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Headless commerce is a segregation of a website’s front-end from its back-end, thus enabling both to operate independently. It’s a decoupling of the front- end presentation layer of a website from the backend ecommerce functionality. Headless commerce stores  and Headless ecommerce website development provide improved flexibility to manage and deliver content through the API calls without a properly connected front-end layer which helps to create a unique and highly-personalized experience. The entire architecture of headless commerce enables the online merchants to build exclusive solutions according to their needs and goals that also assists them to amplify the customer experience.  

Headless eCommerce solutions also empower merchants to build robust and scalable  ecommerce web design capabilities including product information management, shopping cart, useful tools like Mulesoft and Heroku without depending on the customer entry point. Additionally, headless eCommerce solutions can easily be integrated into any customer experience with the help of several APIs. This further enables eCommerce business owners to build innovative and unique business strategies to provide new functionality in ecommerce web development India and experiences that ultimately boost user engagement and satisfy their expectations. 

While traditional eCommerce aids businesses in selling products, headless eCommerce solutions help them to offer a more personalized customer experience as well. 

  • Are you facing difficulties to address the new requirements and expectations of your customers? 
  • Do you wish to enhance your UI/UX for your brand? 

Are you interested in knowing more about headless commerce?

In this article, as one of the leading ecommerce website development company in Bangalore, we tried to present the importance and benefits of the Headless Ecommerce Solutions.

E-commerce has undoubtedly become one of the fastest-growing industries. As an eCommerce store owner, you need to keep pace with the altering customer touchpoints and experiences which definitely takes a lot of research, and effort. 

Headless eCommerce have made significant headway along  with their agility and flexibility in offering a befitting solution for business owners. According to Statista, total retail e-commerce sales worldwide in 2017 was almost up to $2.3 trillion, and the e-retail revenues are expected to soar to $4.88 trillion over the next two years.

Numbers like these have attracted thousands of smart entrepreneurs to focus on the e-commerce industry in several ways. Many have launched their own e-commerce businesses, while others tried to explore the business models that can support their e-commerce stores. Headless commerce can be an alternative to e-commerce websites simultaneously comprising an enhancement option to them. For instance, traditional e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce are currently pivoting to a hybrid approach for web design India that offers both ease (through its hosted pure SaaS platform) and flexibility (through headless solutions).


Key benefits of Headless ecommerce solutions

Key Benefits that Headless Ecommerce Solutions provide

  • Improved User Adoption 

Using a contemporary and easy-to-use eCommerce platform along with the simplicity and flexibility of headless commerce helps the organizations to adopt leading edge technologies for web design Bangalore as the development team can access and update the frontend of eCommerce applications.

  • Provision of Useful Merchant Tools 

Headless commerce offers the required set of merchant tools to establish a customized and seamless customer experience. Additionally, it uses APIs to aid in brand-consistent and coordinated experiences across several channels that are driven by various eCommerce services like promotions, product information, inventory etc. 

  • Option to Go for Omnichannel – 

Headless commerce enables you to present your content anywhere and everywhere which opens up significant opportunities for your e-commerce brand to leverage any channel and thereby maximize revenue.

  • Competitive Edge – 

Headless commerce empowers you to deploy rapid updates without having any impact on the back-end system. This enables you to live up to your customer’s expectation without much delay.

  • Active Marketing – 

Headless commerce assists your marketing team to set up a completely new site in days instead of several months, and roll out those sites across the brands, divisions, and portfolios.

  • Enhanced Sales Experience 

Headless commerce allows store developers to build an improved frontend for a new digital sales channel whenever it’s required. Envisioning the advancements and with the help of highly interactive digital signage and several other types of customer-centric IoT, the ability to integrate into the complete eCommerce experience that is provided by headless commerce can be very powerful and fruitful.  

  • Personalized Customer Experience 

With headless eCommerce solutions, companies are able to optimize their frontend sales to fulfill customer preferences and tastes. To stand above in the crowd, you should be able to personalize the initial online sales presentation experience by  integrating features such as custom shopping preferences, or personalized recommendations as well as promotions based on the purchase history of the customers. 

  • Time Saving- 

Headless ecommerce solutions  save a lot of time for developers as changes that are made to the frontend presentation layer are in an agile way. Furthermore, using IT partner solutions and headless templates developers can easily build eCommerce applications with a light coding. 

  • A Fast Time to Market

Headless commerce permits businesses to release new frontend experiences within a short span of time. Thus, they can respond to a new market trend  quickly with lower investments in backend development. 

  • Increased Conversion Rates 

The main objective of headless commerce is to equip the developers with an ability to handle the personalization of their brand along with flexibility and creativity so that interactive and engaging customer experiences can be provided which will lead to increased conversion rates across all sales channels. 

  • Seamless Integrations – 

An API call in headless commerce makes it easier to integrate and communicate with other platforms, expanding your opportunities for customer outreach.

Headless vs Traditional E-Commerce: contrasting features-

Front-end Development

Traditional e-commerce primarily includes design and engineering constraints, but at the same time it is easier to create and faster to launch. Headless commerce usually takes more time to implement and offers greater flexibility for front-end development.

Traditional E-Commerce:

Traditional ecommerce developers require a substantial amount of time to edit the database code, prior to setting up the front-end platform and they are also constrained by the editing and the update part as they need to take care of voiding a warranty or preventing any future upgrades.

Headless Commerce:

On the contrary, headless commerce empowers front-end developers to build  a user experience from scratch that fits business requirements well. With headless commerce, they need not worry about changes in the back-end database because API calls ease those tasks.

Personalization and Flexibility

Traditional E-Commerce:

Traditional ecommerce solutions’ front-end is strongly integrated with back-end coding and infrastructure and these platforms are well-equipped with a befitting customer and administrative experience. Here, the developers are required to edit multiple layers of coding within the front-end and back-end databases.

Headless Commerce:

Headless commerce enables the developers to create their own experience from scratch effortlessly and control the e-commerce platform’s aesthetics as well as user experience for both users and admins. Since headless commerce is  not coupled with front-end and back-end, it includes several opportunities for flexibility which makes it easier to change anything with headless commerce.

Technical Knowledge

Traditional E-Commerce:

Traditional e-commerce requires less technical knowledge as compared to headless commerce and is a great option for those who don’t have enough budget or expertise for advanced development.

Headless Commerce:

For those who are well-versed with technical knowledge; headless commerce can be the way to go for many growing enterprises. It offers numerous customization options and enables you to construct an enhanced experience for customers.

Headless Commerce- How does they Work?

By decoupling the front-end customer- centric experience from the back-end technology, headless commerce is able to position brands to present content to the front-end via their Content Management system instead of their e-commerce platform. Apart from the flexibility, other benefits include speed to market, better control and enhanced personalization.

Headless commerce works by leveraging requests between the several presentation and application layers through web services or API / application programming interface calls. The API can be used to pull information anywhere, along with a headless commerce architecture which can encompass wearables, cars, IoT devices like appliances, TVs, Alexa, and other apps running on any platform or social networks.

Why is the Future of E-Commerce considered to be Headless

Businesses are gradually leaning towards headless commerce solutions as they are getting increased profits and benefits from it.

Headless commerce solutions offers Flexibility to business owners-

The biggest benefit of headless commerce is the amount of flexibility it offers for the ecommerce businesses to accommodate the many different ways in which e-commerce is maturing as a successful industry. As the businesses grow and continue to expand, they get more ambitious with custom development for which they seek more flexibility. Headless commerce solutions easily accomplish this requirement especially by providing hybrid solutions. Headless commerce allows the businesses to customize the UI of websites, utilising the code frameworks and CMSs as per their convenience simultaneously retaining the commerce features that they need.

APIs brings up several Integration Opportunities-

In addition to just onsite flexibility and customization, headless commerce equips you to sell on various ecommerce platforms apart from your own website, as of the API-powered integrations. For the same  reason, headless commerce is also referred to as “API-first commerce”. This API-first approach enables e-commerce companies to move away from positioning themselves towards being providers of “commerce as a service”. Essentially, with headless commerce, a business can manage the backend easily and be confident that all channels can be updated accordingly. 

You Can easily Leverage Channels That Would Otherwise Be your Competitors-

Instead of trying to compete with the recent commerce options that are easier for your customers, Headless commerce allows you to integrate the same store with platforms like Jet and eBay. Without these integrations, e-commerce businesses would need to put much of their resources into trying to compete and make their estore a better or more standout experience than the other companies behind these platforms. In fact, headless commerce enables smaller brands to tap into the selling power of the grand online retail empires.

Headless Commerce Adapts better to the Future of the Internet-

Ultimately, headless commerce equips companies to adapt better to the way consumers are using the internet and shop on it. Whether it is integrating with Amazon, or a chatbot, or any device that is not even for sale yet, a company can well make use of the same technology for all of it, thereby letting them reach customers anywhere.

Should you Invest in Headless Ecommerce Development? 

Headless eCommerce solutions are designed based on the fact that not all developers are proficient designers and vice versa. Therefore  these solutions are targeted to provide APIs and other perfect tools that will allow developers to create brand-consistent experiences across several digital channels while creative designers can focus on optimizing the UI/UX to improve the customer engagement, retention and conversion rates. 

The agility and flexibility of the headless commerce platform empowers developers to develop quickly using code, tools, APIs, and third-party integrations. If you want to stay ahead in the market competition by offering compelling and personalized customer experiences, then you should consider investing in headless eCommerce development.  

Being leaders in digital transformation, we specialize in headless eCommerce development and help our global clients to maximize their profits and customer base by leveraging robust headless eCommerce solutions. 


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