000

Why Connect Indglobal Digital Private Limited for AI Application Development?

A partner who can turn your ideas into life using their technical abilities and innovation is essential. At Indglobal Digital Private Limited, our AI-powered app developers, who have incredible excellence, offer a range of AI services to meet your business expectations. 

With around ten years of experience and a thriving record of providing cutting-edge AI-driven solutions to our clients, we have become the trusted app development company in Bangalore on the alley to technological improvement. 

Our team offers- 

AI Consulting: The AI experts team at Indglobal understands your vision and enhances it with insightful AI strategies according to your business needs. We analyze, recommend, and draft a roadmap that aligns you with reality.

AI Development: We design AI applications that seamlessly combine sophistication with user-friendliness. Our designers use the latest technologies and trends to build rich and scalable solutions that match the audience’s requirements.

AI Design & Integration: The user experiences by AI are instinctive. Our designers create interfaces that connect humans with technology to enhance user engagement and ease of use.

Personalized AI Solutions: We build tailor-made AI solutions that meet your needs, taking your organization towards creation and efficiency. 


From enriching business operations to redefining customer experiences, AI’s importance is definite. 

In the write-up, we have analyzed the aspects of AI app development costs, and it is apparent that the investment is not in bucks but in the innovation that pushes your brand ahead. 

By employing AI app developers, planning, and anticipating the power of AI, you can develop an app that meets your expectations and exceeds them, offering a competitive edge in the trendy digital landscape.

So, connect with the top AI app development company in Bangalore and develop a cost-effective AI-based solution for your business. 

Book a free consultation today. 

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