Business organizations should provide a high-quality and reliable customer experience across different platforms to succeed in today’s outrageous digital world. 

Have you ever considered strengthening this capability to improve client engagement at all channels? 

There is no big deal when we have tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud that offer services to help you achieve your goals and make your business stand out. 

Therefore, in this blog, we bring you forward to help you understand more about Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how it helps build customer experience for your omnichannel business organization. 

The write-up will focus on: 

  • What is Personalized OmniChannel CX?
  • How to Maximize Your Brand Reach Using the Marketing Cloud?
  • Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud 
  • Why You Should Prefer Using the Marketing Cloud for Your Organization?
  • The Products of Salesforce Marketing Cloud 
  • Challenges Resolved by SalesForce Marketing Cloud 
  • And Many More 

So, without more delays, let us focus on reading them further to understand the Salesforce Marketing Cloud term. 

What is Personalized OmniChannel CX?

What is Personalized OmniChannel CX

Let us first know what OmniChannel CX is and why every organization should focus on it. 

OmniChannel customer experience or CX is a strategy that offers a seamless experience across multiple platforms including mobile apps, social networks, and physical locations. 

The focus is to deliver a uniform experience to the customers regardless of the channel they interact with the organization. Some ways to do this are- 

  • Provide individualized content and experience to users
  • Facilitate a seamless transfer of data between different channels
  • Analyze the activity of the customers for actionable insights. 

OmniChannel customer experience supports business firms to establish customer loyalty, trust, and engagement. 

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform for businesses to personalize the customer experience and optimize several marketing practices. It automates online marketing across different channels such as social media, mobile applications, websites, and e-mails. Organizations use Salesforce Marketing Cloud or SFMC to define customer interest for good business results and have all marketing channels connected.  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also manages B2B and B2C business relationships and develops a comprehensive strategy for each customer. It is an enterprise-grade digital platform that provides API for content personalization, SQL support, and platform integration. 

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is used to  

  • Make targeted CTAs 
  • Create a personalized custom journey 
  • Gain a detailed insight into the customer base
  • Use statistics to back up the business analytics
  • Engage customers at every customer touchpoint 
  • Execute cross-channel and cross-functional marketing strategies

If you are also connected with the concept of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your business, send us your requirements to let our Salesforce Development Bangalore team get back to you with a better quote. 

Which Businesses can Select Salesforce Marketing Cloud? 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an enterprise-level platform adaptable to all business sizes. It is essential for small and large B2B, B2C, and non-profit companies. The strategy is available for businesses that require a 360-degree view of their customers and generate user engagement and unique experiences. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an adaptable platform that grows with the business and offers advantages such as supporting the business data model, data migration, and data for reporting and analytics. Also, SFMC includes the overall impact on your organization such as training, ROI, organizational structure, and the ability to provide customer experience. 

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers business marketing teams a range of solutions to improve customer experience and sales. Here are some more benefits to the business organizations- 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets you to- 

1. Get Impactful and Effective Business Analysis 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud estimates customer journeys amongst different systems and platforms using Artificial Intelligence and Google Analytics. It makes your marketing process organized and efficient. Both B2B and B2C business firms benefit from this as it lets the businesses deliver the right messages to the right users. 

2. Customize with Artificial Intelligence

Customization is the most essential advantage provided by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The strategy lets users merge their data with the Einstein tool and allows artificial intelligence to manage interactions. The Einstein tool manages the customer’s data and helps the business communicate with the customers. Also, it makes interactions personal. 

3. Understand the Customers Better 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides customized customer support that lets you connect data from different devices and sources to develop a unified and comprehensive understanding of the customers. The strategy provides all the details about the users in an easy-to-understand manner with clear visuals. It allows business organizations to offer personalized solutions to customers and engage them more in the business. 

4. Secure the Business Data 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides encryption and is considered the best for data security. Your data is safe and secure because of the encryption features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It ensures information is invulnerable and protected from hackers and untrusted individuals. 

5. Boost Business Sales 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses analysis, insights, and reporting to help business owners achieve desired profits and boost sales. You can also use Salesforce Marketing Cloud with tools like Salesforce Sales Cloud, Workfront, and other applications. 

Why You Should Prefer Using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Your Organization?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud lets business owners develop tailored customer experiences across different platforms and devices. The cloud offers solutions for every customer encounter from the data that takes your strategy to the final stage of the journey. 

Use Salesforce Marketing Cloud strategy-  

  • If you have a vast budget
  • If you want to spend money on training 
  • If you have transactional purchases and short sales cycles
  • If you segment contacts based on datasets 
  • If you combine behavioral data from many sources

Here are some features of the cloud-based platform that make it the right choice for your business firm. 

  1. Salesforce Cloud Platform offers the right message at the right time by combining all the Salesforce Marketing Cloud data and sending customized campaigns to the target audience. 
  2. You can create appropriate messaging according to your specific requirements and goals to get customer profiles using data-driven insights. 
  3. Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of every user to 

understand the target market.   

The strategy helps business owners get assistance in developing meaningful relationships to drive sales and revenues on digital investments, regardless of any business size. Therefore, investing in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a perfect idea for marketing professionals to manage their cross-channel marketing campaigns successfully. Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps organizations gain a 360-degree view of their customers and accelerate digital transformations. Businesses using this tool can also make profits in the future. 

Want to invest in the Salesforce marketing cloud? Ensures proper implementation of the strategy to achieve your business goals using the best CRM software development services in Bangalore offered by the top professionals in the city. 

Tools of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has various tools that allow business firms to accelerate their digital marketing efforts. Some of the popular ones are as follows- 

1. E-mail Studio 

  • E-mail studio is a drag-and-drop tool that lets you create appealing and innovative e-mails with desired content. The tool helps business owners reach the audience with the right content, whether one-to-one or a primary marketing campaign. 
  • The tool categorizes the user’s profile according to their data by making everything simple for the business to reach the clients using customized e-mails. 
  • The functions of E-mail Studio are creating the best e-mails, targeting the audience, and automating messages. 

2. Journey Builder 

  • Journey Builder is the most essential Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool that helps you to develop a consistent customer experience across all channels including mail, mobile, ads, and web. The tool allows businesses to offer tailored experiences at every customer lifecycle stage. 
  • The tool links your message to the marketing channel and ensures that the customer receives it at the right time from any location. 
  • The primary functions of Journey Builder are defining the customer journey, aligning messages across different marketing channels, and adapting to the customer’s changing needs. 

3. Social Studio 

  • The Social Studio tool creates personalized social media campaigns to convert your followers into potential users. The businesses get real-time insights into the customer’s brand experience using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool. 
  • The tool connects social network posts to the CRM network to get a detailed image of the customers. The marketing team can track the social and marketing campaign actions using a single interface. 
  • The primary functions of the tool are social media publishing, providing customer support, and engaging your community. 

4. Mobile Studio

  • The Mobile Studio tool lets you integrate mobile with marketing channels such as social media and e-mails to develop an omnichannel strategy. It delivers the right message to the right person at the right time. 
  • The tool helps digital business owners reach the desired customers on each device, whether you use personalized messaging, push notifications, or group messages. 
  • The functions of Mobile Studio are increasing app engagement, sending relevant messages, and reaching out to the audience at any time. 

5. Interaction Studio 

  • The Interaction Studio is a real-engagement tool for tracking, visualizing, and managing customer experience. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool takes customization to a new level by letting businesses use one-to-one personalization. 
  • The Interaction Studio lets the business owners understand the customer’s demands and deliver the desired content. 
  • Interaction Studio has the following functions- connecting every interaction, optimizing the overall customer experience, and making the right impression. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Cost 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers four pricing options- basic, corporate, pro, and enterprise. 

Basic  Pro Corporate  Enterprise 
The basic version includes content creation, integration, and e-mail marketing.

The price is $400 per month. 

The Pro Edition has all the capabilities of basic plus automation.

The price is $1250 per month. 

The Corporate Edition has all the features of the Pro. 

The price is $3750 per month. 

The Enterprise Edition has all the features with the ability to manage multiple business organizations.  

How to Begin Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey? 

If you are still concerned about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and want to know where to start, then contacting our digital marketing professionals at Indglobal can help you. As a Salesforce team, our developers will work with your team to improve your business marketing by determining features aligned with your customer’s demands and needs. Contact us today and partner to create a digital experience to delight your customers.


To grow and expand your business marketing campaign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the way to go. It boosts the business conversion rates and effectiveness of your business marketing campaigns. The marketing strategy helps increase the number of leads, track the effectiveness of the e-mail campaigns, and evaluate the market. 

With this user-friendly Salesforce marketing solution, you can create an accurate and in-depth database and many more. And, once you begin implementing the strategy, it is never-ending. So, leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, business organizations can develop timely and personalized marketing campaigns across various platforms that lead to customer satisfaction. 

To make most of the marketing automation adjustments, you can seek help from the right Salesforce consulting services like Indglobal Digital Private Limited, the top Software development company in Bangalore

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